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It's been a week or so since we asked you to show us your old and busted phones in hopes of winning our new hotness Motorola Droid 3. Upward of 600 entries later, we found ourselves a winner, plucked at random from the pile of decayed and decrepit phones. And it's fitting, because Android Central Forums member lorzee just happens to have an original Motorola Droid that's unlikely to be allowed through airport security.

But that's not all. In addition to lorzee winning the Droid 3 (plus $50 worth of accessories and an Android Central T-shirt), we've got more winners.

  • tralfaz wins $50 worth of accessories, and an Android Central T-shirt.
  • And dra, trusteelfan and bacumings each wins an Android Central T-shirt.

Congrats, everybody! And we'll absolutely have more contests coming up soon.


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This old and busted Motorola Droid just won a new Droid 3!


This phone won? Ya think the girl had anything to do with it? Phil is a perverted nerd. Maybe he thinks he just bought a date by giving her a phone and that she'll feel obligated.

I think it was a pretty impressive feat to break gorilla glass the way she did. I'm really not sure how you could break the glass like that and not break the whole phone. It would be pretty cool to see the runners up, though.

Edit: Just saw the actual thread. Obviously this one wasn't the most broken, just the one that was picked at random.

No wonder women hate hanging around tech forums like this.

Plus, would you rather stare at some dude's ugly mug instead?

I was going to say the same thing it is funny to see these competitions and when the sites are run by these tech guys, they always pick chicks. She will just end up breaking the droid 3 too. But congrats maybe she can keep this phone in a little better shape then again she prob uses an iphone and borrowed someones droid.

"plucked at random from the pile of decayed and decrepit phones"


congrats nonetheless.

Randomly picked from a pool of submissions of hot girls with busted phones.

Random my ass, but congrats if you really needed it and wasn't a staged shot or made up like many others =)

EDIT: I can see it now "Ok, lets pick a random one.. eenie meenie miney WHOA look at her! winnar winnar chicken dinnar!"

Damn Coke Cola just shot out of my nose I laughed so hard at this! Oh & I agree it's a suspicious win for sure ;)

Congrats to the winner and her new phone.

must be an awesome feeling.

Don't worry about the whinners. You know what they say. Whinners gonna whine.

I smell shenanigans. I seriously doubt this was picked at random, or better yet this is her phone. This is something an Apple fansite would do. SMH

Which brings an interesting point. How do you draw, RANDOMLY, from a thread on a forum? Did they honestly put all the posters names in a hat? Excel spreadsheet? Or did they really peruse the pics and stopped at this one.

I'd be curious if there were other women holding phones in their pics, if there were then I have no problem with this *random drawing*.

Either way, kudos to AC for giving away sweet gifts, hope they all enjoy them.


Likely what they do is just see what the highest post number is and then generate a random number between 1 and the highest post number and that post wins. Just like a raffle ticket but it is your post number in the thread.

FWIW: Jerry, through some freak hillbilly sorcery, managed to pick not one but TWO people from Pensacola. THAT's shenanigans, so then I picked randomly. You folks need to chill a little bit. At least attempt to have a little class. :p

Congratulation for the winner
I've one question though ,
How do you break the DROID's screen ?
My OG MILESTONE(Basically a DROID with GSM) fell from me when some one pushed me (on purpose) on top of the ladder that connects to the airplane (Boeing 747-400)
The phone fell from all the top to all the way down on the Tarmac !!!!
The screen didn't shatter like that & the phone is still working a year later , only suffered from scratches in the screen's frame

Thank you. I dropped my phone in a garage, face down.I heard it shatter as soon as it hit the ground

Y'all are assh∅les. Instead of being thankful that we have women represented on our forums, you drive them away.

The disrespect here is unbelievable.
1. Number pickers work well for random things, and I bet no one would be having an issue on the "randomness" of the pick if it were a man, regardless of how good looking he may be.
2. What right do you all have to judge her appearance just because she was picked randomly? Disgusting.
3. "How do you break a screen like that?" is a stupid question. Clearly it is broken. Car, hammer, long fall.... the how shouldn't matter that much.

Why don't some of you go find some class and respect before getting on a computer, hmmm?

Now, to the winner:
Congrats on winning an awesome phone. I hope it treats you well!


I thought this was a contest?

Not a random drawing.

I mean beyond the facebook/myspace downshirt cleavage shot it is also worth pointing out that the shot sure looks like it was taken with another (likely newer) phone.

Woulda been nice if ac had taken the time to read the posts and actually make a judgement on who really needed it as opposed to "randomly" picking

probably taken with an iphone she just borrowed someones droid to be able to win and then sell it for the i5 lmao.

You hope the phone treats her well? How about you ask of the same to her? I thought I treated my phone like a prostitute, and it never, ever looked like that. at all. That looks like it was on the wrong end of a hammer strike. By the way. Rocking my OG DROID since '09. And would never buy any other phone OS ever again

Congratulations on your new phone!

Although I'll admit that the cracks on the phone in the left pic don't appear to be the same as the cracks on the phone the right... Who cares. How can anyone be mad when all odds point to the probability that you wouldn't have won anyway.

Additionally, wow. Seriously are we back in 2000 wasting all our time on hotornot .com still. Some of you guys are making it very easy to tell what AC members are royal d-bags. Wasn't cool in 2000, it's utterly embarrassing now. Why don't you go fist pumping with all the other cool kids from Jersey Shore... what a joke. You guys are pathetic.

It's the same phone in both pics. You can't see it well because of the reflection of my face

So let me get this straight... Android Central had a contest to give away a phone. They pick a winner who submits a glamour shot. Congrats to her. Enjoy your phone. Some of us, myself included have poked fun at AC, not the winner, for their... ahem methodology?... In picking a winner & out come the word police with their high & mighty attitudes lol. Wake up people I see no personal insults here from most. If you think there is some anti female thing going on here you better take a long look at elsewhere on the net. You got far bigger problems than here at AC.

Some of you guys are tripping, she isn't THAT HOT. I know DROID DOES and all, but if I was a DROID phone I would NOT do her. She barely a DROID Eris in my opinion nameen

Thank you everyone! As for the rest of you, grow up! Do you really think I care about your opinions on how I look? I will enjoy my new phone while you guys keep whining about it.

Wow. I've been irritated by comments on this site before, but this is the first time I've been disgusted.

Congrats on your new phone, winner, and I'm sorry all this shit was flung your way.

I think maybe for the next contest make it just for the item at hand(phone, etc) then lets see who he picks for the winner.

I'm not sure how to express how disappointed I am at most of these comments. This is a better site than that. I could turn the comments off, I suppose, but that's the chickenshit way out. Let the dipshit comments live on for the rest to see. For those of you who just got banned, you have my e-mail. For lorzee, my apologies. Please enjoy your new phone.

I can not believe the s••t I'm reading. I'm new to this siteand can honestly say I am not sure I want to be apart of this community. That being said...big Congrats to the winner! Enjoy!! And thanks AC for a great contest

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