Pandora on Pebble

Just a few weeks back, Pebble users with iOS devices landed support for Pandora control, and today Android users join the fun as well. Pebble has announced today that Android users can now view and change stations, thumb songs up and down, skip, play and pause tracks. We heard about Pandora compatibility back at CES in January, so it's good to see that it's finally arrived.

If you have Pandora installed on your device, you should receive a notification to install the Pandora for Pebble app, or you can start it manually by visiting the Pebble Settings page. If you do give it a spin, be sure to drop a comment and let us know what you think!


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Pandora control for Pebble comes to Android


Actually the latest update from last week FINALLY fixed all my year-old bluetooth issues - they watch will actually stay connected to the phone and I can turn on my Jawbone Era without first having to disconnect my Pebble.

Maybe they have more people that use apple products using pebble compared to Android so they develop for that first.

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So far I am really liking the Pebble app. I like how you can hold down the middle button to access your stations.

Ha I installed this and it popped up a window saying "this requires the iOS companion app - download now?". On my Nexus 5.

Besides not updating the text for the companion app message, I wonder why it didn't detect that Pandora was already installed on my Nexus 5, especially considering I launched the Pebble app to download the watch app FROM Pandora ...