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Opera Mini 7.5 has been released, which is the first significant update to the browser since it launched over the spring. Opera Mini now has something called a Smart Page, which provides a broad overview of what's going on online, and includes separate tabs for social, news, and suggested links. 

As always, Opera Mini compresses your web viewing so it zips along much more speedily than it would if being processed locally. That's the theory, anyway. Opera's been doing this kind of thing for a long time, and have become pretty good at it. There are some other fancier features, like Link, which syncs up history, bookmarks, and notes from your browsing with the desktop (though that means you've got to be using Opera on your computer too). 

Which mobile browser do you use? Is the stock Android browser good enough, or is there something in particular that third parties that you can't get elsewhere? Anyone interested in giving this one a shot?

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wezra says:

Just downloaded it... Forget it. Doesn’t allow me to set-up any bookmarks for "Speed Dial" and won't allow me to go to any website. What a hassle... This has always been my complaint with Opera Mini... from my BlackBerry days. It's more of a hassle then its worth. Currently on the HTC One S. Was hoping it had changed... but no such luck.

Ravage790 says:

I use Dolphin on a razr maxx works great.

Opera Mobile is easilly the fastest and most reliable rendering browser on Android. Opera Mini is great for when you are traveling.

I just wish they merged the two products together into a single product that could work in either mode.

@ravage, you know Dolphin is just the stock browser right?

eddiea says:

Huh? Dolphin is certainly not the stock browser on the Razr Maxx or any other smartphone.

Suntan says:

Dolphin uses the stock browser's rendering engine. It is basically just a different user interface plugged on top of the stock browser. That is what he meant.

That said, the additions that dolphin bring to the user interface do make it more user friendly.

Personally, I like Opera Mobile. It seems to render pretty fast and doesn't get stuck or hung up on certain webpages as often as other browsers I've tried. I just wish there was button customization capabilities for it (like boat has.)


adipabeta says:

Ics stock browser don't let me use another browser. It's just good enough.

I prefer Chrome

WarER4X says:

I really like Chrome and was using it on my phone and my wife's tablet until I realized that the Android Chrome doesn't support Flash, which was causing me issues with a number of websites we use. So, I just went back to the stock browser w/ Flash. Frankly, I think the ICS stock browser is pretty good, anyway. Until Flash is truly outmoded, I'll just stick with the stock browser.


Jotokun says:

Having a 200mb cap, I use Opera Mini on mobile data and the stock JB browser on wifi. Honestly, I have no clue how I would survive without it. Well worth the occasionally odd looking or behaving web page. Haven't installed the update yet, but on paper it sounds good.

ETW11 says:

I do a lot of browsing on the phone, so I have Opera Mini, Opera Mobile, Maxthon, Firefox Beta, Skyfire, and Dolphin all installed. Opera Mini is great when you just want to check one simple thing, but Maxthon is what I use for 95% of my browsing. I think it is the quickest at rendering desktop pages. When I really need the truest browsing experience possible, I use Firefox Beta. As far as I know, it is the only one that handles embedded or in-page scrolling as you would see it on a PC.

mssca says:

I like Dolphin but Opera Mini compress data. So, if I am going to travel outside the country, I will download the Opera Mini and use it overseas to save data costs.

I have used a lot of other browsers & haven't found anything that I like better than what comes stock.

its so great they work easy and fast in my xperia. Thanks and do it some more in other opera.j