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11am CEST sees the Find 5 officially arrive in Europe with the launch of the new OPPO Style Europe store

The OPPO Find 5 is an intriguing device, and as we found out in our full review, much better than some may give it credit for. One major sticking point since the device first launched has been availability, particularly in Europe. If you really wanted one, getting one into Europe hasn't been a very cost effective exercise. 

That all changes as of Monday May 27, as at 11am CEST/10am BST the OPPO Style Europe store launches, and the Find 5 becomes available to purchase. Pricing will start at €399/£341 with free shipping promised anywhere within Europe. Not a bad price point to hit given some of the hardware specs, though the software may not be to everyone's tastes. In any case, if you've been gazing at the Find 5 from afar, hit up OPPO Style Europe to bag yourselves one.

Source: OPPO Style Europe


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OPPO launching the Find 5 in Europe from Monday May 27


Haha my exact thoughts. I looked into this phone and it's quite good, but that Lenovo is quite sexy.

Although I will probably get the S4 Mini as it shouldn't have the same screen brightness problem the full size S4 has due to different screen tech used. I'm willing to sacrifice PPI for brightness, but not the other way.

Sure the Lenovo is very well made, but when it comes to making a shopping decision, i will go for the Galaxy S4 it has so many specs and is really good in terms of solidity (not making reference to those random youtube testers ) it really is solid my friend.