Pandora for Android

Oh, my, folks sure got themselves into a tizzy this afternoon, didn't they? See, the Android Pandora application got itself a sizable update today. And the third item in the changelog was (and still is) "Compatibility support for upcoming Android OS."

ZOMG! A new, unannounced version of Android?!?!? Jelly Bean, perhaps?!?!? Key Lime Pie?!?!? Licorice?!?!? Meringue?!?!? Newton?!?!?

Not so much. As we suspected, it's just a bit of future-proofing, and isn't referring to any specific and as-yet-unannounced version of Android. In fact, that's exactly what Pandora told us.

"That line just refers to some minor code cleanup that had hard-coded functionality to the current version of Android - Ice Cream Sandwich. This update just future-proofs the Pandora app for the upcoming versions of Android." 

Now, that's not to say there's nothing of note in this update. More and better settings? Sweet. Better and easier sign-up? Excellent. Plus a host of other fixes, including the removal of the "change network state" permission, which should help the tinfoil-hat types sleep better at night.

But no new version of Android was tipped tonight, folks. That'll have to come another day.

Download: Pandora for Android


Reader comments

No, Pandora's latest update doesn't refer to Jelly Bean or Key Lime Pie


Because hardware manufacture still implement menu button ICS devices (including GSIII!) + there ton of phones with menu button thta been updated to ICS and they also got menu button + 2.3 is still used in huge procentage and its faster to heave just menu button in use then design a new menu for ICS.

So as first ICS devices showing up we just in beginning of transition

Unless I am stupid, still missing lock screen support for ICS...why is this so difficult to support?

Still doesn't follow the Android Design Guidelines. For f***s sake, why can't they get rid of the menu button or even put lockscreen controls?

We see that "Jelly Bean" did prevail. I like the "Key Lime Pie" idea. I like the "Licorice" one too. And then for m, yeah, I like the "Meringue" idea. Or it could be "Mazurka"!

But for n to be "Newton," they'd have to apply to license another brand name for their own use (just like the makers of the Droids had to--but I don't even understand how two different mfr.s can both have phones called Droid, since those are hardware... but I digress). So what should we have for n if they don't want to license Newton?

The o one is just about obvious. If it isn't "Orange..." something, like maybe "Orange Cream" or "Orange Soda" (but then as a brand, they'd have to license "Orange Soda" from the online marketing company called that), or maybe just "Orange Juice"--well, at least "Orange..." something--if it isn't that, then I'll flip a lid! I like "Orange Cream" better than "Orange Juice," though.

How about "Peanut Butter" for the p one?

What about the q one, though?

As for r, I guess you could have "Raisin Cookie" or "Raisin Bread..." or, well... "Raisin..." something, probably. What other r ideas would there be? Maybe "Raspberry Cheesecake," huh? But "Rhubarb Pie"? Eww, no! Yuck! :-O Let's go with the raspberry!

And as for s, probably "Strawberry Pie"!

Ahh, I'm tired. I'll try to think of some for the other letters and then come back and post them.

Yogurt for y, even though they already have the frozen version of that ("Froyo")?

Whow... some of them are gonna be hard--especially x and z, and maybe the q one too!

But yeah, Ezzy, I wonder that too, a little bit. And I also wonder why they didn't start with "a"! But by the time we get to z, that will be way down the road. They won't have to worry about that for a while. but I would think that they'd just wrap back around to "a" and then just run down the alphabet all over again. Well, that's what I would do.

As long as we're going to name an A and a B one, while I haven't yet thought of an A one, my b pick for now is "Blueberry Muffin." Ya like that? Well, better than... ugh... "Bran Muffin," ain't it? :-D