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How does the Nexus 5's battery stand up after a few days of real-world use?

Battery life is one of those areas of smartphone performance that’s difficult to quantify. Synthetic tests rarely reflect real-world performance, and it takes time to get a feel for how a new phone stands up.

We’ve been using the Nexus 5 as our daily driver for the past few days — just about long enough to get a good idea of how the battery performs in regular day-to-day use. In a word — or two —  it’s good enough. Acceptable. OK, but not great. And certain tasks in particular seem to draw an inordinately large amount of juice from the phone’s 2300mAh reserves.

We’ll take a closer look after the break.

During our first full day of testing the Nexus 5, we managed just over 12 hours of moderate-to-heavy use before hitting the 19 percent warning level. That’s with mixed use consisting of browsing and social app use over Wifi and HSPA+, heavy use of the camera, a little music streaming over Google Play Music and a couple of brief phone calls. We had Google+ Photo Backup and Dropbox auto-upload enabled during our testing, but only set to kick in when connected to Wifi. By the early evening — around 9 hours in — we were approaching 35 percent charge remaining. With more conservative use in the evening we managed to push it to 12 hours before connecting the charger. That’s about average for an Android smartphone. Good enough, but some way off being great.

Battery life Battery life

Subsequent days have reinforced our findings — the Nexus 5 has great idle performance, but guzzles down juice with the screen on. It’s not surprising that using your phone takes more power than not using it, but that effect seems to be amplified on the Nexus 5. Today we’re at 45 percent remaining with nine hours of mixed use, and you can clearly see the fast drop-off in charge while the screen was on and the CPU was churning for long periods of time.

The Nexus 5’s camera in particular seems to be a massive battery sink. Around an hour of snapping photos on-and-off was enough to consume a quarter of our device’s charge. Same deal with heavy web browsing and app use over HSPA+. Android’s built-in battery monitor calls out the display as the biggest battery hog and that’s not surprising. The Nexus 5 (and KitKat in general, it seems) ramps up its brightness more aggressively than previous versions when set to “auto” — which is a good thing for visibility and display quality, but not so great for longevity.

Nexus 5 wireless charging

The phone’s built-in wireless charging capabilities are also worth mentioning, especially if you’re working at a desk for long periods. The Nexus 5 works with Qi-compatible chargers, so plopping the phone down on a wireless charging pad while you’re not using it is a great way to make sure you’re always topped up while indoors. What it’s absolutely not, however, is a substitute for a larger-capacity battery.

We’ll continue to test out the Nexus 5 this week, as we prepare our full review, and we’ll have more to say on battery life in the days ahead. For now we can safely say the phone’s longevity is comparable to the Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus, but certainly no better. And we can’t help being just a little disappointed by that.

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Nexus 5 battery life first impressions: Good enough, but not great


Don't count on future updates to improve the battery life. If it were as simple as pushing an update, Google would of pushed out updates for the nexus 4 to improve battery performance by now, but they haven't, and the phone has been out for a year now. The nexus 5 battery is going to remain on par with the nexus 4, and ppl will just have to deal with it.

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They actually did. The N4 had a nice improvement when 4.3 came out. I went from needing to charge halfway through the day to making it through a full workday and dinner.

I don't know, but does anyone ever get the numbers that Android Central or other reviewers do?

I NEVER get 10-12 hours on my smartphone unless I don't use it much... and I'm rooted. Some of my friends say they have to charge after coming home from work... or they charge during work.

that's because Android Central forum goers typically hype up their battery life claiming ridiculous things like 12-18 hours with heavy use. Its simply not true.

You're not the only one. When I got to work yesterday I was at 45% battery left. I'm on stock android, screen normally lit. listened to streaming music and played ingress (GPS+screen).

This is what they don't tell you, things like this. Oh my battery doesn't last worth a flip, I only make 5 hours of calls a day and 9 hours of non stop music streaming, of course your battery isn't going to last 12-18 hours, and it's silly to think so.

As many phones as I've had this year as a tester, I only really kill a battery that bad because I'm heavily getting caught up on some show on netflix/crunchyroll (ie streaming video), listining to a lot of audio(quite a bit streaming), or i've had an emergency and been on the phone more the 4+ hours of the day. Sitting here 13 hours in on a Note 3 with Gear tethered to it all day with 78% left.

I have a nexus5 I started using the phone when the battery showed 100% about after 2hr it showed 68% is it a good sing or bad .its just 2 days I bought the Phone

The battery life is slightly better for me with KitKat.

I don't use my phone 18hours a day, so I'm fine with the battery life of the N4.

Yeah, sometimes, you just have to put the phone down! It sounds like, people use their phones, perhaps more than they should be. It's meant to enhance your life and make it easier, not replace it.

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Not here. You need to be stating this in middle/high school's. Here we may have more needs for our phones not just catching up what Suzy had for lunch lol or who tommy kissed 5 min ago.

I use my phone for all sorts of work related items which requires lots of juice. My LGOG is pulling me at just under 14 hours with 2.5 hours of screen on. Oh and none of that is social media like facebook and twitter.

So my phone hasn't replaced my life it has.. enhanced it.

sounds like you are making assumptions about others, simply because their schedule/lifestyle is different from yours. I take the train to work every day, so i watch movies/browse to and from work. I also go out after on fridays and sometimes a day during the week to a friends house, or to happy hour, or to dinner, or to dinner then a bar and sometimes i don't get home until 1,2,3am. Id would be nice if my battery could last over an hour of video of video with texting some web browsing, a little gps to figure out where i'm going, a phone call to meet up with friends, and to take a few pics at the bar, and then still provide me with entertainment on my way home in the middle of the night. Just because you go to work and then go straight home, doesn't mean my phone runs my life any differently than it runs yours.

All well and good, but people *do* need to be realistic about the state of technology. At the very same time, people expect ridiculously fast CPUs and GPUs (for a phone), large and very high resolution screens, access all their media from the cloud, in a super thin devices... and be able to use them extensively all day long on a single charge. That's like buying a Hummer and expecting to tow a boat 600 miles on 20 gallons of gas... it's just not going to happen.

I am curious what difference under clocking the Nexus 5 will make. If KitKat is optimized for modest hardware, I wonder if underclocking down to, say, 1.5-1.7GHz will improve battery life with little to no discernible difference in performance. I was fine leaving my Nexus 4 at the stock clock speed, but I can't imagine ever needing 2.3Ghz for checking e-mail, browsing the web, watching some video or taking photos.

Thing is, I don't expect the former...I'd prefer nexus devices to take a step back from the CPU/GPU arms race and deal with the battery life. Also, what you said isn't true...the LG G2 proved that. If the 5 would have kept the big battery in there we would have similar performance. Of course, all of this in a 350 dollar device would be pretty tough to pull, but I would have gladly paid 50 dollars more for better battery life.

That being said, the nexus 5 seems OKAY, I got 3.5 hours of screen on time yesterday and had 21% at days end. I only charged it in the car for about 20 minutes I would not too bad.

I actually just underclocked the cpu a tad with Juice Defender and was using my phone for web browsing this morning for about 30-40 far I'm down to 90%, not too bad but I'll wait and see if it actually improves it's endurance throughout the day.

4.3 made a noticeable improvement to the battery life on my Nexus 4 as well.

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LG crammed a 3000mah into the G2. The N5 traded wireless charging for a smaller battery.

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How much space does the wireless charging circuitry actually take up? Maybe someone will come out with an alternate rear cover with space for a bigger battery while minimally affecting the overall phone thickness.

LG g2 vzw has same 3000 and qi charging. Added very little bulk

Posted via Android Central App via bad azz VZW LG G2 ROOTED!

The VZW G2 has wireless charging and a 3000mah battery. I can easily go 24 hours with Pandora streaming roughly 6 hours a day. All LTE and no Wifi.

The Galaxy S4 has a 2600mAh battery and it's THINNER than the Nexus 5.

And you swap out for a fresh battery when necessary (which it almost never is).

But, but, but... I want a 4GHz Octo-core phone, a 6 inch 4K screen, zero bezels, wireless charging, every cellular band, dual wifi radios, 1TB storage, dual stereo speakers *with* a subwoofer, a 1080p projector, IR Blaster, NFC, a 12,000 MAh battery, 20 megapixel 250fps video camera with interchangeable lenses... AND I want it to be 2mm thick, bendable and waterproof. And I want all that for $250.

Yea, people are simply being unrealistic. If you want *every* feature to match or exceed the best on the market, it's not going to happen in a $350 phone. It's just not.

And what you described at the front sir is exactly what a computer is, something even a current phone...IS NOT! However, people don't make that distinction, no matter how you try. But but but I can DO FaceSpace on it???????

So what, it's getting close, but it's Sitting on some social media site 4 hours at night at home on your desktop does not translate the same if you do it on a phone.

That's what I'm saying. And buying a phone at launch day used to be the latest and greatest. But now its the latest and drained...

I think all the artists at Google need to listen to the engineers they got from Moto and *start putting Maxx sized batteries in their Nexus phones*!!!!

I was talking to a source yesterday about this same exact matter, and apparently google has something like that up their sleeves...
"It's" supposed accelerate the hardware in a manner that increases efficancy, speed, and battery life..
I fear that their might be trade offs to this that might not be desirable
As soon as I can confrim this I will be posting it on my site:
I would appreciate if you can check it out

Anyone know of an external battery pack with Qi wireless charging built in?

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Lame. Why can't anybody put together the basic elements that everyone wants in a phone. If money is the problem for skimping, I think people would be willing to pay an extra $50 for a 3000mah battery in this thing

I remember HTC saying the they had surveys. On whats important to consumers about thinness or battery life on a phone. And that the majority of people said thinness. I just want to know where the hell these surveys are! So I can write my opinions on that subject. And all of everyone's opinions here need to be heard as well. It would be great if Android Central could link some of these surveys. Since they know vendors from these phone companies. I'm just saying...

Think about it, though. How many people aren't near a power source (car, home, work, etc), during some point of their day?

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah, that's what I used to say, until I got a Droid Maxx and realized I could have a big screen, amazing battery life, a fairly stock Google experience, and all the cool features of the Moto X all wrapped into a fairly thin package.

I'm near a charger often enough, but it's really sweet to be able to go for two whole days of my normal usage and not have to worry about recharging.

But what happens when you're leaving the house on your day off and you have Google Music blasting while taking the train to uh, the ballpark (Dodger Stadium) but first meeting up with friends for pre-drinks (pictures, Google+/Facebook, texting friends who arent there yet), then off the park getting texts and calls "Where you at?". The game is 3 hours long, you hit the post-game celebration and by now your battery is down to 14% and you still won't be home for 5 hours. Ugh. :)

I currently have a Galaxy Nexus (Nexus 5 arrives tomorrow), but have TWO big 3200mAh extended batteries. I take both with me on long days away from home or the car. I prefer a second battery than taking a charger with me. Now with this non-removable battery being an issue, I'm willing to drop extra money on a battery case that will give me an extra 4-5 hours of heavy use. If anyone has any suggestions, I'll appreciate it.

USB battery pack, Anker makes good ones ($25-40). You can get a 4500-6000mAh pack that's about the size of a small phone (or not much larger than your two spare batteries). Downside: it's not an instant charge the way a battery swap is. Upside: no need to power down, take off the case, and reboot. Look for the models with a built in micro USB cable, extra convenient.

I've been taking one with me in my other pocket when I'm gonna have a long day and I almost prefer it to spare batteries in some cases (I hated the case/reboot shuffle). The Anker Astro ones are slim enough you can slip it into the same pocket as the phone (while connected/charging), at least if you're wearing normal jeans. I only put it in my other pocket when not in use for balance/comfort.

There's also larger packs of course, less portable tho, and tiny cylindrical/cigar shaped ones too... Those have smaller capacities tho and I haven't seen one with a built in cable which means also having to carry a short USB cable.

Thanks a lot for this. Most helpful comment I've seen on the subject.

I have a Nexus 5 arriving Friday and I fear for the non-removable 2300mah battery. I'm coming from a Galaxy S3 that I had 3 backup batteries for.

I never quite understood how these battery packs would be practical. Now I get it.

Seriously fucking n00b reviewer. How can you miss the most tangible metric for battery life statistics?

Calm down. It is possible he is waiting for a full review to reveal this info. The very short time he has currently had with the phone may provide an on screen time that doesn't reflect "real world use" and people may jump to conclusions.

AC for some reason rarely shows screen on time, they feel it is misleading, even though in this very article he mentions the screen is a huge battery guzzler.

Those stock battery monitor screenshots irks me, using something like Gsam Battery monitor instead would yield a lot more useful information(including screen on time) and it is free.

At least he's not a giant asshole. Go read Brian Klug on Anandtech, he'll have more numbers than your pea brain can comprehend.

Calm your autism, we don't want to actually "test" the battery itself, we all want to know how much screen on time he reached with a charge, which is probably the most important about battery life reviews. Seriously, no one cares how many hours from a full charge it took you until you had to charge it again. This is completely unnecesary. All we want to know is the damn screen on time.

They don't owe you anything, fyi. And, it's not even a full review, just an initial hands-on of the battery life.

Typical n00b that thinks everyone owes him something.

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Disappointing for sure. After this Nexus 4 with its mediocre battery life, I was really hoping for a dramatic improvement. I guess I will hold out for another device that can really give good battery life. Those other skinned devices aren't doing anything for me either.

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The G2 and Note 3 have phenomenal battery life. In this case, those skinned devices are well ahead due to their battery size and power saving features.

What kind of power saving features? Having a 30% bigger battery isn't power savings, it's just more power storage. The only thing really different is the size.

Battery Guru app is as good or better than any "power saving" features on the G2 or Note 3. Go get that. As Saneless said, MORE POWER!

I tried this app before, but I'm going to try it again. I just finished downloading and setting it up.

Posted via Android Central App

You're joking, right? They have all sorts of power saving features such as CPU throttling and more. Don't be an ass without doing any research.

LG G2 has G-RAM (Graphics RAM), that they market as saving 20% or more on static screens. This feature didn't seem to make it to the N5.

Unfortunately, I'm not on Verizon. However, I'm pretty sure that the Droid Maxx can be used on other networks. I'll look into it.

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I would have happily paid a little extra for the 3,000 mAh battery found in the G2. Battery life is coming up short from many sites so it's not looking too good for power users. :(

That's why I love my MAXX, I NEVER worry about battery life anymore...

Posted via my awesome, longer lasting phone than yours aka droid MAXX

I would like to see the numbers with the Qualcomm Snapdragon BatteryGuru utility enabled. I use it on my N4 and I can't imagine not using it on my N5 when it arrives.

Yea it does, Snapdragon S4 Pro
But the battery guru doesn't do anything that manually changing the sync schedule for your apps won't do. It's overrated imho.

Except for the people, like me, that don't want to manually change our sync schedule for 100+ apps. Derp.

How fast is it to charge? Doesn't the snapdragon 800 have some super quick charging time?

Posted via Android Central App

What wireless charger is that in the picture? I've been looking on eBay but I'm hesitant to buy a no-name brand with absolutely no experience on the matter. (I know it's okay for some things whereas not others.)

I heard it also works with the Nokia charger and they run way cheaper than the rest. I was looking into plenty of wireless chargers on Amazon but none mentioned their output (1.1 or 2.1). Anyone have a clue? Thanks!!

Ps. I currently have a great charger with both Android and iPhone USB slots that charge my devices much quicker at 2.1 output.

Comparable with Nexus 4 battery life? Works for me as I rarely have to charge my Nexus 4 until I turn in for the night. I am not a power user though.

Disappointing, hopefully an update can improve battery life.
But given the focus on screen time killing battery life, hopefully I can get better life on the one that's coming my way by simply manually controlling screen brightness.

Another option is to check out an app called "Lux" in the play store. I usually find the built-in auto brightness *kills* my eyes in dim light. Lux allows you to specify the screen brightness levels you want at a given ambient brightness, and then adjusts automatically, based on a logarithmic scale.

If the screen is too bright or dim for you in your current conditions, just tap the notification widget, adjust the slider, and hit "link". Lux will then remember how bright you want the screen at that ambient light level.

It'll even let the screen adjust "sub-zero", if you're photosensitive like me and the lowest brightness level is still too bright for you in a dim room. One of the most useful Android apps I've ever found.

Err, that's a pricey one. I guess I'll wait 'til the price drops because that's nearly 1/4 the price of admission for the top tier Nexus 5.

You can find it cheaper, I got the Samsung one straight from Samsung during a sale for like $30... I still prefer the $45 LG pod, smaller and a better fit (cause of the shape) to the N7. Might give my Samsung one away as a gift if/when the new Google Qi pad goes on sale, so long as it's $50 or less.

Nokia ones look nice but charge slower... Haven't tried cheap off brand ones, but NFC implementations due differ and there's more than one way to place the coils so it's easier to line up the devices, so I've been a bit wary of the cheapest ones. I'm sure in a year or two they'll be a commodity like any other charger.

Why didn't Google just borrowed Motorola's battery life technique from the new Droids??? They would just benefit themselves. Even if it made the phone just a little thicker. I could care less about that by having the phone last me till the next day or longer. Battery life has me on the fence now since it became very important for the next Android phone I would get next. I just got tired of charging the phone all the time. I'm confused now... So I will not purchase a phone till January and see what comes out first and then juggle my dilemma...

Looks like custom kernels with CPU/GPU undervolting will have to be used to achieve more or less decent battery life, like on my Gnex.

Way too big, not a great battery. It's like Google was making it easy to choose a different phone. Guess the Moto X is the only thing that was made for my usage (once 32GB is available)

I disagree with the reviewer when he says 12 hours of battery life with moderate to heavy use is "good enough". I would say that's poor. Good enough would be getting close to 18 hours of life. Great battery life would be surpassing 24 hours. Stop acceptance mediocrity as "good enough".

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Price is irrelevant when you're a normal consumer who's long forgotten how much they paid and you have to rely on it 18 hours of every day. I'd rather not save a couple dollars a month to be inconvenienced for 700 days.

Then, save $600 and get a Droid Maxx. Problem solved. You people act like you don't have options. No one is making you buy the Nexus 5; but, you already knew that.

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Great battery would be to never have to charge it. Good or bad is always relative, in this case, comparing to the other phones in the same segment.

Being that's likely a best seller, we likely should expect cases that work as secondary battery for this phone.
Otherwise it's likely best to keep phone on 2G not using data while it's on WiFi or not using data

Heck even just turning off LTE and sticking to H+ may be enough, as switching back and forth from 2G is a drag. Wonder if there's a native toggle for that in 4.4. As it is, I have to use the Notification Toggle app to do it on my GE s4. I just don't get the lack of a battery bump this go around.... *smh*

Posted with my Google Edition S4, which I love...maybe a little too much.

If you're in an area with good LTE coverage you're actually better off leaving it on...

The quicker the phone can finish any online/sync operation the sooner the radios can go to sleep and the more efficient the whole thing runs, generally speaking. LTE doesn't inherently use more power than HSPA to accomplish the same task, quite the opposite actually.

If you're in an area with weak coverage then that's another story, tower searching/switching can kill the battery faster than even the display (if you're under really borderline coverage and/or roaming).

First LTE phones were hogs on LTE but that's because they had totally discrete chips for LTE built on older less efficient silicon process.

You know how you can fix this battery problem? Put a bigger battery in the damn phone! 2,300mAh is a joke. I'll take a thicker phone if the battery is huge. The whole thin phone craze is stupid and unnecessary.

As someone whose N5 is about to arrive, i share your frustration believe me... but it'd be more accurate to say 2300 without great *optimization* is a joke. I mean, the moto x has a 2200 mAh battery after all...and that thing aparrently cruises through a heavy use day with no issues.

Posted with my Google Edition S4, which I love...maybe a little too much.

Yeah, optimization is key. But it's "plain" Android. You'd think that would help battery life Haha Seems to make it worse -.- Lol

Does the n5 have the same issue with wireless charging that the n4 did, with severe battery drain coming from a wake lock being triggered? The only resolve to the issue was to reboot the device?

If the issue is still there, it makes wireless charging almost unusable.

If 4.4 addressed this wake lock issue, good on Google.

And this is why I didn't order the phone. Wireless charging is not a substitute for a bigger battery. And I wonder if Google even fixed the wireless charging wake lock that kept the nexus 4 awake after pulling it off the wireless charger.

Posted from the ONE

Surprised.. Thought with kit kat being more "efficient", battery would be noticeable improvement.. Shows nothing really substitutes a large capacity battery like the g2 and note 3 etc.. I think the should have kept the same thickness as the n4 and added a 3000mah battery.

Posted via Android Central App from Galaxy s4

People on XDA are talking about 5h and a half of screen-on time, or more, with a light/normal usage. There's no way to do that with an N4.

You do realize that "5h and a half screen-on time" and the term "light/normal" usage do not equate right?

If your screen is on almost 6 hours, I can't see how that could even come close to being considered light/normal usage.

But, wouldn't that "light/normal" usage depend on how long the phone was off the charger?

5.5 hours of screen-on time, with the phone being 6 hours between charges, probably equates to heavy usage.

5.5 hours of screen-on time, with the phone being 12 to 18 hours between charges, probably equates to "light/normal" usage, with the terms light and normal being highly subjective.

Posted via Android Central App

I am assuming that screen-on time means how long the screen has actually been on since last the phone was on a charger, and with 100% battery.

@biggbrother2 That's what screen-on time is referring to. But, the terms light, normal, moderate, and heavy are all subjective, when measuring usage patterns.

Posted via Android Central App

That's debatable, if you don't have a million things syncing in the background (and on different intervals or without push, which is the worst) then screen on time isn't very relative at all. I tend to get the same amount of screen on usage on me EVO LTE whether I use it for four hours right off the charger or even if it idles for 8 hours and I THEN use it for four hours straight...

The phone just idles really well (despite being an older model) and 8-12 hours of idle time aren't gonna mean more than a 15-30 min dent in my screen on time. As with all these things tho, it's hard to quantify and say everyone's gonna get the same result. You might have more background syncs or you might live in an area with poor coverage or you might not use wifi at all...

That's why I think screen on time IS relevant, with caveats, and the only truly repeatable and representative battery tests are those those that cover multiple scenarios... Like Anandtech's scripted 4G / wifi test where the phones run thru the same routine at identical (measured) brightness levels, then they back that up with talk time tests and hotspot tests which take almost everything but the radios out of the equation.

I appreciate Alex's efforts, but it's a shame other sites don't do more systemic and meaningful battery tests. Their reasoning usually misses the forest for the tress, systemic battery testing isn't about telling readers what kinda battery life they'll get (which is impossible, too many variables and usage cases); it's about stating exactly how much more battery life phone A will get over phone B regardless of use!

Backing that up with more subjective/anecdotal experiences like this post would be perfect, but if only one can be managed I'd rather have the repeatable scientific approach. A reviewer (a good one anyway) has to put the phone thru it's paces for a proper review anyway tho, so the subjective/anecdotal approach is a given.

This is a great phone to compare to other high end phones because of its specs. But how about comparing it to other phones in the same price range?

Posted via Android Central App

In the same price range nothing compares. It is a high end phone at bargain pricing only because google subsidizes it in the play store. The retail price is really much higher. I heard Best buy will retail it at $800 off contract for instance.

Google does not subsidize the phone. I hate when people say this.

Google probably makes no profit on the phone, as they are selling their products (i.e. Search) through Android. LG keeps the profit on hardware and it's much less of a profit than LG would make selling for example a G2. You do realize that manufacturers make over 50% in profit on each handset right?

I know how it works. Saying subsidize is an oversimplification. Yes phones are sold way over cost but they need to in order to recoup development/marketing/licensing costs. Google sells it for a lower price because they make money from their ad services and getting android into more hands is good for that business. They would not be able to sell it so cheap if they did not have this alternative business model.

I could have said all that. Or I could just say subsidize.

Any time a company is eating some of the costs, to sell a product below the "mean" MSRP, they are providing a subsidy, to the buyer of that particular product.

The definition, taken straight from a Google Search: pay part of the cost of producing (something) to reduce prices for the buyer.

Posted via Android Central App

You realize we are paying what carriers pay for phones this way right?
how is that subsidy? we're just not being charged a $200 premium on top of our 2 year contract?

We can go back and forth with this, all day, lol. In my eyes, it's a subsidy, because the seller (Verizon, AT&T, Google) is eating some of the costs, to provide a product for a reduced price.

I'll call it a subsidy, even if everyone else disagrees, lol.

Posted via Android Central App

350/399 is the retail price on Google play. $800 is not what best buy is selling it for. Its 499 I believe. That's just what best buy marks it up to so they can make some money on it. Same with sprint or T-Mobile. So when speaking from the terms of what you can buy it for off Google play, its a cheaper phone. And when comparing those prices to other phones, you're getting a great deal. Even if the battery doesn't last as freaking long as a $650+ note 3.

Posted via Android Central App

I have to believe it's better than the Galaxy Nexus. My old Galaxy Nexus would be at less than 50% battery by lunch time of a typical work day.

I will say, the battery life on my LG G2 is pretty excellent. I wish I could run a cleaner build of Android, but the Nexus 5 isn't an option for me anyway since I'm on Verizon and have no intention of leaving.

Can't stand how auto brightness kills battery so I downloaded Veils Auto Brightness and set my own profiles. And use the locale plug in with Llama to set brighter profiles for Gallery, YouTube, etc.

I never use auto-brightness. I just set it to 20% or so and leave it and it's fine for everything but outdoor sunshine; then I crank it up to 100%.

I do the same, except the lowest possible on the brightness bar indoors (still legible in room-light). Then outside 50%. 50% uses a lot less power than 100%, but almost as bright. Perceived light brightness is not a linear scale.

Yes. I do the same thing, except crank out 100. I normally go as high as 85% and that seems to be enough. In my head its saving me some battery life, but who knows. Sometimes I cant tell the difference between 85-100.

Haha yeah. Even though, my GNex battery life was pretty good, with the combination of the 4.3 update and the 3850mah extended battery.

Posted via Android Central App

"For now we can safely say the phone’s longevity is comparable to the Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus, but certainly no better."

No you did not say that the Nexus 5 battery life is comparable to the Galaxy Nexus? Are you being serous right now? I have literally seen the battery charge on my Galaxy Nexus drop 35 percentage points in 30 minutes just using Feedly on LTE. It's horrendous!

That's why I have 3 (count them!) 3 batteries. It's ridiculous. Now your telling me I am going to own a Nexus 5 with the same battery life yet no swappable battery?(!! &#&&$!!!)

To be fair, Google listed the specs for the battery. 2300mah for a 5" 1080p full HD IPS display should have been a clear indicator that the battery life wasn't going to be the greatest. Buyer beware.

Agreed. For the average user, 2300mah will be plenty. I'm somewhat of a power user, and even I can make it through the day, with the Nexus 4's battery.

Posted via Android Central App

That depends on a number of factors. I can't accurately answer that question, because I've never owned or used the Verizon GNex.

Posted via Android Central App

I can tell you it's not as bad as a Galaxy nexus. Nowhere near. And it's better than the n4 also. Just looked and I'm at 40%, 2 hours screen on nearly 15 hours off charge. I've been pretty impressed with battery so far. A significant improvement over previous generations for me at least

Posted via Android Central App

Really want to get one but my usage pattern will destroyed the battery :(

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Snapping pictures with Dropbox auto-upload on would be a huge drain. Hard to fault the phone with that setting enabled.

Agreed, this is huge. Especially considering how much the camera was used. That thing is essentially nonstop uploading

I'm currently on 42% on the Xperia Z1 with 2.05 screen time and it's been off the charger for 20 hours.. I'm using a slightly modified ROM or I'm usually down to 20%... I think I'll stick with the Z1!

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Have you heard of the G2 or Droid Maxx both phones have non removable batteries but last for 2+ days

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9,10 to 12 hours is good for me so I am happy. Phone arrives Tuesday.

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"Worthless" may be just a bit hyperbolic..., but I guess if someone's a *real* heavy duty user, and on top of that often away from outlets, it's a conceivable conclusion. Luckily, lots of other options if that's the case...

Time to break out my charging mat and put it on my desk like I did with my old nexus 4. Although I rarely run below 20% on the battery. Also have an external pack for traveling.

Get my Nexus 5 this week!

Sent from my Moto X!

Planoman you have a nice combo there, the Moto X and the Nexus 5! I'm looking forward to the day after tomorrow as well :)

Update: lol, looking forward to *tomorrow* actually, I just got a welcome email from UPS MyChoice. Yesssss...

Thanks! Loving my Moto X but also love the nexus devices. Mine will be delivered tomorrow as well but heading to key west for a meeting til Thursday. Uggggg!

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At least you could get a BIG battery for the G nexus. I feel better with going with the Moto X now. Same battery as the Moto X, but the 5 has a bigger, higher res screen, no math needed to know this won't last as long. Plus the processor is probably more hungry because it's WAY faster. I wonder if this phone will be popular enough to have someone make a case with a battery built in to give more stamina?
Jordanfernandes is right.

I could be missing something here, but it seems that the very phone you apparently use/are considering proves Jordanfernandes's blanket statement *wrong*, not right. That said, your point about the screen size (and resolution) is well taken.

So many consistent cry's about battery as Mercdroid says many will be at a power source at some point home car work ect, also i share that the phone is there to enhance and make life easier not for the zombie nation constantly looking at their device and doing very little eg trying to think of a smart reply for a fb post hmm if that doesnt come within 10-15 seconds give up lol

This being said and a haha moment the Note 3 holds up very well indeed and if your very very intensive which you have to be, Its replacable so i wont ever share the feeling of dread when the battery is dead lol

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LOL, I've done that for my Galaxy Nexus. It's not a cool feeling even if my primary battery is 3200mAh as well. :)

It's funny how so many blindly purchased the Nexus 5 the minute it was made available without even seeing one review and now they are whining about the battery life as if any Nexus was known for their great battery life or They had to cut cost somewhere.

From my Note 2 to you

I actually was thinking that about myself as I placed the order! But I had told myself in advance if it was Snapdragon 800, 32GB and had an OIS camera I was buying one, and so I did :)

Good enough considering the price of the phone, on the other hand, Note 3 is best phone overall on the market. Fan of "big phones" or not.

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With the price in mind, there is no question you're 100% right. Yes I would have liked a larger battery this time around...but no other company is offering an unlocked flagship phone for $350. So...

Thanks Google!



PS: I would totally jump on a Google Edition Note 3. Know some folks that have the 2 and love just love them to death.

Agreed on both counts. Count one that for the price it can't be beat and on count two, that I would also love a Google Edition Note 3 (I know I could root it and slap a ROM on it, but I would prefer pure Android and updates from Google). Still considering forgoing the N5 and snagging the Note 3 and Rooting/ROM'ing it though, since TouchWiz makes me violently ill ;-)

Good enough considering the price of the phone, on the other hand, Note 3 is best phone overall on the market. Fan of "big phones" or not.

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I don't understand any of the hype about the Note 3. I'd much rather have a 5"display, myself, with Qi charging, instant updates with no ROM worries, a low price, OIS camera, and the best SoC on the market. In that one package, it's unbeatable. Especially with stock Android; it seems Google and Motorola are the only ones who know how to make things really good performance-wise.

If the Note 3 and Nexus 5 were the same price, I'd still go for the 5.

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You are either naive or delusional. Even though the Note 3 has that disgusting abomination known as TouchWiz i still have to say that it beats the Nexus 5 in just about every category except price. Just a much better phone. Get real.

This is the one thing that has kept me from making the purchase. I have the Nexus 4 and the battery is horrible. And I really don't care to hear reviewers saying the battery was ok through a moderate days worth of 9 or even 12 hours. Sorry but that is not a normal day to me. I wake up at 6, go to work at 7 and get off at 3. I then want my phone to last me the rest of the day all the way till at least 10 or 11 at night when I get ready to go to sleep. I don't understand how a 9 hour day is normal to so many people. Yes, I can go home and charge my phone as soon as I get there but sometimes that isn't possible. I have read a lot about the Moto X in terms of battery actually lasting an entire day and I must say I think I will end up going with that. I'll take my sacrifices of the phone for one with a battery that last an ENTIRE day, ie. 16 hours of awake time.

I doubt once you get the X you'll feel you've sacrificed anything really. All that I've read from users suggests they're really happy with it across the board, and its battery life sounds like it'll be the perfect fit for your needs.

Yeah, but if you've read reviews by those that have been using the phone for a few days, they are telling us the battery isn't that great, even with that feature. I guess having a bigger and finer display is eating up the advantage of having that usage reduction.

Look at those green network signal strength...never seen that on my verizon phone. Crappy network...

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As much as I want a Nexus phone, I Don't want another 2 years of nursing my phone through the day as I've had to do with the Galaxy Nexus.

I want to just use the phone, and put it on the charger overnight, without giving the battery a single thought.

I wonder how similar the design of the N5 is to the G2, and if there's any possibility of using the 3000 mAh battery, with some mod to the back cover? If not, I need to think seriously about a G2, or another phone instead.

Fortunately I still have almost 5 months on my VZW contract, and other alternative options may arise.

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If you care about performance and battery life go for the G2. That is, if you can afford it. People just don't get it. You get what you pay for. The Nexus 5 had to cut corners to keep the price down. The smaller battery was a compromise to keep the price down. Not saying its a bad phone just has that small flaw. I am sick and tired of baby sitting the battery all day.

It could have been far worse. I also imagine that since phones issuant have that screen turn off when making calls, someone who uses it like a phone should have good battery life. Took bad screen on time is short

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Sounds like the Galaxy Nexus's battery problems all over again. Google needs to focus on battery life on their next Nexus handset. Their tablets seem to have faired better.

I'm getting 4-5 hours of screen on time on mine.
It has the best battery life I have ever had on a smartphone.
Garminfone, HTC MYTOUCH 4G, Sprint Galaxy S2, T-Mobile G1.
The S2 had the worst out of all of them after the ICS update.
I'd be lucky to get 2 hours of usage out of it. Now I'm lucky to get 1 hour

That settles it, I'm getting the LG G2 and hopefully install Cyanogen ROM on it. But heard the speakers suck... oh what to do

Speakers are fine on par with other phones but not near HTC one quality, The G2 is awesome great display,battery life and camera, nexus ROM and your set.

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The speaker is all right. Honestly, its just average. If you try to compare it to the HTC one you are going to be disappointed simply because the HTC One has the best phone speaker on the market.

That's great battery life for me? That's basically a whole day. I barely use my phone at school and have about 80% or more and while at home its on charger.

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Im pretty sure with taking apart the Nexus 5 that their is space for a lil more battery juice...some new type of shaped battery can be molded to fit smaller or tighter areas. I'm baffled no one has developed rechargeable batteries for very small ones ppl use in hearing aids. Use 2 or 3 of these to provide to other tasks on the phone.

Why they didnt use something similar to the X8 technology on the moto x is a mind boggler as well... Could have easily added a good few more hours to that total of 12 hours use.

Why can't someone else besides Motorola put a proper sized battery in their device. Not that I mind Motorola, but they only put them in the Verizon "Droids" and I will never, never, ever use Verizon!

Huh, from everything I'd been reading on the Snapdragon 800 it sounded like the Haswell of mobile processors, I was expecting a pretty significant battery life improvement with the Nexus 5, like a 20% bump.

The processor efficiency can only go so far. That huge screen with that insane resolution takes up a lot of battery. There is just no way around it.

Not sure why people are complaining. I'd take that battery life for a N5. For the price and features it's not a bad tradeoff. Would I pay a little more or accept a bigger phone, yes, but even most of the competition has weak battery life too. Ever watch an i5x die rapidly?? As for the Note 3, I personally don't want a phone that's the size of a sushi plate.

If I interpret the 2 screen shots correctly, an N5 would last me from 5AM - 10PM easily, which is a huge improvement over my N4.

"Such and such phones has a better battery life." Well, no sh*t. Those other phones also cost $200 more.

The Nexus 5 will last you from 5 am to 10 pm if you barely use it. If you actually like to check news, listen to radio/music or watch a couple videos through out the day then it is simply not good enough.

Majority of phones won't make it from 5am-10pm without needing some juice if you're a moderate user.

I'd only expect 7a-5p workday to keep me above 40%.

"The phone’s built-in wireless charging capabilities are also worth mentioning...." I can still see a wire. Also sounds like the Chinese extended battery people won't have to shut that stall on Ebay.

Do a side by side comparison with the LG G2.
Yes, I know that they have different battery sizes. But it'd be interesting to see if there's a way to compare how much juice the same tasks on both phone take.

I've been very pleased with my screen on time with the G2.

Why don't you guys post Screen on time? That would actually be helpful, instead of that "heavy use", "moderate use" BS?!

There is a very simple remedy to this battery issue. Since technology hasn't caught up with building powerful small batteries why the hell do manufacturers build very thin devices and then put in an undersized battery? It is just dumb as hell. Make the phone 1 or 2 millimeters thicker and put in a larger battery. That small thickness will increase power enough to push that battery to where it is needed. Dumb thinking, build it thinner and lighter but don't put a larger battery in it, the most constant complaint by all Smart Phone owners. Just doesn't make sense at all. I could design a better phone in under one hour better than all these knuckle heads. That is why I bought the Note 3, Samsung is the only manufacturer who gives the consumer what they ask for. I will buy the Nexus 5 anyway, maybe the battery will get better after a few charges, hope so
PS Thank You Samsung.

Well thanks for my making my motox nexus 5 decision harder once again lol.

I was set on the nexus 5 untill I saw this, now back to moto x

I was there too. I like both phones, but I'm still happy with my choice: Nexus 5. It arrives tomorrow.
I am waiting on an extended battery case to come out with good feedback/reviews and I'm buying that bad boy.

this looks about in line with how the galaxy nexus battery was reviewed. we all know how "awesome" that battery life was... *shudder*

I don't get it, How come lg fit 3000mah battery on the G2 but not on the nexus 5 ?

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So, what's stopping is from cracking this phone open and putting a G2 battery in it? Given that it fits of course...

I said the battery sucked on Google+ two days before release.

People got all indignant. 

Sometimes, old man Jerry knows a thing or two.

I know it's not the G2's battery life, but am I weird to think my N5 has pretty darn good battery life? Especially when on standby. It's eons better than my N4, and at least as good as my GSM Galaxy Nexus with the extended battery (2100mAh).

I typically drain 2-4%/hr on my N5 by the end of the day. My N4 was always 5-10%, even if I didn't use it.

Can someone explain to me what are the barriers for them making a smartphone with a removable battery? I'd carry an extra battery with me in the car or something. Battery life is the biggest drawback of all smartphones, limiting users with a built in battery doesn't make any sense.

Don't know how applicable for smartphones but ultrabooks with SSDs or notebooks are somewhat have similiar situation. SSDs require power to store data, not to access it, just to keeping data stored. When an ultrabook says it is out of power and closing, its battery is not completely out of power. It still has power but reserved for some processes required by hardware.
Smartphones need a power source during main battery is removed, to keep clock running and correct for most basic example. So you need to add an smaller secondary battery in there. Well, an CMOS battery takes space and production line costs may be high for a smaller secondary li-po battery.
I hope this gives an idea.

Not entirely true. SSD's are not "volatile" memory and do not lose data when powered down. They do -- like anything else in this situation -- lose data in runtime if it isn't being stored. What you said is not factually true.

You're telling me that if I pay 350$ I'll get a phone with a mediocre battery/camera performances but if I pay 650$ I'll get a phone that exceeds in both? What an outrage!

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Jackery Bar 5600mAh (Orange) Premium Portable Power Bank Pack External Battery Backup Charger with 2.1A Output

I just found my Nexus 5 battery problem solver. Pretty inexpensive and the reviews are great!!

I like dark backgrounds and on my Gnex I use them and think this might help with battery because of the amoled display type. The Nexus 5 has an IPS display so which would help battery life light or dark backgrounds?

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After reading several reviews and seeing all the complaints with All the new phones rolling out. Battery life seems to be a huge one. Why aren't more people going with the Droid Maxx? I switched to it after 5 years of being a sheltered iPhone user. I am amazed where I couldn't get past noon with the iPhone I can now easily get into the second day on 1 charge. I use my phone constantly as well there is few times during the day that my screen is off. Yes my job is that boring.

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I used a motorola droid a few years back. The battery was amazing but the phone was lagging constantly. It irritated me to no end. I switched to a Galaxy S3.

It's not surprising to me that the new Droids aren't super popular. Everyone knows they are pre-Google design, but the main problem is that they have no alibi.

I don't see what the problem is. I'm getting 27 hours on my Nexus 5 32GB before I need to recharge, and this is with just under 5 hours of the screen being on.

The screen is currently using about 8% battery per hour.

I have Lux installed so hopefully that manages the brightness and ergo battery drain a whole lot better. Also, I think when custom ROMs really start coming out en masse we will see things get a lot better with tuning from kernels, GPU acceleration, etc.

My G2 gives me insane battery life, like 20+ hours off charge with 6 1/2 hours of on screen time. Nexus 5 can kiss it.

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I was bummed to find out that the Nexus 5 was not supported by Verizon. So after cancelling my Nexus 5 order, I went to Verizon and bought a G2. LOVE the battery life compared to my 24 month old Galaxy Nexus.

But I would rather have KitKat and more current operating system updates....

For you Nexus 5 owners , just carry a battery pack. No big deal, leave it in your car or in your brief case or in your pocket. Battery packs are pretty cheap now and 20,000mAh is not unusual.

Good luck to all.

I said before, Nexus line is not supposed to be a flagship phone for average consumers.

They are for Devs.

If you look for a well rounded phone for consumer, turn to Apple/Samsung/HTC

certainly not Google.

Although the Nexus 5 is the best smartphone I've ever used and I love it, I might just send it back and get something with better battery life, like the LG G2. Ideally I'd want a Google Experience Phone LG G2.

one thing i always did with my Galaxy Nexus, since i work out on the field with only a partially-useful cigarette lighter in my work truck, was use a little button i created with Tasker and put on the homescreen. i turned off my data connection when i felt like i wasn't going to be using the phone for a while. my intermittent communication involved texting anyway, so i'd wait for lunch breaks to check e-mails or news websites.

p.s. i know that the later versions of Android let you just turn off data with a longpress of the double-swipe toolbar, but i never had 4.3.

I hate how technology is moving away from some essentials such as battery. Everything is getting smaller each year but the battery remains a size issue. I bet if Google HTC Samsung or some really put their minds to it they could reduce the size of a battery

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It's not only about the size, it is also about optimization. My butterfly S doesn't last 50% more even though it has a 50% bigger battery than my butterfly. I'd say about 30%.

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I think I'm returning my nexus 5. Battery was probably defective - but if it wasn't , 6 hours to 0% with 56% android OS. Camera is not much of an improvement over the nexus 4, which I'll be going back to. LTE would have been nice, I never got it into LTE mode, but with the battery going down that bad, LTE would be outrageous on battery.

"For now we can safely say the phone’s longevity is comparable to the Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus, but certainly no better"
so battery life sucks!!! the only pure android and they can't make a proper phone. i could give 50 more ducks for this phone but put a proper battery (3000 or more)

I am not a heavy user, but still, I have used my N5 all day, and I hit 16% now, after 16 hours of use. Calls, Skype over 3g, browsing, 3 hours of reading news, taking photos, messaging. I could definitely wish for more battery life, but I think it is not bad. Time will tell.

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The Verizon LG G2 is on sale for $449 off contract this weekend. That's only $100 more than N5 to get 32gb and 3000mah.

I think saying the camera is a big battery hog is a misnomer. It is common knowledge that the screen eats more battery than anything else on any smartphone. What gets turned on when you take pictures? The screen. Keep the screen on for one hour while doing anything and I think you will see similar battery drain.