Daily Deals Nexus 4

While many people still have backordered Nexus 4 devices waiting to be shipped, deals site Daily Steals is offering the unlocked 16GB version for a cool $499. The "list price" is a severely inflated $799, although we all know they're listed for $349 on the Play Store. We're not sure if this site got their devices from LG with a bulk discount, or somehow snatched up some when they were briefly on sale from Google, but we doubt they have that many in stock.

As is usually the case with these, they're probably going to sell out quick, so be sure to jump on one of these if you just can't wait any longer to get that sweet Nexus into your hands. If it's any consolation, you'll likely save some money when compared to the prices on eBay right now.

Source: Daily Steals


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Nexus 4 16GB available on Daily Steals for $499


I'd like to thank you for advertising for people who buy devices and sell them for a higher than retail price with a fake list price used to trick consumers into thinking they got a great deal when in fact what they got was a great ripoff.

I don't know what I would do if it weren't for these great posts.

I think I remembered reading that while GOOGLE is selling them for $299 and $349 that doesn't mean LG is selling them at that price. From what I understand LG is selling them at around the same price as every other major phone, and outside of google nobody is going to really be able to sell them at the low price, they don't have truck loads of money like google does. My guess is google eats a good chunk of the cost just so they can get it into peoples hands.

I have purchased multiple items from DS with no problems. They take their time shipping, but otherwise I have been very satisfied with their products & service. However, this particular deal is NOT a steal (unless you consider price gouging a steal)

Don't want it that much. I was only willing to jump for the 8GB Nexus 4 due to the low price tag. So glad I found a GSM Galaxy Nexus for cheap. I may grab the Nexus 4 next year when somebody wants to get rid of it.

I bought something from DailySteals during the summer. I'm still waiting on it. Needless to say I'll never see it. Can't reach anyone to talk to. Never again.

Not to fuel the fire with conspiracy theories, but another possibility would be something akin to insider trading.

so...what if...

what if daily steals somehow figured out the restocking timeline? they'd sell a bunch of inflated price nexii and then fulfill the orders once the restock came in. basically do a preorder.

same thing with Tmobile. what if...google agreed to guarantee a first day sell out. Tmobile would launch the 2nd day. if i were Tmobile i couldn't think of a better position to be in than what they were. granted, i think they could have sold out a little faster if they had done a little better sales job.

so i'll go and put my tinfoil hat back on and work on some further conspiracies, but one thing you gotta admit is there is some strange things going down related to the nexus 4. i guess it could all just be chalked up to technology being sold at or around cost, no strings attached.

As much as I want one, I won't pay $150 more than the list price.
I can wait until google play has stock, my galaxy nexus is just fine for now.

I bought my galaxy nexus from them earlier in the year and took about 6-7 weeks before I received them, and the customer service is really poor. But I did receive the 2 phones that I ordered.

I buy a lot from dailysteals and never had issues. The phone cost $350 on googleplay but you also have taxes + shipping which ends up costing almost $400, so for $100 more (no taxes and free shipping on DS) I think it's a decent price if you really want it. Personally I bought one because I couldn't wait to get out of Sprint, paying $100/mo and no 4G, awfully unusable 3G and no reception at home or at work and live in the middle of LA so...