These days, folks scoff at the thought of running anything less then a 1GHz processor on their devices. However uncalled for that scoffing may be, those that do will be glad to know the next generation of processors are already in the pipeline and are promising blazing speeds. Qualcomm, provider of chipsets to many of our beloved Android device manufacturers claim that its upcoming Snapdragon chipset, the MSM8960, will outperform their first set of snapdragon chips by nearly five times.

Clocking in at 1.2GHz, Qualcomm states their upcoming chipset will use 75 percent less power, thanks to a 28-nanometer processor that's new to mobile devices and will have support for LTE (Long Term Evolution) onboard, making your device 4G-compatible even if you're not on a carrier which offers 4G services. To us, that sounds like Qualcomm wants to push manufacturers and carriers to 4G. Fine by us, that's for sure. Come 2011 when the chips are expected to arrive, we'll be more then ready to make use of them. Heck, we've been ready for a while now. We're just stuck waiting for someone to put this tech to work. [PCWorld]


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New Snapdragon processors on the way -- snappier speeds lower power use


75 percent less power? That would be amazing for battery life. Maybe we don't need better batteries after all. We just needed more energy efficient processors.

The processors don't use much power is the screen & the cell phone radios that use the most. This is great, but we do still need a better battery technology.

Thats curious ... I've seen significant improvement in battery life (as much as a 25% increase) by using SetCPU to throttle down the processor when screen is turned off (and despite overclocking when screen is on). Having said that, it does make a huge difference to be in areas with strong cell signals and we certainly need improved battery technology to get us "over the hump".

Short answer would be no be happy if it gets the 45nm dualcore and don't expect to see this make it into phones. Before 2012

SmartphoneBenchmarks site has this article too, but more in-depth.

I believe this news was originally published by AnandTech. MSM8960 is rated at 1.5GHz, not 1.2GHz. It's a Cortex A9 based design (Tegra 2 and Orion are also A9 based), and it will use Adreno 220 GPU (MSM7230 and 8255 uses Adreno 205). Its going to be pretty powerful, but I think Samsung's Orion will give it some serous competition, if not come out ahead.

I agree.. what are people doing with their phones that require dual core? I've yet to see my Vibrant lag on any task.

I wonder whats their basis for the 75%, but even if its 75% the savings is pretty low since CPU's barely even use that much of a battery power.. its the screen technology that needs to go down 75% with power usage and the modems.

Still would be interesting to see this and I do hope its extremely cheap to manufacture this chip so as to give orion a good competition

agreed...the current screen technology, even super amoled, use way to much power (although they are a step in the right direction)...hopefully the rumored super amoled 2 displays use a lot less power.

I'd be happy if my phone made it through the day without having to plug it in. Power consumption is critical.

I'd be happy if my phone made it through the day without having to plug it in. Power consumption is critical.