A continuing point of discussion, rumor, idle speculation, is the future of the Nexus device program. Android Silver is potentially on the horizon but according to Dave Burke, head of Android engineering and the Nexus program at Google, who was speaking to ReadWrite, that doesn't mean that Nexus devices will be killed off.

"People have been commenting about Nexus because there is something else and they think that means the end of Nexus. That is the totally wrong conclusion to make"

Burke wouldn't comment on what lies ahead for Android Silver beyond saying:

"Android Silver is not something that we are commenting on right now. But the prospect of Silver doesn't mean that Nexus is going away."

While there was nothing beyond rumor that actually ever really suggested that Nexus devices would come to an end, it's nevertheless comforting to hear such news from someone in the know. Android L will be released later on this year and if we're going to see a new Nexus, that's when we'd expect to get it.

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The Nexus device program isn't going away


Since when has 4.95 inches ever been considered a phablet? The N5 fits nicely in the hand and is easy to use with one (ungargantuan) hand. Maybe I'm confused. I thought it was more like 5.5" and up phablet range

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Who said it was? The rumors for quite some time have been that the Nexus 6 might end up in 5.5"+ screen territory, and if it actually GETS the name Nexus 6 then the name would confirm that. I'm assuming the OP in this argument was referencing that concern.

Not specifically to argue, because I haven't heard anything about the potential size of the N6, but the "6" refers to the version number of the phone, not necessarily the screen size. The Nexus 4 was not 4" so that's not a legit reason to be worried about the size of the Nexus 6.

If you actually read both of our comments, I was responding to his statement "and if it actually GETS the name Nexus 6 then the name would confirm that".

TenshiNo: Not quite, no. It's far more complex than that, and there's absolutely NO chance of Google sticking with numbering them by version for VERY obvious reasons.

The Nexus 4 is well-known to be named based on its generation, NOT its size, probably because it wasn't quite close enough to 5" to justify being named the 5. But when the 5 came out, which was a 5" screen, it allowed them to move over to their standardized naming scheme that they'd stuck with with the 7 and 10 at that point. I believe wholeheartedly that they'll either stick with their size-based naming scheme from here on, or change it up completely again.

But to say, unequivocally, that Google names their phones based on version is to ignore the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus entirely. They've changed as needed, and they haven't kept a standard. But as they DID finally standardize the other devices, I think they're likely to do the same here.

The Nexus 6 will NOT be called the 6 unless it's a phablet. Otherwise its followup will be the 7.

And yes, actually, many of the rumors for quite some time have specifically been based on hints that this one might be a 5.5" or larger screen. So yes, there has been real fear of it becoming a phablet.

I hope it is a phablet, I like the form factor, I like the idea of getting a Sony experia GPE cheap one day, I'd like to see 64 bit, at least 4 GB of RAM, at least 64 GB of flash, at least QHD, ideally UHD.

That would be suicide and foolish. You don't make your flagship device a niche form factor. Add an additional phablet? Sure, that would be great. But to replace the 5? Disaster.

Also, you're just throwing out high specs for no good reason.

No I am not just throwing specs for no reason, my Nexus 10 is QHD, it's an 18 month old design, only cost me $300, my Nexus 5 has 32 GB of flash, Android L is supposed to have a 64 bit version, according to the Google IO conference, LG G 3 is QHD. Phablets have been growing in sales, as phones and tablets have been loosing sales, my N 10 is too big, my N 5 is too small, what are people who don't like specs or technology doing on AC anyway, shouldn't you be using a walkie talkie, or a CB radio ? Note 3 has 3 GB of RAM, my UHD TV only costs $400 now.

Who said anything about not liking specs? Throwing unnecessary crazy specs around is a waste of time and energy. UHD on a phone? QHD was already pretty crazy. UHD is insane. 3GB is necessary for the Note because of Samsung's bloatware. Hardly necessary for stock Android. Shipping with at LEAST 64GB of storage ignores Google's history. And ALL of that ignores price 100% which is kind MASSIVELY important to a Nexus device.

And comparing your Nexus 10 to a phone's resolution is crazy. Apples to oranges. You need that on a bigger screen, and it's much cheaper to do on a bigger screen. You mentioning your TV further proves you literally know nothing about display tech. No comprehension of viewing distance, optical limitations, or the high cost of downsizing. What you can get in a TV quite literally has ZERO bearing on what you can get in a phone.

And where do your figures come from that non-phablet sales are dropping? I'd be curious to see that backed up. The majority of users do NOT want a phablet. They're great for a specific subset, and I'm glad they exist. But they don't cover the majority by far. Making one the flagship would be suicide. I know I wouldn't buy it, which would effectively kill Nexus for me.

Perhaps like me, you need $2.50 worth of reading glasses, I love the higher resolutions, Samsung bloatware, is indeed crapware, I had to do a lot of cleaning work, on my sister's Note to get it to work again. Including factory reset, move to SD card, I added a 32 GB SD card, look I offered my sister a new Nexus 7, she wanted to stick with the old one. Unfortunately a lot of people are like that, so sales are down, to get the punters in, we will need to offer them significant changes, interim measures won't draw them in, people are buying more low end stuff. Some of that is because they don't have the money, but if a fanatic like me isn't going to buy, if there isn't generational change, why would the general punter. Incremental change is leading to lower profits, let alone having profit growth, if you cannot tell the difference, then it's just a commodity, just get the cheapest you can find.

Everyone has their own normal. For me the 5" screen is the sweet spot. Plenty agree; plenty think it's either too big or too small. I suspect we'll see a slight bump but nothing drastic. That's based on nothing factual whatsoever......just a guess.

With Android One and Android Silver, it's possible we'll get a good variety of sizes, specs and price points for pure Android OS phones in the future in addition to whatever high end Nexus smartphones bring.

It is debatable. Back when the galaxy note came out, tech sites were laughing at the ridiculous size of it. And now, the most popular phones are all that size. I do agree that 4.7-5.0" is perfect at the moment, but then a year ago I considered 5.0" far too big and 4.3-4.7" to be the sweet spot. I do hope that the nexus 6 is 5.2" at absolute maximum though.

I hope LG makes "The New Nexus 5." Shove the G3 into it like they did with the G2. Thinner bezel 5" 1080p, 2gb ram, 801, 32gb, 13mp ois w/Lazer, L, and bigger battery. $400 I'll buy it.

So essentially release the nexus 5 in a new case? I would very much hope for 3GB RAM and an 805, don't really care about 2K, 1080p 5" screen with better colours than the nexus 5 and 16GB will do me. But battery life is a must and waterproofing would be nice.

It's really not about the screen size ad much as the overall dimension of the phone. Look at the G3 and it's ridiculously small bezels. 5.5" screen in a body only marginally bigger than the G2. I don't think Google will release any phablet anytime soon. Most likely another 5-5.25" screen phone in a body very similar to the N5. Obviously this is only speculation. Either way I'm sure we're all happy Nexus will love on.

I like to be able to use a phone one handed, and if the screen is 5.5" I can't do that, no matter how small the casing is. Phablets aren't my thing.

LOL yes! Especially because when I got the Evo I was coming from a Palm Pre which was a 3.1" screen :P

Regarding size, it would be great if manufacturers made the same hardware available in different screen sizes insteading of putting mid to low end hardware in a smaller device. Thats why I went with the Moto X, it's essentially a 4.7" Nexus.

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Exact same boat. Perfect form. Nice hearing nexus devices aren't going away tho.

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The Moto X was pretty much the same as either the Galaxy Nexus, which you could have picked up for 1/4 the price, or the nexus 4 which is better and half the price.

Galaxy Nexus had horrible Pentile display, crappy radios, slimmey plastic case. Nexus 4 didn't have LTE, camera shortcut, active notifications, touchless controls, Moto assist, Moto connect, trusted devices, etc. The specs nay be similar, but the user experience is quite different.

Apart from LTE the nexus 5 had none of these either, so I don't know why the Moto X is so comparable to the Nexus 5 but not at all to the nexus 4. The nexus 4 is the 4.7" version of the nexus 5.

You've clearly never used a Moto X. I've had all three devices, the Moto X blows the GNex and N4 out of the water, both for features and performance. Specs only get you so far, just look at the GS4 which launched with ridiculous amounts of lag.

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True story.. Having owned the N4 and moto g/x, moto really accomplished something with those devices. They just flat perform. Good display, snappy as a nexus, and less compromise

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The Moto X is a great device . . . a favorite of mine. But saying its as snappy as a Nexus 5 might be pushing it a little.

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The Nexus 5 has none of these extra features either, so why consider it a smaller version of the nexus 5? They're completely different.

If the Moto X is like a 4.7" version of the nexus 5 but is completely different, following the same logic the nexus 4 and moto X are no different.

I've always thought of the Nexus line as being the best average representation for current phones so if you try to do some dev work, making it work on your Nexus will mean your app will work on the most possible phones without bugs right off the bat. I know that hasn't always been the case but I feel like that's the goal and right now that means a large screen. Personally I'm with you, I still have a Nexus4 and don't want to go much bigger, my girl has a Note3 so I am actually aware of how they feel in person too.

actually if you read the whole interview at readwrite he explains it all and does specifically mention nexus PHONES and tablets...

The writer of the article says it, nothing in quotes states actually a phone or a tablet. It also only says the line is not dead (hence my original comment) but once again mentions nothing about anything specific

you should read more carefully:

"When we are working, there are sort of two outputs. We’re building a Nexus device and we’re building the open source code. There is no way you can build the open source code without the phone or tablet or whatever you are building. You have to live and breathe the code you are developing"

in other words, if open source android is to work on phones, they need a nexus phone...

And as I say further down the thread, they could have anyone make them a reference phone, it does not say that there will be a Nexus phone. Not for consumer consumption but yes they need a "blank" device to program against.

It very well could be that it never makes it out of the lab.

Except this was said by Dave Burke:
" When we are working, there are sort of two outputs. We’re building a Nexus device and we’re building the open source code. There is no way you can build the open source code without the phone or tablet or whatever you are building. You have to live and breathe the code you are developing."

If you are still willing to bet on no more Nexus phone, I will wager on a name change: Either you change to YesNexus or I will change to TouchwizPrevails.

Nexus device

Not Nexus phone, not nexus tablet, nexus device....

Besides, what had gone on before does not have to go on again. A consumer Nexus device is not necessary for development.

Maybe you should listen to the guy from Google instead of getting paranoid based on a Russian rumormonger who is wrong more than he is right.

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i mean the guy specifically uses the word phone. i'm not sure what else there is to say. you know, just once in one of these online pissing matches i'd love to hear "you know, you're right. i stand corrected". just once. before i die...

I think it's possible that you are conflating your personal desires with reasonable future predictions here. Google hasn't traditionally been "tricky" with their announcements, implying something without actually saying it, then not doing it. Hasn't been their pattern. I don't know if there will be a future Nexus phone or not, but having one in the market is only good for Android overall, and Android being their main conduit for mobile ads, is what is of concern to Google in the mobile space.

Oh was this an announcement of the Nexus 6? I thought this was an interview with a guy.

When did he said it was getting released?

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And there you have it folks.

Winner of the OnePlus Storm of Invites contest thingy...

°Sony XPERIA Z2 white
°LG Optimus G Pro white
°LG Optimus L70 black

Phew! All smartphones I have owned have been Nexuses and I am not going to change that easily. I will watch what Ara brings, but for the foreseeable future, it is Nexus for me.

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Android L, Nexus 6(or whatever the next iteration is going to be called), Moto360 = my combo for 2nd half of the year is sorted.

I just figured that they were changing the name because they got to Nexus 6 and were stuck.

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Yeah, no. Nobody actually keeps New in the name. They use it for advertising, but that's about it. "Nexus 5" is perfectly fine. It's what it is. It's the ~5" Nexus.

Fair enough. It's hard to tell. People seem to have wanted that in a lot of situations for a long time. Heck, the NeXtBox has been the popular name for both the 360 and One before their release online by people who don't understand naming conventions.

So basically it's just the media morons making crap up using their "sources" that come out every morning after breakfast? Who

"People have been commenting about Nexus because there is something else and they think that means the end of Nexus. That is the totally wrong conclusion to make"

^ i.e. STFU Media Morons

Nothing is confirmed until it's confirmed. Just because Google says that now, doesn't necessarily mean that it will come to pass. The Nexus program can still be on the chopping block, sadly.

As I said above, I still think that the phones are dead but you have to call the tablets something. Nexus is established, might as well run with it.

There is more to the quote from what I read elsewhere and it basically comes down to "we need something to develop on" and it is bullcrud. They can get anyone to make them a set of reference devices.

Nexus Tablets will live, I think the phones are done.

If you read what he said, then you would see that line of thought is incorrect. They need specific reference devices, and a phone would be one of those reference devices. "We can't program in the abstract."
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As I said, they can get anyone to make a set of reference device. It does not need to be a line that is available for consumer consumption. A GPe device, minus the OEM stuff, can do the trick

or anything from the "Silver" line if it is what we think it is.

you cant program on a bootloader locked silver crap and you can bet your button that verizon and att will demand locked bootloaders or it will never touch their network. that and google is going to have to make sure they bundle the bloat. verizon doesnt allow smartphones (except apple) without contact sync app.

and again...your not listening.

Anyone can build a reference device for development. It does not have to be a commercial device. Samsung, LG, Sony whoever can build out an unlocked device specifically "Nexus like" for Google to develop against that does not have to go to the masses.

App developers do not need a specific device either. They really do not. I developed apps on Verizon devices and on unlocked devices. You do the heavy lifting in an emulator, then put an APK on the device by sideloading.

You do not need an unlocked device.

Why just build a reference device just for development when they can sell it and earn decent cash?
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He may not be listening to you, but what you're doing is just as bad, you're not listening/reading what was said in the interview either, you're too busy looking for loopholes and potential hidden meanings.

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You are making your opinion that the Nexus phone is "dead" on alot of assumption. By the way, which you have no facts to support. It paints a picture that your hoping for the Nexus dismiss. We are optimistic and hope there is another.

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My thoughts exactly. Mercdroid and nonexus, two Samsung users. Nexus ftw!

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I used every flagship phone last year for at the least 2-3 weeks, did you?

I own a few Samsung items and it is my daily driver, but I also have a Nexus 7.

Merc has had many Nexus devices (still has the 5 if I remember right) and has been a proponent of the line.

Imagine that, an elitist Nexus user without a clue of which they speak. I would be shocked but it is VERY common.

I don't buy every phone but I have used tw for weeks and sense for a few days and always preferred vanilla. You obviously prefer non nexus phones. Back on topic, you would prolly love it if nexus line was dead, say it ain't so. You sow doubt about the future of nexus phones with no solid evidence. Seems so by your comments and username. Nexus ftw!

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I like Nexus devices as much as the next enthusiast. But, let's be real here. The Nexus line has reached a point of contention between Google and the Android OEMs. Period. That's not up for debate, it's fact. The Nexus line won't last forever, no matter how far you pull the tinfoil hat over your eyes, brother.

Given what you get for the price, I'm not surprised. I didn't ever seriously consider anything from HTC or Samsung when I was deciding on a phone. it was between an unlocked Moto X (at that point priced competitively with the N5) and the Nexus. it really did go down to the wire and at the end was essentially a coin flip between the two. I went with the N5 and don't regret a second of it. My wife just got an unlocked X... having set it up and played with it some I found I was right.....I would've been equally as happy with it as the N5. i plan on keeping this awhile; I only hope when it's time to get a new one something fills the niche of these two in the price point. It's amazing what $400 gets you in performance.

Very similiar to my experience. Since I've owned the Nexus 5 .... I've never been happier. It's the first smartphone that's truly been fun. What impresses me is the pure android experience and how fast the Nexus 5 is. Nothing seems to make it break a sweat. Never stutters, never lags. . . just quick and fluid. Love the display.

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I don't have the Nexus 5 anymore, but I did like it when I had it! Very smooth device. But, it's ok. Anytime you threaten someone's' precious, there's hell to pay, lol. No biggie.

There is only one pompous person . . . one who comes about shooting down any argument that is not in agreement. A Samsung fanboy disguised . . trolling.

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If the new practice is going to be to push out factory images of OS updates a few months before the actual release, Google's still going to need reference hardware for those factory images. Whatever they call that, it's basically a Nexus.

Nexus devices are one of the best devices out, just solely on how they have zero bloat ware and timely updates.

They have basically nothing to do with each other, though. Nexus is a product line, Silver is a branding for a program that brings a premium stock experience to OTHER companies' product lines. Apples and oranges.

but GPe phones are a 'premium stock experience on other companies phones'... so what niche will silver carve out? Perhaps a baseline hardware to give performance and guaranteed updates for 18 months similar to the nexus line, but allowed to be skinned by manufacturers? I am very interested to see how these three tiers play out. However I am very happy that my N5 can be replaced by an N6 now :)

I kind of figured the nexus would not die off because they are great devices at a great price. I am interested in the android silver line but for now my nexus 4 is fine until it dies. Or another nexus is released. After running stock android on my s2 i777 and both my nexus 7 (2012) and nexus 4 I can't go to a skinned android phone again.

To be fair, it wasn't evleaks that first broke with that news: it was Eldar Murtazin, saying that his sources reported the birth of Silver was the end of the Nexus program.

Thanks for saving me the time to look it up...I know EVLeaks was not the first, only because I remember going "Who?" and researching his credibility.

Yeah, his credibility is definitely debatable. But, we'll find out soon enough, heather he's right or not.

Not buying another Nexus device ever again anyway lol. Horrible light bleed, video microphone issue, losing connectivity multiple times a day. Its just another cheap phone. Not worth it lol

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Oh that's easy because he doesn't have a Nexus 5 he changes his Sig to match whatever the conversation is about. No nexus 5 to return.

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well for the last few days at least he has had the same one....

He is a bit of a broken record troll.

Here is my question.. why do i have to face these issue in the first place? Ive had GN2 before and never had any of these issues.

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The Nexus 5 competes directly with every other Android phone on software features, not just on hardware and price. Lockheimer tells us that Google doesn't consider the Nexus to be "a hobby, we take it really seriously, and there's a growing number of people who are actually buying these." For the first time, the rest of the Android ecosystem might have to start taking the Nexus seriously, too. Google's services truly do give the Nexus 5 an edge, and the thing about edges is that they can cut.

What other OS are the partners going to use? Tizen? It will never survive the inevitable storm of lawsuits from all sides. Apple doesn't license iOS, so what's left? Symbian? Not likely - it's virtually dead. Currently, Android is the only viable alternative if you want to market a smart phone that will sell, at least until somebody can create and successfully market something else, which would take years.

Damn! Damn, damn, damn, damn!

I wanted to see people hop off the Nexus bandwagon faster than they hop off The Miami Heat bandwagon when LeBron James switches teams.

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Until a new one comes out and I have to revive you somehow so you can sell it on swappa. Yeah... Ain't nobody got time for that.

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I saw a dude this morning in *$, who you would swear was an "iphone" guy, and he busted out a white nexus5! Totally impressed that he had a android, never mind a nexus. Cool.

Awesome. I bet Silver is a replacement name for GPE. And Nexus will continue to be the same. Happy days.

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This is what I'm thinking as well. Google Play Edition just isn't a good branding method. Android silver (probably just 'device x' Silver edition) is much better.

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Yeah I agree. Google play edition is not a great brand name.

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Google seems to be trying to help the smaller OEMs in staying relevant, so if they were to switch from LG my guess would be Motorola or HTC. My vote would be Motorola, I really like what they've been making these days.

Lol, me too!

Seriously though, I am super glad to see that Nexus devices should stay. I love my Nexus 5 (battery life is 'meh', but good enough for a whole day of medium usage). I would hate to see them go.

Got Nexus?

If you want a good camera buy a DSLR.Battery life on my Nexus 5 easily lasts a day.The battery on Nexus 5 is average but ppl blow it out of proportion

Posted via Android Central App on Google Nexus 7 2013

I am not a pro as far as photos go, and I do not want to carry around two devices. Why should I settle for crap when I can have very good? The DSLR argument does not hold water anyway. Why spend 300 on a phone and 600 on a camera when I can spend 650 on a phone that does the job.

The Nexus 5 holds its own on light/medium usage, but on medium to heavy the battery stink and does not compare to any of the other phones that came out at or near the same time.

Once again, why should I have to settle?

The camera on N5 is good enough for someone who isn't a pro.Its waay underrated.Sure there are better camera phones out there but they probably cost much more than Nexus,have bloat and come with carrier headaches so eventually you are gonna have to settle for something anyway so battery and a average camera is a good tradeoff for pure android,fast updates,no bloat and easy as pie rooting and sideloading countless ROM

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You don't have to settle. That's the beauty of preference and available substitutes.

Can we stop brow beating each over the "Nexus vs OEM" debate? It's as tiresome as the "Android vs iOS" nonsense.

Call it whatever you want, just get me that Samsung 10" with stock Android already. It's time to retire the Touchpads already.

If Google plans on releasing developer previews of future Android versions, just like they did now, then of course they'll need Nexus devices. Nexus devices will be for developers, Silver devices will be consumer devices.

I believe I read that Android Silver devices are going to be targeting the next generation inexpensive market with fully capable devices to bring the next billion into the Android ecosystem.

I still say barf on that battery draining crappy camera Nexus product they are so boring and dull.

From my Galaxy Note 3 via Android Central App

Great news. The nexus 5 is my first nexus glad to here that it won't be my last also. The value factor on this phone is unbeatable in my opinion .

Well this is good news indeed. I absolutely love my Nexus 4. I didn't get a Nexus 5 as I only get a new phone every couple of years. When I heard the rumor that the Nexus line might be discontinued I was left wondering what my next phone might be. Google if you are listening, and if this users vote means anything, please keep LG as the as the maker of the next Nexus phone. Also keep the size close as to not hit phablet territory. I am very much looking forward to the next Nexus phone hitting the market hopefully around November or December.

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He didn't say that it WASN'T going away though!
Lol.. But seriously, if Nexus stays then that's great!

Posted via Android Central App on The Nexus 5

Man.. that guy was Drunk when he went on babbling.. There is no publicly available Nexus on the horizon.. If so.. they would have kept their timetable and released a N7 tablet in July per schedule.. You are not going to see a Nexus 6 @ $350.00-$399.00 with similar specs to the $649.00+ Google Silver Line of products.. who would buy Silver if an N6 @ half the price performed the same as the Silver device? You're hanging on to Vaporware people.. Don't get your hopes up for a Super-Spec N6.

This comment is spot on. Why sell Silver, if the nexus line is going to coexist alongside it? What you just explained is why the GPE devices haven't taken off. But, of course, you're going to get attacked for not being a fanboy, lol.

I could not see Google ditching the Nexus program I'm happy

Sent from my Nexus 5 or Nexus 7

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I seriously had no idea why everyone jumped to such conclusions.. if anything I can see them pushing Silver as the more consumer at the carrier store Nexus and a Nexus returning more to its roots as the Developers Phone.


Posted with my Nexus 7 2012 or Moto X via the Android Central App

Well thats fine, but please can we have some devices that are made properly rather than the low rent junk they are making now?

Actually, it's not 'fact', it IS up for debate. The Nexus line is not a commercial hit, particularly the phones. It's not taking chunks of business away from Samsung or HTC or anyone else. Motorola had that potential, but Moto is being sold off, likely to appease other OEMs. And it's not like the Nexus manufacturers aren't making money off of the Nexus line either. They wouldn't partner with Google on them if they did.

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Android Silver might be the new name for Google Play Edition devices. High end ones, an opposite to Android.One

I am very happy to hear that the Nexus program will continue. Quality products at great prices - totally a win-win, as far as I am concerned. I really hope Google will announce a new Nexus phone and tablet soon.

I always thought that it would make more sense to replace the current "Google Play Edition" program (which seems a little scattered to me) with the rumored "Android Silver" program, which sounds more cohesive in scope.

What I'd like to know is, whatever happened to the "set of projects" for Verizon that were planned for 2014? Hopefully they weren't referring to just the Nexus 7, since "set of projects" seems to indicate multiple devices. Perhaps they were referring to Android Silver devices showing up on Verizon? Here we are halfway through 2014 and there's been no mention of anything else though. So far it seems like the Moto X and it's successor will be the closest thing to a Nexus phone on Verizon.