What do you get when you combine the best in voice command with one of the best touchscreen keyboards? We might be about to find out, as Uncrunched reports that Nuance -- that's the company and technology behind the excelent "Dragon" line of programs -- as well as the iPhone 4S' "Siri" new voice system -- has purchased Swype, the excellent on-screen keyboard that lets you swipe from letter to letter, or type normally. Nuance has the popular T9 keyboard, but Swype would certainly be a coup.

Nothing official has been announced yet, but the deal is said to be worth in the neighborhood of $100 million. Stay tuned. This could get interesting.

Source: Uncrunched

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Wow...hope something awesome comes out of this...if indeed true...

Has Nuance released anything from their purchase of Shapewriter?

kenyee says:

They effectively killed off Shapewriter. This isn't a good sign for Swype...I liked it too :-(

patfactorx says:

I love the nuance t9 app.I hope for better prediction now

RAPTOR0065 says:

So long, Swype... It was nice knowing ya.
Too bad TouchType didn't pick it up. Swype and SwiftKey would be a great merge!

briankurtz79 says:

Haven't seen siri in action yet but if it works the way they say I hope we get something comparable on android soon. Come on google!!!

mtspace says:

Have you tried Vlingo? It is oem on my sgsII Epic Touch. It's pretty good. The market version on my OG Epic was a little wonky, but still worked.... And free!

ScottJ says:


jakeh0 says:

whatever happened with google buying blindtype?

Dirrk says:

I love swype and its way to popular to be "killed". As for siri, its basically google voice search with response... And on that note I hardly use voice search anyways because its only useful in the car

Immolate says:

Sounds anti-competitive. A deal that big should require a bit of FTC scrutiny.

ScottColbert says:

Anti-competitive how, exactly?

El Jefe says:

Considering that Swype has been beta for >1yr & has never actually been for sale on the Market, I wouldn't consider them actual competition for Nuance/Flex T9 anyway.

Even so, there are plenty of other keyboards to choose from & it wouldn't be anti-competitive if Swype were on the Market.

fargles says:

I had no idea Swipe was worth soooo much money, that is insane

ScottJ says:

It's relatively cheap.

A Nexus still on Froyo?

El Jefe says:

...or just an old picture. Swype has been around for a while, you know.

gitit20 says:

Not sure if this a good thing our not...

hmmm says:

Now they can go exclusive to a phone like the iPhone 5.

If Nuance is truly "the company and technology behind the excelent "Dragon" line of programs -- as well as the iPhone 4S' "Siri" new voice system" then if they acquire Swype, couldn't Swype become an Apple-only product, at least in any new incarnations?

bled82 says:

Looks official its up on the Swype website now . http://www.swype.com/