Nexus 4

After a not-so-brief hiatus from the U.K. Play Store, the Nexus 4 is back up for sale. In both 8GB and 16GB versions for £239 and £279, respectively. We can't say how long this will last, but if you have yet to get your hands on one directly from the source, now is the time.

It's been well over a month since the last availability, and the device has kept in stock steadily for the U.S. as of late, so let's hope that the stock also sticks around for our friends across the pond.

Source: Nexus (Google+)


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Nexus 4 up for sale once again in the UK Play Store


This is all well and good but the nexus 4 has been in stock in the UK for a long time now. It's been in stock since early February and the ships in x days message has been gone for a good few weeks. It's definitely ran out of steam here in the uk now

I've got a nexus 4 and I'd MUCH rather have a HTC phone. My contract runs out in July and as soon as I can afford it the HTC One will be my next device, it's just amazing!

Weird, it's been steadily in stock for some weeks now. The news they missed a few days ago is that the bumper is back in stock and still is.