CWM recovery in-app purchase

There's a Market update available for ROM Manager, and it brings a new feature that many have been wanting -- automatic installation of ClockworkMod Touch Recovery.  ROM Manager itself is still free (you can buy the premium version for more features), but if you want to use it to flash CWM Touch, it's going to cost you.  The price is $1.99, and it's available as an in-app purchase from the ROM Manager app, billed through the Android Market, PayPal, or via e-mail with a redeem code.  

ClockworkMod Touch is still available for free, though.  If your phone is supported you can download and install it manually through fastboot from the ClockworkMod website.  What you're paying for is the convenience of having ROM Manager do it for you, or for not having to configure and install the Android SDK and set up fastboot.  As some of you know, sorting out fastboot and drivers for your computer can be a pain, so here is your way around it once again.

Anyone who hacks at their Android phone needs a custom recovery.  Besides having an easy way to flash modifications and new ROM's, a custom recovery gives us something that is indispensable -- a way to create a restore point for our phone or tablet and go back to it at any time.  While there's a lot of good to be said for the "old style" that forces you to read every option and select carefully, there's no denying the allure of a touch-based version for many folks.  If you're one of them, now you have an easy way to get it on your device.  Koush is currently adding more builds for more phones, so if your's isn't listed just keep checking.  Happy flashing!

Source: +Koushik Dutta.  More: ClockworkMod


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ClockworkMod Touch Recovery now available for $1.99 in ROM Manager, free as flashable download


That's just crazy. Giving them one star for raping customers what's the point of having the premium version of we still have to pay.

I think you are confused. Rom Manager is not CWM.....two different programs.

You have the premium version of ROM Manager, not Clowckwork Recovery Mod. Don't complain, they could have charged you for the basic CWM in the first place. Think of CWM Touch as the premium version of the free CWM basic. You should actually be greatful they are releasing a free version of a premium product, if you want to do a little of the work yourself.

I am continually amazed the feeling of entitlement in the Android community. i just don't get how people want shit for free all the time. It's a product that someone else made and you are benifitting from. What is wrong with paying for it?

Giving YOU one star for this pointless complaint. He's not raping his customers. If anything he's raping himself for putting in all the ttime and effort he does to make our lives easier and normally asks nothing for it. Even though there is a $2 option (which I gladly paid), he STILL offered a free alternate yet you're STILL not satisfied? Tell you what... Go do what he does and make a version that works as well or better and give it to all of us for free -- then you have grounds for dispute.

This $1.99 is actually optional, really no need to complain, it's not like you cannot use CWM if u dun pay them...really appreciate how the team made the works easier than ever!!

Thank you. Its people like you that is the reason android has more phones being used yet the Iphone gets apps first. Because people are willing to pay the Developers and thus the Developers are more willing to support them more. I use to not want to buy apps. Now I am making it a goal to buy at least one app a week to keep the development up. I am not going to use rom manager. But I am buying it to support the dev.

Thank you. Its people like you that is the reason android has more phones being used yet the Iphone gets apps first. Because people are willing to pay the Developers and thus the Developers are more willing to support them more. I use to not want to buy apps. Now I am making it a goal to buy at least one app a week to keep the development up. I am not going to use rom manager. But I am buying it to support the dev.

To everyone complaining about oh it costs money, well it doesn't cost if you're a smart person that can think and use fastboot or Android SDK.

I had to learn cause my Evo 3D forced me to. (There were no easy scripts to use to root this phone)

Base point, if you complain about the cheap convenience price, you're either too Lazy or too Stupid to be messing around with the internal workings of your phone anyway.

Why do people think everything should be free in this world? People work hard to make this stuff and if you want it free, do it yourself.

i hate in-app purchases. i can't support that crap. i paid for the rom manager premium version, and i would gladly pay for another version i could download that has this built-in. what i won't pay for is an in-app purchase that "poofs" into the air as soon as i download it, and/or isn't available for my other devices. i really hate this app payment model and can't support it. doesn't anyone else feel this way?

Or you could realize theat ROM Manager is what you paid for and not Clock Work Mod (CWM). He is asking you to pay for CWM touch not pay for ROM Manager again. They are two different programs that Koush has just integrated together. You are lucky he doens't make you pay for the non touch CWM.

Like my previous me me me me.....I want it free! LAME!

Probably mad because you have to go ask your Mom to use her credit card again :-)

Wow are you an android fan trolling android blogs? Notice in my original post i mentioned being willing to pay for it if it werent an in-app purchase? Its a matter of personal payment preference. And youre a piece of shit.

would somebody be kind enough to point out what "touch-based" recovery is?

I'm guessing it has a touch based gui as opposed to using the volume controls to select and power switch to accept the selection.

Is that it? A whole article about cost, rom manager, install options, etc. and only two words ("touch-based") to describe what the new software does!

Well can you do a search and download it from market? That would avoid the payment model you don't like. I figure he deserves my 2 bucks. Is out even possible to manage a rooted device without one of his products?

I'd pay for the full release. I'd never pay for a beta (which is what this version is). I downloaded off his page for free, for now. It works well...I hope it improves.

Nothing wrong with the non touch version. I'm using a missed one without all of the no selections and i don't see myself changing. I definitely would not pay for a beta.

i also have amon on my rezound but really want this! theres a youtube video that shows how to do this through android sdk. im gonna try it now. i wanted to use rom manager to do this the easy way but heard rom manager wont work on rezound? can anyone confirm rom manager working on rezound? im running the leaked .13 ics version.

I paid for cwm recovery when I rooted my bionic. I'll gladly pay once for something useful, but twice? Not in this case. The non-touch works fine. I will use it. If koush ever obsoletes it I will obsolete him!

One hundred and ninety nine dollars! Rape! That evil Microsoft is raping the poor customers again!

What? It isn't Microsoft? Oh. No matter. RAPE! That evil mega-corporation is raping its captive customers! We must occupy their headquarters NOW and redistribute their software to the 99%!

What? It's an individual developer? Oh. RAPE! What? He's only asking $1.99? Less than the price of a large Dunkin' Donuts coffee? And I can use it as many times as I want, and it's mine to keep? Oh.

Never mind.

You can't rape the willing! If you want to buy it go for it and enjoy a bad ass app and "support" the Devs, if you don't want to buy it, simply don't...

I was meaning to post about this a few days ago. I got the touch recovery for free on my GN without having to load in fastboot. I literally just booted into recovery to flash a new rom and it was there....kind of weird...but Im not complaining :-)

Wish he'd add battery percentage like CWMR and also addresses the "Go Back" so that it's not at the end the currently select folder (not sure about you guys but my Downloads directly has quite a few files).

Other than these two items though it seems pretty awesome, and I'm sure he'll address this later since it's still early dev.

Love that I can directly touch the selection rather than gesture-browse to it as in CWMR.

Lately the market is a little shaky, but I appreciate all the effort and time. I downloaded the app and tried to get the latest, but alas denied at the net.Says my order was cancelled. Even went as far as cleaning the cache and clearing the data. Says my htc evo 4g is compatible. I would greatly appreciate a fix.