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O2 UK will be the only British network to offer the recently announced LG Nexus 4, according to reports. UK tech blog Pocket-Lint says O2 has secured a one-month exclusivity period, meaning customers wanting to use one on another network will have to pick it up online via the Google Play Store, or wait until mid-December when other networks will be given a crack at it.

O2 and LG are said to have partnered to give away free LG TVs to the first hundred Nexus 4 buyers in the UK. And as with its iPhone 5 launch, O2 will reportedly be erecting a pop-up store on top of the O2 Arena in London, where customers will be able to buy the phone on launch day (assuming paying Google to deliver one on the 13th is just too convenient for you).

O2 will be hoping to generate some positive buzz from its exclusive Nexus launch, as it's recently suffered a couple of major network outages. If nothing else, O2's exclusivity bid proves that the Nexus name still holds weight with some carriers around the world.

Source: Pocket-Lint


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O2 reportedly secures Nexus 4 exclusivity in the UK


"O2 will be hoping to generate some positive buzz form its exclusive Nexus launch"

might want to swap the r and o in form... just sayin.

Does this mean you couldn't pick it up at Phones4u and cpw or will they still sell these as unlocked devices on all carriers?

Erm, you can buy it from Google SIM-Free for £240, how much cheaper is it going to be on-contract with o2?

The Nexus4 will surely shake up the UK phone market. Consumers can now get a decent smartphone, without contract for a VERY reasonable price, meaning they are no longer locked to a network or a tarrif for a long time...

I dont really know what you're going on about?

The UK phone industry should be the model to all countries everywhere.

How much cheaper?? well how about free?? since all phones on contract can be had for free.... naturally the lower price of the phone just means that you can pay less per month, this phone might be free from £26 a month compared to £36 a month, however this is no different to the model that it is now.

This nexus might shake up the american model who seem to pay $199-$299 for phones plus a 2 yr contract.

In the UK though, it will be buisness as normal

Just a note of caution -- £240 gets you the 8GB version. 8GB is looking pretty small (you don't get to use all of the 8, the system uses some). I bought the 16GB Galaxy nexus on launch day, and if you removed the 3GB of music I have on it, it would be running out of storage around about now if it were an 8GB device...

Being tied into a contract for two years really isn't "the model to all countries everywhere" - particularly with carrier-locked devices.

The Nexus 4, starting at a sub-£250 price point, has now reached the point where more people might think, "hey I'll just buy my device outright and go SIM-only, then I can change my tariff, device or operator any time I like." You don't buy your laptop from BT or Virgin Media, do you?

I think the point of "how much cheaper is it going to be" is referring to the fact that even if they dock £200 from the cost of the N4, or include it free with a tariff on O2, they're not going to reduce that tariff by as much (over the course of two years) as you could save if you had bought it outright and gone SIM-only.

I'm hoping this does shake up the market. If people realise they can buy an excellent device and sign up to the likes of giffgaff (saving a fortune in doing so), it just might. But then again, people are addicted to the idea of "free now, pay later" so it probably won't have that big an impact.