PAC-MAN + Tournaments

Classic Pac-Man with a few new twists and turns.

Namco Bandai has just pushed out an update to its free-to-play Pac-Man + Tournaments game, which adds new gameplay features and a small Android Easter egg in tournament mode. New in this update is a feature called "My Mazes", which lets you add specific levels to your own collection to play whenever you want. Also added this update are bonus levels, a handful of stability fixes and the option to install the game on your SDcard.

The current tournament running in the game also has a nice little Android-only feature — instead of navigating around mazes to avoid the classic ghosts, you'll now be chased by multi-colored Androids. While it may not change the dynamics of the game, it's nice to see Namco Bandai give a little nod to the Android gamers out there.

Rightfully so, Google Play has even featured the game in the Play Store this week. You can grab your own download from the link at the top of this post.


Reader comments

PAC-MAN + Tournaments updated with new features, swaps out ghosts for Androids


I'd rather BE the Android. I'm sure if any iZombies come by to post, they'll point out that Pac-man has always had an apple.

Man I couldnt stand all the ads in the this game-totally ruined the app, and then 4.99 in app purchase for ad, lol ya right I lol at anyone who says Android has more free Apps than other platforms