PAC-MAN + Tournaments

For the first time ever, Namco Bandai has released a completely free version of PAC-MAN, and it's exclusively available on Google Play. PAC-MAN + Tournaments offers a full-featured free-to-play version of the original game, along with a new "tournaments" feature, which lets you play online against others on new stages each week. The game also has new never before seen mazes available for purchase, along with online leaderboards and achievements.

Namco Bandai also says that it plans on releasing Google Play-exclusive downloadable content in the future as well. The game is of course free to download in the Play Store, so if you're looking to take a trip down memory lane head to the link at the top of this post.


Reader comments

PAC-MAN + Tournaments arrives for free on Google Play


Technically, Pac Man was available for free on the Android Market if you had a G1, but I think it was more of a promotional deal rather than an actual selling price (so their free pricing claim here may still be true... from a certain point of view).

I was going to install this, and I guess I understand why it needs to be able to write if you want to download extra mazes, but why does it need to retrieve running apps? Or know who is calling me?

Or we sure this is the real Namco Bandai? I searched on the company rather than Pac-Man (knowing there would be hundreds of knock off apps) and some of the apps that came up look just as questionable as non-NB Pac games.