Although LG hasn't really tried to keep the G Watch a secret, they're not exactly going out of their way to tell us all about it either but that may soon be coming to an end. Hitting the FCC recently is what is reported to be one variation of the G Watch otherwise known as the LG-W100. According to the documents, it's listed as smart watch with Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE but lacks mention of any 3G or 4G connectivity.

That lends credit to the idea that this version, the LG-W100, would be more of a traditional watch while the other version discovered, LG-W015L, would be the full-blown smart watch version capable of making calls. That's pretty much where the information ends for now however as very few other details can be gleaned from the filing. We'll just have to wait and see what comes next for LG's first Android Wear device.

Source: FCC Via: EyeOnMobility


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One variation of the LG G Watch hits the FCC as the LG-W100


Such an ugly looking watch to go along with such a nice looking phone. Moto 360 is the best design next to Kairo's.

I was going to wait for the 360 but hey if LG gets there's out first and it's cheap I might grab one!

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That's the problem it will be overpriced and while some people will buy it.

It won't be enough... oh we couldn't sell enough of boo...

Yeah LG put a decent price on it and maybe the masses will buy it...Duh!

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I'd rather a smartwatch make and receive calls THROUGH my phone. One cellular connection permanently attached to me is enough.

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Wait what? Can someone explain that comment about 3G/4G connectivity? Is this actually expected to be common amongst the higher end Android Wear devices? I thought they were dependant on one's phone... No one's gonna pay extra for a watch SIM/data...

In some countries, where people can't necessarily afford to buy a phone, one of these that *is* a phone might go over fairly well.

I reckon it'd end up far more cheaper (and ultimately much more fruitful) for anyone, in any country, to simply buy a phone and just find a plastic watch in a cereal box (probably wouldn't look too much worse than most smartwatches, anyway). Especially in Asian markets like India, where there's always a passable-to-decent set of offerings from local and/or Chinese manufacturers and carriers, like Huawei, ZTE, Cherry Mobile, etc.