Nexus 7 (2013) update

Build JSS15R seemingly brings no user-facing changes

Many people that have their hands on a Nexus 7 (2013) are seeing a system update notification land on their tablets indicating an update to a newer build of Android 4.3. The update weighs in at just 8MB, and the only noticeable change to our eyes seems to be a build number jump to JSS15R — not to be confused with the previous update to JSS15Q a few weeks ago.

Those who have the update are still working to see what exactly has changed on the user-facing side, if anything. In the meantime most users have yet to see the update and are patiently tapping their fingers on the "check now" button of their Nexus 7. If you have received the update and notice a change, hop into the forums and let everyone know.

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Thanks, Noel!

Nexus 7 (2013) update  Nexus 7 (2013) update

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sibeans says:


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Badsheep says:


mcgowan398 says:

-_- really?


outlooker says:

These 1st comments are really stupid. What's the big deal?

CrimsonSage says:

Everyone one of us was 1st in the sperm competition otherwise you wouldn't exist, for some it's the only achievement they have...

still1 says:

hooohooooo... you are 1st now go and show it to you mommy

rmkilc says:

Please tell me the exif data maker and model is fixed...

Of course the other obvious question, will this come to the previous Nexus 7?

still1 says:

you are spoiled by what an update means!!!!
this is a build update just fixing some bug on the new N7. if the same bug exist on old N7 then it will come.

Not spoiled...just curious.

achacon77 says:

Just got the update.

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Same here, and no noticeable differences. But, I wasn't experiencing any issues, either. So, I'm not sure what this is supposed to fix. My Nexus 7 has been working flawlessly, since day one.

ne0ne says:

Five bucks says it has to do with the touch screen issues.

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return_0 says:

I'm fairly certain a five-dollar bill can't talk...

ne0ne says:

Mine do. They say "turn me into more phones"

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XavierMatt says:

Haha. This.

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calvin35 says:

No no. This would be the Verizon update that is set to automatically lock the bootloader the moment a Verizon sim card is detected. I'm just kidding......... sort of.

XavierMatt says:

Lol not too far off. Sounds like something VZW would do.

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ne0ne says:

No update showing up on my new nexus yet.

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vividrich says:

Here's hoping I can reboot after this one. Last time it hung on the X.

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Tysonsaurus says:

Same here.

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anthonok says:

This plus random data loss are why I returned my new n7. I'll be waiting a fee months hoping any hardware kinks get worked out if that was the issue.

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303kush says:

Weird cause my nexus isn't running on either one of those builds

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Goodeye says:

Got it earlier today. I was wondering what it fixed. Guess I'll still have to wait to find out.

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Mychaiel says:

Got the update a couple hours ago... I dunno what's changed!

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JoeZone says:

Yeah I just downloaded, lost root. Arg.

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ne0ne says:

This is why you never OTA with root. I also restore stock rom then flash stock Recovery then update. Then flash TWRP recovery back and then backup the newly updated stock rom and then restore my custom rom.

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JoeZone says:

Yeah I can go back but it's not a big deal, I knew it. Oh well.. Dont see too much difference said it added some more options I don't use so whatever. N5 and tegra4 hurry up!!

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ne0ne says:

The new nexus phone won't have a teagra

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JoeZone says:

Right but the tegra 4 tablet will

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noeltorious says:

SWEET I got a shout out from my favorite website! lol

HalizDad says:

Got it...same thing...nothing noticeable

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I seem to have more touch issues now than before the update. Doesn't immediately recognize my swipe to unlock. Doesn't like me hitting the back button. Rebooted twice now.

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Michael Kerr says:

Has anybody checked to see if its fixed the clipboard bug?

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Buddy1969 says:

It is obvious what they changed: they changed the Q to an R ... hehehehe.

Probably from "questionable" version to "release" ... *thighslap*

woke89 says:

just got the update last night, but I only installed it this morning. The first noticeable difference, at least in my case is the touch screen responsiveness when the device is hold perfectly flat on a surface. Before I had to push several times on a "button" but now it actually seems to take the first input gesture detected.
Really curious to see if this is what the update was meant to fix.

Alex Amoako says:

No update for me

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Possibly a coincidence, but before the update, Google Play movies would hang after the first few seconds. After the update, they work fine.

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Oruchimaru says:

Fixed "Nexus Media importer" app problems that myself and a few others were having.
Now no problem connecting OTG cable.

extremenet says:

Was Google Play Games built into the OS before this update?

Funem says:

As far as I am aware the touch screen problem had already been addressed so my "guess" is that its to fix the random reboot problem.

cadeross says:

This update makes my deivce force close like crazy im having touch screen issues when i didnt previously. Also my youtube widget is glitched as a clock widget. I have already factory reset it didnt fix anything. come on google