Just days after the myTouch 4G ROM leaked to a sleepless community of hackers and developers, the device from which the ROM was torn from is in the spotlight showing off its true colors.

Images emerged that prove T-Mobile plans on enlivening its handset lineup by adding a splash of color to its yet-to-be-released myTouch 4G phones. In addition to the obligatory offering of white and black, T-Mobile subscribers will be able to get their myTouch 4G in a cool shade of purple, or a nice warm dark red.

Oh, but wait -- let's confuse things a little. TmoNews got some accessory instructions that show the name as myTouch HD. Hmmmmm.

Nobody knows for sure when the myTouch/4G/HD will land on T-Mobile, but lots of speculation suggests myTouch/4G/HD owners will be surfing in style around mid-November. [CellPhone Signal, TmoNews]


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myTouch 4G -- showing off its four colors


Coming from a beat up G1, this might have to be the phone that holds me over until dual-cores or some other "game changer."

Looks like a good Christmas present for the girl friend. Gotta get her a front facing camera, I'm sure she'll love the white one. It will compliment my EVO just fine.

Actually, it IS 4g speeds. Fastest on the market. This phone is getting speeds faster then the g2, droid x, nexus 1, and galaxy s phones.