The LG Light Wave DIOS oven marries technology with the culinary arts via near-field communication

We've all dreamed of having an NFC-equipped oven, and LG aims to make that a reality. The LG Light Wave DIOS is a convection oven that uses NFC to talk to your smartphone, allowing the luxury, elegance, and delicious food that only an oven with NFC capabilities could deliver.

Tapping your phone, which has the LG Light Wave Oven DIOS app installed, to the oven sets up a line of communication that allows you to choose from over 220 different ways to cook your food, including a healthy Air Fry mode that uses only a small amount of vegetable oil and reduces fat intake by up to 77 percent. The NFC-wielding chef of the future will also be able to look for recipes specific to the type of food they're cooking with, or by the type of cooking they would like to do.

Mrs. Hildenbrand is less than enthusiastic about the oven of the future, which still requires her to walk up to, and stand in front of it to cook, but I see it as one step closer to the jet packs we were promised as children. No word on when (or if) this one will be in your local home-improvement center or what it will cost. 

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Source: LG (Korean)


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The NFC-enabled oven of the future is coming from LG


Wait, would this oven require all of us to get an LG phone? Other than the Nexus 4, LG wouldn't be my first choice......where's Google's oven?


Obligatory question: Does the pretty girl come with the oven?

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Thank you for that obligatory question! Excited to fly to Korea in 3 days!

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Loving the idea of food packaging with NFC tags to tell your oven how to cook them, that could be the future, until we get the jat PACs :-)

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Don't know about you Jerry, but these days the thought of jet packs scares me. Must be getting old.

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I'm gonna root my oven and run a home brewed version of CyanogenMod. Then I can get free wifi tether and download my food directly from the internet. #1337droid

Realistically there are practical uses. What if you could set it to alert your phone when its done preheating or when the chicken reaches 165 degrees. I can rarely hear my oven timer go off if I'm in another room. Maybe they have that feature in modern day "dumb" ovens.

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