If you spend a lot of time on YouTube looking for music videos you'll certainly know the name VEVO. Their massive collection of music videos and exclusive content has finally hit the Android Market all wrapped up in a beautifully designed app. VEVO has 7,500 artists in more than 25,000 music videos collected on their services and now you can browse them all right from your Android device. VEVO for Android also allows for voice search and sharing via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. You can grab it now from the Android Market or you can learn more via the VEVO website. Download is after the break. [VEVO]

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crea78 says:

Great app which I have for the iPhone, and it's good to see VEVO made it to the Android Market. All we need now is Netflix.

smileshappy says:

I just downloaded. I must say... the videos are of awesome quality on WiFi. Havn't tried 3G yet.

Pretty impressive on the EVO.
What a novel idea. A site that plays music videos. MTV should take some pointers. Heck.. with this app. Who really needs MTV anymore. Good bye snooky hello VEVO! :)

techh10 says:

stop...just please stop...do not bring the jersey shore up ever again

TuxDotKing says:

All of the stars that can be given, I now present to you sir.

silverfang77 says:

This better be free...

How dare somone make a profit

Gone24 says:


Finally. They don't allow their videos on the mobile site or the YouTube app.

BlaqkAudio says:

Google just announced that Vevo music videos are now available in the YouTube app (the new one that requires Froyo).

Go Android! says:

Thanks! I never knew that...now there's really no point of the Vevo app for me.

Matt Algren says:

The size is different on the VEVO app than it is on youtube. With VEVO, the video fills the screen, but on the youtube app there's a black band around the video with a VEVO bug in the corner. (Landscape on both.) Weird decision.

702DROID says:

works good on EVO even HDMI out to my flat screen

NickF227 says:



Downloaded it for the fascinate. It looks really good! Oh and yes the AP is free but they do throw in commercials. Still a great AP to have if you enjoy watching music videoes. I'm a KISS fan and they have ever video they ever made.

Astrodroid says:

VEVO, a.k.a. "shit you used to watch without our crappy branding and ads slathered all over it!"

mbeezy says:

App is very cool.

amardeus says:

f**k VEVO, it's killing youtube.

Bla1ze says:

Blame the record labels.. they own it.

I only get 40-60 seconds of each Video on my EVO, put my 4th Gen iPod Touch works fine, both on the same WiFi connection.... is that normal ??

ro1224 says:

I was not impressed with video quality on my EVO. Could the antiglare/anti-fingerprint screen protector be diminishing image quality?

RSGray says:

The video quality's not so hot on my Vibrant, either.

Dark_Blu says:

What is this VEVO? Is it better than Youtube?

bdragon says:

Love the app. I have a Dinc and my only issue is, I have to select HQ on every video because there is no option to leave it on all the time. Which gets a little annoying.

Nicki minaj <3

bbpinoy says:

the vevo dev team forgot to change twitter posting via, it says via VEVO for iPhone

Dark_Blu says:

Never mind my question. I downloaded the app and found music I actually listen to. Awesome clear video on my EVO. This app ROCKS!!!

Rushkiboy#AC says:

Phone keeps saying " Not Found"

dcpanther says:

They either pulled the app already, or it's only available for some phones

Ironman says:

And its back up.. downloading now

Ironman says:

Yup I think they pulled it for some reason. Droid X

svargas05 says:

Yup, it's pulled.

Some folks had it downloaded already on their Evos, yet I can not find it.