Verizon launch dates

It's been a couple dates since the last rumored Galaxy Nexus launch date surfaced. But a couple of things have changed since then. First, we've heard through our sources that Verizon's finally picked a launch date. (Remember that the Nov. 11 memo we saw was a "work in progress.") Secondly, this one makes a little more sense.

Start with the Droid RAZR Nov. 11 date, which is official. (We'll overlook the lowercase branding whoopsie here.) The HTC Rezound (check out our hands-on) has already been made official at Nov. 14 -- also lining up with more unofficial chatter we'd heard. There's the Samsung Illusion -- a phone we've seen around since September -- on Nov. 17, but who knows how the hell a 3G-only Gingerbread device fits into things at this point. (Dilution, much?)

And, finally, we have the Galaxy Nexus, with a date of Nov. 21. That's still unofficial, mind you, and it's not yet known if you'll actually be able to walk out of a store with a phone, or if it'll be direct fulfill (aka ship it to you) instead.

Almost makes you miss the old Best Buy exclusive or Google Phone Store days, no? Anyhoo, we're one day closer to whenever this damn thing's going to launch.

(BTW: Looks like the Xoom 2 and Media Edition are headed to Big Red as well. How's about a 64GB version?)

Update: As TWong1200 points out, w/o probably means "week of." And we're getting more rumbles that the phone will in fact be available in stores, so that's a good thing.

Source: Droid-Life; More: Galaxy Nexus Forums


Reader comments

Week of Nov. 21 enters the Galaxy Nexus date grab bag


Guys just wait after Jan 6th and see what`s coming out, before you loosing your upgrade. There is new and faster handset coming after the new year.... But anyway good luck to everyone.

Why wait until after the new year? This is the nexus we are talking about. ICS. Super amoled HD. It will be supported for updates. It is thin and light with a great camera. It will be overclockable like crazy for extra speed. Why wait? The new year is still 2 months away! Remember, phones announced at CES don't come for at least another couple months. In the case of the Bionic, 9 months! No way man. Get the nexus, then sit back at CES and watch the fireworks.

I just converted to nexusism after having an EVO and an epic and I don't regret it. Hope sprint gets the gnex soooon!!

In other news: The sky is blue and the grass is green.

Of course there are going to be better phones next year. Thank you, Captain Obvious.

I'll take a VZW Galaxy Nexus with my Ice Cream Sandwich, thank you. OM NOM NOM NOM!!

and then there will be something new coming out a few weeks after that what is your point??? By your logic you might as well never upgrade.

Typo phil.... you wrote 'week ofk'
Any who, I just hope they release it soon. Ill be able to move from sprint in December anyways :-)

The fund are already in the business checking account, so I am ready when ever VZW sets a date of release. Earlier is better.

We already got by the end of the year from verizon. They can't get worst then that. Although all these release dates "from verizon" are getting more and more odd. Its like they don't give a shit about this phone and want to continue to push the other phones they have. That and coupled with the fact that their is no CDMA/LTE version yet. Still waiting for it to pass FCC. Its like this phone is myth on verizon even today.

No, this happens alot actually. You can have the FCC hold it until release. Look at the razr which didn't happen until there was an official date. So please stop trying to get people upset when you know nothing about what you're talking about. I know someone who actually has one so it's far from a "unicorn"

Give me one strategic advantage of not passing the phone through the FCC, if the phone has already been announced and they have already confirmed they will carry it. Yeah I know you can hold the FCC fillings up if you would like but there is no point if everyone knows about the phone. There is more going on then not having a set release date for this phone.

I have a upgrade from tech support I'm supposed to use for a razr.. Going to wait see if gnex ever makes it this month.. Fingers crossed

A Best Buy phone rep told me today that Verizon has a 60 day exclusive on the Galaxy Nexus. Has this been confirmed?

I work at Costco and can say we will be selling it there after receiving an email at work today saying I have to sell down to an inventory of 1 Droid Charge then I will start receiving the Galaxy Nexus in it's place and I have been given an item number with the price I just can't discuss at this time because I love working for WA in Costco!

289.99 is the original price play we will be taking a certain amount off that price. That computer screen shot is costco's official database but for cell phones they grr marked down even more than just 10 dollars and I can say it's deff cheaper than 289

I hope the date doesnt get pushed back anymore.I already delayed a road trip once,cuz wanting to take this with me .