Nexus 7 travel case

Our Nexus 7 official travel cases have arrived, and of course we want to share some quick thoughts and impressions with you guys, The gray travel case has so far been pretty difficult to get, as they would disappear from Google Play as soon as they appeared it seemed. Late last week we jumped in and ordered a couple as soon as they became available, and they arrived very well packaged in this afternoon's UPS run.

Once you crack it open, you'll find a very bland dark grey TPU case with a folding cover. We're not complaining -- in fact I prefer the nondescript and subtle grey color -- but if you're looking for something fancy or colorful you'll need to look elsewhere or wait for the leaked cases we saw yesterday to appear for sale. What you get here is a plain, yet very protective piece to keep your shiny new Nexus 7 shiny and new. 

The case is form-fitting, and easily slips on and off the tablet. The ample cut-outs provide easy access to the ports, microphones (there's two) and external speaker assembly. The edges and corners wrap around to keep the case from coming off when you don't want it to come off, and the familiar raised TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) blocks are present so you can find and operate the volume and power switches. Of course, the full-face cover will keep the screen of your Nexus 7 from getting scarred up while in a bag or backpack. Unfortunately, there is no magnet embedded to activate the switch and power on the tablet when the cover is opened. I'm searching amazon for supplies to cut and insert one of my own, and I'll be sure to get that in the forums if and when I find out more.

The only real drawback of these cases is the price. One will set you back $30 after shipping, and it's very likely that you'll be able to find a more inexpensive option on Amazon or even locally sourced. These are manufactured by ASUS, and OEM equipment, so we expect to pay a bit extra. Price aside, they do seem like a great way to keep your Nexus 7 from getting scratched and otherwise damaged, and are worth considering if you prefer a simple, utilitarian option. Hit the break for a short video hands-on and a handful of pictures, and if you're interested in buying you'll find a link to Google Play below.

Order the Nexus 7 travel case from Google Play


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Nexus 7 official travel cover review


I'm not really the "showy" type when it comes to cases for my devices, but that's even a little bland for me...and at that price..I'll wait for some others to hit the market.

i got this case. Makes my tablet feel more solid. At least it's protected. It DOES keep the slim form factor. The case is not bulky at all.

Protip: the magnet sensor is actually stronger on the back of the Nexus 7 than on the front. Putting a magnet in the front flap will turn the N7 off again when you wrap it around to the back. It works a little...too...well.

I've only had success with cases that you remove completely (slipcases, sleeves, etc). Now, if you could mod the case to shield the back, then you'd be in business.

Not sure that's true, regarding the magnet sensor being stronger in the back. If it is, that's a serious design flaw. If you are talking about some of the early cases, they didn't put a shield to prevent exactly what you are referring to, and from what I've seen, those early adopters are getting free replacements.

The magnets aren't an inherently bad thing, just poorly implemented in the first run.

I have an N7...and I have magnets. Could just be mine. I haven't heard anything about anyone getting replacement cases, though.

i ordered a case from amazon, the moko slim fit cover to be exact and got an email from the seller describing that same issue of the design flaw that was causing issues with the nexus 7 and they would sent the old case to keep it covered in the meantime and would send the replacement for free once it was in stock also giving me the option to replace it with a different model altogether, pretty solid customer service being proactive like that, ideally i'd want something like an otterbox though

No stand functionality (or maybe limited function), no smart sleep, no easy latch to keep the case closed, what is the appeal here? It's an official case?

It is bland but to protect the nexus 7 from getting destroyed well worth it. Now that I have my case since it showed up yesterday at my door, I actually brought my nexus 7 along with my 10 lb beast of a laptop to work with me today!

Believe it or not, the folio for the Vizio VTAB is the best design I've seen. The tablet snaps in smartly, and the flap doesn't secure, but stays in place by design. Not to mention providing a built-in landscape stand. Now something along those lines would be worth that kind of money...

I got my case yesterday from Google Play and had a day to test it out now. I like the design, texture on the back, and I can live with the front cover for it. It's a little pricey, but that's due to shipping more than the actual product.

After seeing the leaked images of the Nexus 7 dock (which I'll get when available) I see a slight flaw. Now I've never owned a tablet dock before - or any dock for my phone. But I would like to keep this case on with the cover flipped back and use it while docked. The case doesn't have an opening for the pins that connect with the to-be-released Nexus 7 dock. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I see this as a bit of a downside to the "official" case (to go with the "official" dock).

Thank you for saving me the cost of the cover. Once I received the Nexus 7 the first thing I looked for was the cover. I almost pre-ordered the cover but the photos shown seemed more to hide than reveal. I ordered two cases that were immediately available; the SUPCASE & I-BLASON.

The first fits very nicely with the magnet in the flexible cover. It has a stand that's not adjustable.

The second is a tad clunkier, has the magnet in the not-flexible cover but has a solid, adjustable stand. The unit can also be set to display in portrait or landscape view.

I ordered another cover with a Bluetooth keyboard but it has not arrived yet.

Am I alone on this -- I thought the case was absolutely horrible. I just threw mine in the trash and bought something else off of Amazon.

I haven't got one, because it doesn't look very appealing. Why isn't it in black? The matte grey looks rubbish. And the case has no functionality other than providing some protection against scratches, as long as the front cover stays closed, by itself with no closing mechanism...

We have bought an iBlason case, can't wait for it to arrive.

Are there any more cases just like this? I hate the non-form fitting types. I want one as snug as this one, with no flap, but with a kickstand.

Why is there no waterproof floating case with a good magnet and clear screen coverwith stand thatfloats and has a solar panel on the back which is also drop proof

I bought SUPCASE from Amazon and like it. Safe, secure and has magnetic cover. I put Velcro on the front to attach my Bose ear buds case. LOVE the ear buds.