Sprint at CTIA

While all of us here thought it was just a little odd Sprint blocked off such a mass amount of time to kick off CTIA, the latest rumors suggest they'll have quite a bit to say about at their two-and-a-half hour event and we certainly hope that is true. So what exactly may they have in store for us all?

Well for starters, a Samsung Nexus S 4G is now being rumored after some Wi-Fi Alliance filings (.pdf) caught some attention. And what of the EVO branded devices Sprint advised there would be more of? The EVO 3D is rumored to be making a showing at CTIA as well which by name alone suggests -- 3D version of the EVO but no mention of any other changes. Finally, something no carrier can do without these days -- a tablet announcement. The EVO View is expected to be a similar in style, CDMA version of the HTC Flyer.

Despite how these rumors turn out, we'll be on hand for all the CTIA happenings. In the meantime, let's all just hope that the tablet announcement from Sprint is that of an Android device and not just some further news about their BlackBerry PlayBook launch. [Engadget via Android Central Forums]


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Nexus S 4G, EVO 3D, and EVO View tablet all coming from Sprint at CTIA?


maybe the nexus s 4g was the one that was runored to go to ATT, that BETTER happen, no need for dual core, just an easily hackable phone.....

Yeah, if the Nexus S comes to Sprint, I might be all over that. It depends on if it comes with a SAMOLED plus or not. I have the Epic as of right now and I love the screen but I hate waiting on Samsung for updates.

I honestly don't give a damn about 3D I just want somethig solid under the hood, a beefy battery and the New version of Sense and better build quality than my current EVO. As for the tablet in assuming it's the flyer which I'm iffy about until I get my hands on it. The Nexus S I don't like the build quality that much and I rather the Sense Ui experience.... Can't forget I rather have a 4.3incher

While I can see that being a possibility, I don't know how well that'll go with HTC. Granted, the name "EVO" i THINK is actually Sprints name, I think HTC would have some problems with that since the Evo name is pretty damn attached to their version.

You could say the same about the OG DROID.. Droid is a motorola, but then verizon came out with the Droid Incred, Eris, and then came back to motorola for the X. The term "EVO" is sprint marketing as you will recall the EVO, was once named the HTC Supersonic. Sprint can do whatever they want and I definitely think that the EVO 3D would be a the optimus. These are all just rumors anyways.

Actually, if it is the EVO 3D, I wouldn't doubt it for one second that it's the Optimus 3G. Sprint wanted to have all of their high end Android phones be called some variant of EVO. Kind of like the DROID name for Verizon. I'm kind of against it though. Keep EVO to HTC.

It could be possible it's not an HTC phone. Look at Verizon for example. Their Droid line included the Motorola Droid, HTC Droid Incredible, Motorola Droid X, HTC Droid Eris, etc. Maybe this is Sprint's new marketing scheme. Sort of a way to brand some of their Android devices.
edit: Looks like you guys beat me to it. Great minds... XD

No this isn't the LG optimus 3D, Yes the EVO name belongs to Sprint, Yes, Verizon has the name Droid whether its HTC or Motorola, Verizon has that name. And this EVO 3D will be name by HTC and have HTC Sense.

The Evo 3D is that LG 3D phone I'm guessing which has been rumored to Sprint according to phonearena. I'm surprised that LG is adding to a series of phones that has been proven by HTC. First the G2X from T-mobile now the Evo series.Idk bout the nexus s 4g being that good of a phone. If its the same old nexus s just with added 4g data then to me the phone isn't that exciting.

Why can't someone else use EVO? Probably because HTC owns the rights to EVO, just like Lucas owns Droid. The only reason Verizon is able to use Droid is because they've licensed it from Lucas.

Actually I don't believe so, I'm almost 100% certain Sprint owns the EVO name, not HTC.. since the EVO is the HTC Supersonic to them, or as listed as the HTC EVO(Sprint) on their website.

Would be interesting. But only after Samsung upgrades its Nexus's to 2.4. Even though it's a Nexus, I can't trust Samsung.

no guys the evo 3d is not htc or lg, it is a kyocera phone with 3 screens and the outdated 2.1- thats why its called 3d, for 3 displays


I got a evo 4g, and that monstrosity from kyocrea has NO relation to the evo line of products lol...

Yes, Evo is to Sprint as Droid is to Verizon.

Maybe the LG 3D is the evo 3d.... not bad news guys...

What are you talking about? Since when has the Kyocera Echo ever been called an EVO of any kind? Idiot.

Yeah... this would have been better. Say aye if you're going to buy the Echo. *chirp chirp, chirp chirp chirp*


If its a HTC 3D phone packing Tegra 2 on a 4.3" screen and all the goods it might be my new phone hehe 3D would be an extra.

I've been rocking the hero for a while (rooted) and ready for a new powerhouse. I love HTC but LG has proven to make solid hardware and as of late solid android devices.

No need for a dual core? Really? If they _dont_ announce a dual core either Tegra2 or otherwise WITH a keyboard, 4G, and at least a gig of ram I'll be pisssssed.. I've been stuck with this Moment for 16 months now and it is frickin time to upgrade.

$69.99 plus $10 for an extra G, plus $10 for an extra D. But in 6 months everyone will have to pay the "3D" fee because Sprint is so awesome.

Is this phone going to be the EVO 3D 4G? The EVO 4G 3D? Ha.

I love spending that extra $20 a month for two evo's with no 4g in my area(all around but). This leads me to my next rant. All this 4G talk and sprint is talking about LTE nationwide by 2012 to put pressure on clearwire. Another so called 4g device paying for a year and can't get what I pay for? Pass....... Maybe 2012

actually i had the nexus and never had a problem with the battery life. maybe you should ask actual owners before complaining about a product ou have never even used


Now everyone can shut up about Sprint not bringing anything to the table.

I honestly, had faith in Sprint all along... they may have disappointed before, but they definitely aren't dumb

sheeesh, do not sound the victory horn yet, remember it is sprint we are talking about here, there is time for disappointment, remember the industry first thing?

This isnt a victory horn, I just give them the benefit of the doubt.

They have disappointed, youre right, but they always have redeemed themselves, at the same time.

So, I shall continue to give them the benefit of the doubt.

wow, i think sprint will release a nexus. it does say coming soon in the title. and in the text, it says the page will be ready soon. good find

An EVO 2 would be great, but if it turns out to be an EVO 3D with some sort of extra 3D charge, no thanks. If the Nexus S comes and I can get an extended battery and extended battery case for it, then maybe. We shall see.

Is this thing getting a QWERTY slider ????

When is Sprint getting a QWERTY slider with Froyo+, Dual Core, 1g RAM, & a FM radio ??????

They will get a phone like that when it is actually needed for something. Until then the Epic or the Shift will do everything available in the Android world.

If you're talking about the Nexus S, dual core is already out of the picture. Personally I hate sliders, and Sprint already has the Epic and the Shift--but no 4" slate phones with modern specs; so the NS is perfect for me. I was actually going to ditch Sprint for T-Mo to get the NS if they didn't bring something substantial for CTIA.

Maybe the Evo 3G is a slider though. If nothing else, I'd expect it to have Gingerbread, dual core and 1GB of RAM.

Im glad Sprint is starting to beef up their lineup. So I'm guessing there's still no EVO 2. Or is the 3D the successor?

I hope that if Sprint gets the Nexus it's not the POS that is on T-mobile. 16GB of space is NOT enough. The iPhone 3GS had a 32GB option, and that was 2 years ago now. Don't tell me that 16 is all you need. I'm constantly deleting things now.

Though the way the carriers and manufacturers are, the Nexus might be the only way I can ensure proper upgrades or mod community support.

Does Sprint give you a discount each month if you buy your phone outright or can you do a 1-year contract?

I've been eligible for an upgrade since October on my extremely outdated Hero, but have been patiently waiting for sprint to announce something good I could use it on...These phones will be available after April 1, at best, which conveniently is when my 69.99 everything plan becomes silver premier and I'll have to wait until August to be at 22 Months. Nice work Sprint, it will be cheaper for me to pay to get out of my contract early and get a new phone subsidized on another carrier. I HATE YOU SPRINT!!!

Great news! I'm optimistic about the Nexus and Evo 3D. Don't disappoint us, Sprint. Sounds like the 3D phone will be the 3D phone will be the HTC 3D which illdini linked to. I don't much care for the 3D, but as long as it can be turned off, I don't mind it.

"Despite how these rumors turn out, we'll be on hand for all the CTIA happenings." That sentence makes no sense. I assume you meant "Regardless of how the rumors turn out, ...".

Let's just hope that Sprint finally BRINGS IT and throws us a bone. Everyone else has gotten cool new phones, dual core in some cases. I hope they come with Gingerbread (Nexus S will definitely have it), but a Galaxy S 2 would be even better.