Looking for something new to get addicted to? Yeah, we figured as much, and today the folks at Wildbit Studios have launched a new free game into the Android Market called Paper Zombie. Combining a first person shooter style, with an action filled adventure this game is sure to draw your interest, and create hours of entertainment. Check out the video above for a quick overview, and then be sure to hit the break for download links!

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themuffinman says:

This game looks awesome, downloading it now. What can I say, anything with zombies is just awesome.

msgnyc says:

haha looks pretty fun time killer.

dmm5157 says:

AWESOME! I'm on a 3 hour conference call. Going to try it out now!

firesteve828 says:

not available for Galaxy Tab 10.1 :(

crxssi says:

Apparently not for the Xoom either. I *hate* it when Android Market shows no results and acts like something doesn't exist... even when I use the QR code.

Downloading now! I wonder if they are ripping off the phantom of the opera music in the game the same way they are doing it in the video.

I love these paper zombies, First Birds Went Angry, Now Zombies Go Paper, great game, music is best game music I heard


Here is what I discovered.

1) Enter GOLD in zCode in the game
2) Signup and get $50 worth of it at http://launch.paperzombie.com/

danhartman26 says:

Market shows "not compatible with phone" on my Rezound. Looks cool though; I'll be checking back...

Evil Hamster says:

It seems like half the "featured" programs I see on this site don't work on the Rezound.

peepotz says:

Im also using a tablet. Galaxy tab 7" it also says its not compatible with my phone, why is that?

MarkSeven says:

Can't get it on the Rezound :-/

sluflyer06 says:

Doesn't show up in a app market search on my G.Nexus, QR code goes to a empty page on the market as well.

sweetha says:

i lovee this game! its so much fun and i found it on this new app called Applorer.
its an awesome app and has the best games from google play!!
check it out!