We broke the mold at CTIA today and got a look at something a bit different than what we're all used to: the Pantech Pocket, announced by AT&T earlier this week. It's a square device, but being a square isn't always that bad. The 4-inch, 600 x 800 display is unique in the Android space and while it certainly won't appeal to everyone, it'll definitely find a niche. Wyatt Whaley, Pantech's VP of Product Marketing, said that the screen design lends itself to a 20 percent improvement in overall application experience, especially in terms of gaming and navigation. Make no mistake about it: the screen is wide and feels jarringly different in your hand, but not in a bad way. 

Pantech has made itself very clear in that the Pocket is a mid-level device and intended for users looking for a different experience. It's got a 1 GHz single-core processor, 512 MB RAM, and 600 MB of internal memory. Together, it adds up to enough of a kick to push the Gingerbread-powered Pocket along, but we doubt it's enough for anything too heavy. During our time with the Pocket we saw a bit of a lag in Pantech's slightly-skinned UI, but nothing that would slow you down too much, and certainly not enough to dismiss the device. We'll go ahead and assume that if you're used to the Galaxies and Droids of the world, the Pocket isn't even on your radar. And it shouldn't be.

Whaley says that Pantech has a strong older-adult market share due to their extensive feature phone offerings, and that the Pocket can certainly be translated to this demographic. He also says that gamers and young women will also enjoy the Pocket for what it is.

Neither AT&T nor Pantech has detailed pricing or an exact release date, but it's safe to assume the Pocket will launch in time for the holidays. Stay tuned here for final word, and enjoy some photos and a hands-on after the break.

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Pantech Pocket hands-on


Would I ever get a device like this? No, but I do agree with the previous post that it's nice to see a wide selection of devices running android. Some people can't afford or don't need all the luxuries the top of the line phones offer with the $200-$300 price attached.

Why do companies persist in stating that women prefer mid and low range devices? Just because we have different plumbing does not mean we appreciate and desire lower specs and technology. Frankly I am always salivating for the newest, fastest, coolest tech while my brother could care less. Stop spewing the misconception please!

In marketing a mass produced product, you aim for the masses not the exceptions. No one says you, as a woman, can only buy a low end crappy device.

Cheap pink phones with low specs are meant for girls who want form over function because that's what they usually go for, but if a guy wants one he's free to purchase it.

High end geeky slab phones with boring designs are meant for boys who want function over form because that's what they usually go for, but if a girl wants one she's free to purchase it.

Think about it: How many guys do you know bought a car because it was "cute"? How many girls do you know did that? How many girls do you know bought their car because of the horsepower or 0-60 times? How many guys do you know did that? How many girls do you know bought jeans because they were the best price, and how many do you know bought jeans because they made her ass look good? How many guys care what their ass looks like in jeans?

It's not misconception, it's Demographics 101. A lot of money is spent researching this stuff.

I love it! I won't be giving up my Atrix for it, but, I still wish I had one to play with. I'd like to try typing on it, too.

"a 20 percent improvement in overall application experience"
What does that even mean?? How is that measured??

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