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We won't talk. You can watch the video below in peace. 

Here are some of the specs. 

  • 7-inch 1280 x 800 display
  • Quad-processor
  • Tegra 3 12-core GPU
  • 8 GB and 16 GB models
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 1.2 MP front-facing camera
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, gyroscope
  • 9 hours video playback
  • 300 hours standby
  • 340 g
  • Chrome as standard browser
  • $199, shipping mid-July to US, Canada, Australia and UK, preorders available today
  • Includes $25 credit in Google Play store, lots of preloaded goodies

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There are 87 comments

Treknologist says:

One word: AWESOME!

BigDaddy3000 says:

I'm just hoping android will finally make a tablet to compete with that god awful iPad!

Mike Cerm says:

They aren't making one. This one is meant as a Google-branded alternative to the Kindle Fire.

gtricecakes says:

I realize the price point and size are very comparable to the Fire, but everything else about it is way beyond that device. This is an iPad competitor at a price point that will make it a hard beat. Did you see how fast that GPU is? Def an iPad competitor.

Robbzilla says:

No, this is an iPod Touch competitor in every sense of the word.

dmchenry35 says:

This isn't even close to what an iPad can offer.

Not in terms of usability, not in app selection, not in performance, not in value.

This is a kindle fire competitor and that's it.

GG google, you've just launched your first unsuccessful product since Google Wave... or G+.

bales says:

The Nexus Q post is right over there >>>>>>>>>

Davest says:

I see the Apple trolls are out in full force today. : )

frettfreak says:

Dude.. wrong website... go the top and click iMore and go where you belong dumb ass.

excuse me, its a competitor in both price and value. Quad core processor with a 12 core gpu for $200. Ummm Hello!!! That's a pretty good performance to price ratio (not to mention how awesome project butter is going to be with Jelly Bean).

I do however; agree that it was not meant to compete with the iPad, but it could be a very nice alternative.

butters619 says:

I love Android. I will never go back to an iOS phone. But you can't honestly say the iPad is awful. No other tablet has surpassed the iPad. Transformer Prime came close, but still had a good amount of issues. The Galaxy Tabs are laggy messes. Xoom fell flat. I too want to see a great Google tablet, but honestly the iPad is the best still

Chax says:

The pos(t)er was being facetious, you gotta pick up on the sarcasm before making a serious reply to the trolls here on an Android-enthusiast website. Nexus 7 WILL be replacing most of my usage of the iPad2, which was given to me as a gift by my company. I find myself mostly watching youtube and playing card games on it; for a heavy user of Google services, iPad, while a beautifully built device, just doesn't play as well in the sandbox as will the Nexus 7. I will keep both -- the iPad for games, and the Nexus 7 to actually get things done using all my Google services. It's purely a personal preference; i prefer Android over iOS, and I've given a fair shake to both.

Jimmy_Jo#AC says:

I'm a huge Android fan but there is nothing that compares to the iPad. The iPhone/iPod Touch have competition. The Nexus 7 looks like it's trying to put the Fire out (get it?!) but it is not an iPad killer. The only iPad killer will be a great revision of the Transformer. All the abilities of iPad with a keyboard, etc

ffastffrank says:

With a new smaller tablet coming from Apple soon, the winner of this argument may be certain by the Holiday season or continue on. Both are great companies. I use both 7" Android and iPad 2 on a regular basis. For me, the Android wins on the go due to pocketability and Apple if sitting around the home. In Bed, I prefer smaller size and weight of 7". I get the feeling that most of those that claim one or the other is better don't own and use both. I am happy with available apps for both. Each has its place. I have just placed an order for 3 of the 7's as gifts for family members. Android seems to win in the numbers game (Units) and Apple in the numbers game (Dollars).

Seven2k says:

wow messed my pants up!!

BigDaddy3000 says:

Don't start releasing bodily fluids just yet! We have to see this sucker in person first!

swoogie says:

Awwww yea. Sign me up!

youareme7 says:

video is now private. Any details in there that are new?

This will be my first tablet

DrDoppio says:

+1. I see no reason not to buy this.

gaguy says:

I the get a "This video is private" message?

Robbzilla says:

What does "This Video is Private" mean? Did I break it? (Sarcasm)

sndplace says:

can't see it. says its private ;(

tehsusenoh says:

Aaaaaand it's private. Did someone manage to save a copy before it went away?

msgnyc says:

Why does it have the Android Phone UI and not the Tab UI? :(

dlh says:

Phone UI and Tab UI are the same in ICS...

turdbogls says:

what are you talking about? yes the tablet and phone are One OS...but the UI is vastly different. i want to know why it is like this as well.

stab244 says:

I think it's because which interface ICS/JB (Jelly Bean not Justin Beiber...) displays is based on pixel density based screen size and screen resolution. With that display at 7" I get 215 dpi which is within range of some smartphones which might be why it has the smartphone UI. Or maybe JB just only has that UI which would be really clunky for really big tablets.

Channan says:

I doubt it has anything to do with the pixel density. I bet it's just the size. 7" is still pretty small so it uses the phone UI. Bigger ~8-10" tablets will use the tablet UI.

LR7 says:

Private Video! Thanks for getting me amped and then letting me down like that! LOL!

Amore514 says:

:-( when i try to play the video i see a massage that says "This Video is Private"

Cares says:

Video taken was pre-maturely released!

...and that's how you were conceived!

Video is private

mirror please

Mirror please. It's been taken down.

rap1 says:

Probably wasn't supposed to be released until sometime during or after the keynote address


Amore514 says:

Here is all the info, no video tho :-(

i snagged one :-)

Mike Cerm says:

Looks like nice hardware (though it's a shame they left out the rear-facing camera, but Samsung has made some decent 7" tablets in the past, and no one has cared. Until Google gives some details about Jelly Bean, this thing is a snooze. If all they've done is made ICS faster... that's not enough. The interface needs a serious overhaul (why is the app menu in the upper-right, and not on the giant black bar at the bottom of the screen where my thumbs are??), but they also STILL need to explain how they're going to convince devs to actually create/rewrite apps for 4.x when 90% of the market is stuck at 2.x (and probably will be for another year).

Robbzilla says:

I couldn't care less about the RFC... The lack of external memory is what's concerning me.

hmmm says:

Nice, I already ordered one before they apparently took the link down. Wonder if I'll get canceled. $14 shipping though...and tax.... Made the $250 one actually about $282...

jontalk says:

Hmm.. hard to know the details though if its meant to go up against the Kindle Fire and essentially does the same stuff for more money, why bother? And like the rest of you guys I get the same 'this video is private' so I have no clue.. Nice photos of it though and looks to have nice build quality and aesthetics :)

gaguy says:

The video is back.

anthonok says:

Meh phone ui kills it

kcls says:

Yeah I agree with others... Why phone UI?

gaguy says:

$199.. awesome.

etnpnys says:

Where on Earth can you order it from?

Salacon says:

That will get you there. You can select the 8 GB version from the same screen.

EJT says:

Already placed my order (from the Play store).

Salacon says:

I have to admit that the homescreen not being usable in landscape (or at least that's what I'm assuming, so maybe I'm incorrect about that) is a bit of a downer for me, but I'm definitely thinking this will be my first tablet.

Plus I won't even have to pay for it (at least not most of it) because I can get it as a college graduation present!

hmmm says:

A 3rd party launcher will easily fix the landscape issue if it is true. Just load up Apex and you're good to go. I'm sure it will be updated before we barely get our hands on the tablet.

elias0441 says:

Does anyone know if it has a micro sd card, please tell me soon so I can decide whether 8 or 16 GB is my next tablet???/

05 TypeS DC5 says:

from the info i've seen online it doesn't have sd card. which i don't get why, how much more expensive could it be to add sd slot?

amnchode says:

I'm right there with ya...with it being wifi only, you can't play the "cloud storage" route like you can with the Nexus phones. 8 gig doesn't go far at all. My Acer A100 is only the 8gig but I have been able to supplement with a 32 gig card.

Other than the SD Card, the only other thing I see missing is a GPS, which would come in extremely handy with the new offline mapping they released in google maps. Otherwise, it is just about perfect for me.

EJT says:

According to the specs on the Play Store, it does have GPS (as did the one in the demo)

amnchode says:

Excellent...Unfortunately, can't see the play store link at the moment (Stupid Netowrk Restrictions, heh). Not having a micro sd card reader would still sting like hell, though....

clipse#CB says:

According to the specks on the play store, it does have GPS. So yey. :)

I just pre-ordered this! Jelly Bean FTW

slave says:

Damn, I would have bought it, but no micro SD or SD slot to expand the memory. DAMN IT.

Lttlwing16 says:

would have like to see microsd, micro hdmi, and tablet ui. Three big whiffs....potential deal breakers for me...

svinyard says:


sushiguy732 says:


Ohleo says:

ROMS, development, ROMS, and more ROMS and development

svinyard says:

Are F*^*^^* kidding me??? No SD card? Look I'm not the guy that freaks out about stupid things but seriously...I'm putting movies and plan on using this as a massive storage device for traveling around etc. 8 gigs is PISS poor. For real, that is their big mistake here.

Now I want a 10 inch version of this with an SD card.

That being said, jelly Bean - the war on laggyness. ABOUT F(&(Y^& time. Has anyone used an iDevice? Its like melted butter smooth. I hate Apple but this is the ONE area I LOONG for in Android. Hopefully they win the war.

turdbogls says:

have you used ICS? i would say it is not up to par with iOS but it is VERY close...makes Gingerbread look 10 years old. JB just smooths it out even more puting it right on par with iOS most likely.

still bothered by the phone UI. its my biggest gripe with this thing. hoping 10" tablets dont go with that UI. it would be terrible.
Edit: after looking at the video, i see the market is the phone version as well. so it seems the ui is still based on the DPI of the device making it easy for you to switch to a true Tablet UI if you want it.

svinyard says:

I've used ICS and have it on my EVO 4G Lte. Its still not an iDevice especially with any web browser.

Scout_313 says:

iOS5 on my former (as of this weekend) iPhone 4 bogged down quite a bit even after I returned the phone to factory presets. I'm stoked that they're trying to eliminate lag in the OS and I will most likely pick one of these up as a supplemental device to go along with my laptop (MacBook Pro) and Galaxy S III.

japzone says:

"Mooommmmyyy I want it!"
"You already have a Nook Dear."
"But this one's cooler, the Nook is Lame!"
"Be Thankful for what you have"

I'm not a kid but every time I see the Nexus 7 this keeps coming into my head, but I still want one so bad....

Jayh106 says:

Sod this, no micro sd is a big fail. 16gb is not that many films so will still have to carry a laptop around with me to transfer films over, I know it has cloud storage which is great if you got access to it. What happens when am away working for 20 weeks in some hell hole in the middle of nowhere.

Lttlwing16 says:

will wait for the hands on to really judge... there will be .01% of people with JB when this ships which = Gapps is about the only apps that will work for the device, UNLESS...they went phone UI to make apps written for ics backwards compatible.. lets hope that is the case.... With Nvidia encouraging tabs at this pricepoint with tegra 3's.. I feel by Christmas we will see a number of new tabs with similar, if not better specs (microsd, microhdmi, tablet skin, etc)....going to hold my order for now..

sfreemanoh says:

No memory card slot, and no Bluetooth (though Bluetooth is of a lesser concern) make this a potential pass for me... However, I'm still grandfathered in to unlimited data on VZ for another year+, so...I dunno. I really wanted to love this, too. :( But, with carriers nerfing the data limits more and more, manufacturers trying to rely on cloud storage is just incompotent, bordering on malicious. Not everyone has WiFi available every place they go.

kinster02 says:

It does have Bluetooth.

sfreemanoh says:

Ok, I don't know where I thought I saw it didn't have Bluetooth...but, like I said, that was only a minor concern for me.

Wesiswes says:

I only have 2 gripes about this: no expandable storage (microSD, miniSD, SD), and no HDMI ports. If it had those two things, I would be begging Google to take my $$$. I've been holding out on other tablets to see the specs on this, but I'm going to have to pass just because of those 2 things. Guess I'll be going with the Transformer Prime or Infinity. But I still would love this. If/when Google adds those things, I'll be all over it.

kharrigan says:

The only real problem that I see is that there's no killer app for the Nexus 7. Other than refreshed components, there's simply no reason to buy it over the Kindle Fire especially when the latter will certainly soon be 50% off (at $100 new).

There is nothing remarkable about this tablet. I love my VZN GNex, but that has 32GB and a data plan. The N7 won't have either... and it also won't have any external storage, support external USB devices, or HDMI support. The screen is a standard 1280x800.

The video says that they've declared war on video lag... Ok. There should NEVER BE video lag.

Man, I hope that I'm wrong - because I think that Android is a technical marvel - but without a killer app, the N7 is doomed to be forgotten as an also ran. The KF will squeeze the N7 from below and the iPad from above.

Google HAS to think bigger. Anything else is wasting time and money.

jmogha says:

Why aren't tablets (and phones, actually) getting more RAM? SGIII has 2GB...shouldn't tablets match?

kinster02 says:

I really don't have any need for a tablet nor did I want one but I'm really considering this as my first pure Android device. Its essentially a bigger version of my phone with a newer UI, which I do everything on away.

barondebxl says:

Android is awesome.

Ohleo says:

No question. In school, need my books on this. No question. Pre-ordering now

Ohleo says:

May be a dumb question, but do they charge your account when it ships? or....

Ohleo says:

People are forgetting that this thing is 200 dollars

frettfreak says:

Yeah.. exactly Ohleo... its $200... you can buy 2.5 of these for 1 fn iPad.

I think its awesome and the thing NO ONE HERE is thinking about is that we have not seen HOW jelly bean runs. its looks pretty bad ass and smooth as HELL!!!! Just because its 7" doesn mean it cant compete with the iPad.. retina is beautiful, but it sacrifices game quality to run at that resolution as there has been several articles on the subject. So i say F-Apple!!! Viva la GOOGLE!!

My ONLY complaint here is the damn bezel. I see a suite from apple in 5..4...3...2..

I think it looks like a tablet... nothing special in the design, but it does remind me of an over grown iPhone or shrunken iPad. But i could care less.

crxssi says:

I can't believe they don't have an SD card slot. This might just ruin the device for the several things I had in mind. Geeze, it would have cost what, $2 to have a slot??

gjutras says:

Maybe you guys complaining about sd card should use a usb host adapter and an external hard drive. For 2 bills this thing kicks butt.

cashxx says:

Its another Android 7" junk. Throw it on the pile with the rest. The 7" screen is too small too me!

ffastffrank says:

And it will fit in a front pocket or typical purse so it can be carried wherever you go. I. Hope it makes phone calls as it would be nice to carry a single device. Would prefer 32GB and 2 Gig of ram and SD slot. Airplay WiFi interface is another want. Yes, I want it all.

If it isnt running 2GB of RAM, it doesn't need it. 

Don't forget, this has been designed to run Jelly Bean as it should be run. It's gonna work just fine :)