Nyan Cat Android live wallpaper

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Nyan Cat Android live wallpaper


I have been using this for over a week. I have had more comments about it from my friends than any other wallpaper I have ever used. Nothing, I mean NOTHING, can ever destroy the love I have for your flying poptart cat.

Someone needs to make this into and alarm so I can set it to go off and annoy people. Have the option of a blast of sound or an imperceptible fade in so the hearer thinks they're going mad! Alarmed or able to trigger remotely!

is there a point to the game? it shows a score but nothing to score with.

Never mind, it took 900 seconds for the trollfaces to show up.

I could not watch that dumb ass cat on my phone. I would end up throwing the phone out the window. Sorry I am a dog kind of guy.

Anyone want to do a boot animation with sound? I have an idea how, but have not tried yet. I think it is the perfect boot animation.


I had no idea what this was, just wanted a new wallpaper, all of a sudden my phone starts blasting the Nyan Cat song during our shift turnover, uhhh how quickly can you pull a battery!


I liked it but already uninstalled it. If the developer makes a paid version without the ads, I'll buy it. Otherwise, I don't keep apps that display ads on my phone unless there's no paid ad-free version and it is an app I absolutely need. There's no way to *need* a Nyan Cat wallpaper. :)