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It's been a couple weeks now since we brought you a leaked build of Android 4.0.4 for the Sprint Nexus S 4G. According to an internal screen shot sent to Android Police, we might finally see a release on Feb. 16 -- as in tomorrow, for those of us here in the States.

Of course, when it comes to OS updates -- especially on Sprint and especially for Samsung phones -- we don't pop any corks until bytes are flowing and phones are rebooting. We've seen too many dates come and go, and too many updates get pulled after problems emerge. (And then there's the fact that this leaked screen -- purportedly from a Sprint system -- refers to the Nexus S and not the carrier's own Nexus S 4G. Details, we suppose.

So if it drops on Thursday? Kick ass. It's about time. And if it doesn't? We've got some awsome forums full of awesome people who we're sure will express themselves appropriately.

Source: Android Police; more: Nexus S 4G forums


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Nexus S 4G may be getting Android 4.0.4 in the coming hours


Awesome for.the nexus s but when is it coming for the gnex. Getting sick of lag and voice/data drops. No computer, so can't root.

The screenshot is of the leaked ICS that came out a week or so ago. He's referring to the source screenshot of the Sprint announcement.

I've been using this on my vzw galnex for about a week now and it runs great. Your gonna like it. But mines a different build number imm30b but still 4.0.4

If I'm looking to buy a nexus s 4g and root it, will 4.0.4 ics be any harder to root than gb?

I'm so confused. I thought sprint wasn't getting the nexus until may and that only Verizon had the nexus right now.

Uhhh, no.....I have been running this on Big Red's network for over a week, so don't know what your talking about....

it seems that these 4.0.X releases are about device compatibility and getting it to more handsets. GNex probably hasn't received the same point updates because it doesn't need them.

Is this maybe why my Swype keyboard stopped working today? Says I need an upgrade and to go to, but when I go there, it just says "be back soon." Anyone else get this? What is going on, unless they need a new version of Swype for ICS? Thanks.

How many Sprint employees do you think even own an NS4G, and on top of that do you really think Sprint has some secret way of pushing this update only to those few employees that do own the NS4G? That comment was made by some idiot on the Sprint forums. He has no clue about anything Sprint is actually doing. All we really know is that on Sprint's employee website there was an ad/picture stating that the Nexus S was receiving ICS on this date. Which we have not.

yeah i got the swype update and downloaded it before work this morning. hope this means we're getting ics

Gahhh if i go to Ralphs and buy an ice cream sandwich do you think i can just try and... mush them together?