Android CentralBack in the spring the original Samsung Galaxy Note got Android 4.0 and new TouchWiz apps as part of the phone’s first “premium suite” software upgrade. Today, Samsung has confirmed that a second premium suite will bring the OG Note right up to date with newer handsets like the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2.

A new entry on Samsung’s Galaxy Note micro-site confirms that along with an upgrade to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the Note will get multi-window (full-screen multitasking), pop-up video/browser/note apps, photo note/photo frame, easy clip, paper artist, and new S Planner and email apps. That’s in addition to standard Jelly Bean features like Google Now and Project Butter.

Last month we reported on rumors that the original Galaxy Note was in line to receive such an upgrade. In the past month we've even seen leaked builds start to appear, suggesting the new firmware is close to being finalized.

There’s no information on when this new premium suite might arrive. However with Android 4.1.2 updates already rolling out for other devices, and major events like CES and MWC looming, we suspect Samsung won’t waste any time in rolling this update out to global Note models. Owners of the U.S.-specific versions may have to wait a little longer, as usual.

Source: Samsung Mobile; via: Engadget


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Original Galaxy Note getting Jelly Bean, multi-window and other features in new Premium Suite


On my 5th Samsung device, alwaus had great support in the UK, timely updates. Then again, I always buy sim-free phones, which means that the carriers generally dont get a chance to delay the updates.

I've also been using the leaked jellybean rom and it's all there. Its a nice update, but to be perfectly honest, there's very few real world scenarios where you would use the multi-window feature.

Samsung still haven't got rid of that awful faded blue color that they seem to love splashing all over their interfaces.

Samsung where is the update for S2 users..i am going nuts my 4.0.4 update has so many bugs that im unable to use my device..please dont let S2 users down..remember that S3 was a success due to S2..Give us the Jb udate..

That's great, but I'd sure appreciate this update on my Note II without having to root and install a custom rom.

It would be nice to have a OTA update instead of being forced to use Kies each time. My Note lets me do everything i need to do online that i no longer have a laptop / desktop computer, so i have to borrow my wifes Notebook to update it. Why bring out devices that basically replaces laptops etc but then forces you to use them to update the phones OS? I don't buy the fact that it's to allow basic users to stay on the current firmware that they are happy with and used too so they don't get update boxes appear and update when they don't realise what they are doing and then find things are slightly different. A update is something that should improve the user expirience. Samsung, if you are not confident that the expirience will be beneficial then don't realease an update IMO.

that's awesome! although there already are jb roms, it's nice to have original one. any info on black clipping fix..?

Thanks Sammy..

I've been running Dag8's LiquidSmooth Rom for several months now and its Flawless.. It will be intresting to go back stock and compare the Official Update to his Work of Art... If.. I can give up "Theme Chooser" :-)

Samsung is doing great with the updates now. If only the carriers would streamline the process by ditching the preloaded crapware lol

Awesome. I have both, and so often lI ook at my OG Note with such disdain. But now (minus the guts), she will be right up there with it's replacement. All I have to do know is figure out what I'm going to do with the OG.