Samsung has unleashed a new Galaxy Tab commercial that seems to focus on the Froyo tablet's 7-inch size a bit more than they have in the past. Right now the smaller form factor could be the biggest selling point for the Galaxy Tab when compared to 10-inch tablets like the Xoom and iPad 2. Plus, it looks like we will be waiting a bit longer for the Galaxy Tab 10-inch. [Youtube]


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New Samsung Galaxy Tab claims that the 'PC has evolved'


The evolution of the PC has given us Angry Birds on a tablet? Sounds like devolution to me. Show me a tablet playing Crysis.

There's a handful of laptops that can play Crysis (but not at max), there's a Compaq 15.6" one for $350 (CDN) right now that can play Crysis.

I still say tabs are that medium between phone and computer that is useless. Either get a phone our a tablet pc if you want touch screen.

I love android but if I need something on a pc I'm going to need windows and a disk drive.

What do you need a disk drive for if I may ask?

All of my computers, save for my Alienware M11x have one.. and I can't recall the last time I used one. Period.

Honeycomb is the first step towards replacing a phone OS with a tablet OS to make tablets true laptop replacements.

I use mine to rip and burn movies. Lots, and lots of movies. I know there's other ways to get 'em free, but I like being able to control the quality I get, and nobody can see what I'm doing vs downloads.

Full sized SD slot, full sized USB port, user replaceable battery... it looks like somebody finally figured out how large tablets are and do not require the same, limiting inconveniences of cell phones.


Give me a tablet that can run CAD, then plug into my PC and perform like a Wacom style input device while syncing any files and I'd be a happy man. I don't think the Tablet could replace a real computer for my needs. But it could make a damn handy addition. And if anyone can do it, it'll be Android.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I could do what I do on my on a Tablet... can a tablet remote into my desktop at work through some heavy security and allow me to be as precise as I need to with a mouse to move something 1 pixel over? No, I don't think so.

with proper applications and a bluetooth mouse (if you really need that 1px shuffle) you could probably do what you need. I think people are missing the point of tablets, to some degree - or just expecting far too much too soon.

I don't think they are supposed to be full desktop replacements, not yet anyway. If they were meant to be such, manufacturers would have contracts and stuff with software developers to transfer over programs like Microsoft Office or the Adobe Suites. I think they are targeted to be the 'middle ground', at this time. In this regard, they are successful, at least with me. As a web developer and designer, I can use a tablet to communicate emails, messaging, etc. With proper applications, I can make adjustments to website - anything ranging from graphic adjustments to a recode. I can remote access someone's desktop, or my own. I can share files from cloud servers. If I'm in a meeting with a client, I can whip out my tablet and start creating a wireframe mockup for them - and thanks to the portable and interactive nature of tablets, my client can easily join me and use my tablet to display their ideas. Sure, a laptop can do all of this...but the difference between a laptop and a tablet is optimal portability. A GOOD tablet doesn't need a charger. It doesn't require carrying around a bulky bag. It's easy out and easy away.

I'm actually waiting for my Sprint store to call me so I can go pick up my Galaxy Tab. I'm replacing my Epic with it, because voice service is what I use the least, and as such it'll save me a ton of money. But I think the 7" size is perfect for having mobile browsing, without being too big and clunky to carry around.

10" is too big for my liking considering tablets, I have a netbook for that, the purpose of the tablet is being portable and easily accessable anywhere you go and 10" is crossing the line, I don't see people walking around with the iPad- when I used my friend's iPad for a few days I couldn't stand holding it up longer than 5 minutes due to its weight.

Dang fatboy what do you do?! Lol, there is attention attention to detail, then there is your job. And here I thought finding tiny bits of FOD on a tarmac was a pain.

Tablets are good for (near) instant-on access to Web and email, and for some specialized apps. They don't replace a desktop or laptop, they're just an appliance. For $200 I have a Nook Color running Honeycomb at 1.1Mhz - I use it all the time. My netbook, not so much anymore.

I have the Galaxy Tab and I use it all of the time for reading, Slacker, YouTube, and social apps on the go. It is easier to read than my phone and easy to carry around unlike the 10" class tablets. I am not usually a fan of Samsung, their software support can suck! but this device is great.

I early adopted the Galaxy Tablet 7" and have to admit the "one handed" nature of 7" inch screen makes it a winner for us. Plenty of screen to watch movies, read etc. What I don't like is no video conf Tablet to PC. At this point why the heck not? And some web performance is a little slow and leaves you wanting a slightly bigger screen sometimes but not that often that I care. My HDMI out doesn't seem to work either. Aside from over-paying for it at the time it has been a great device for us and I am surprised how little respect it gets. Honeycomb envy it appears - but based on what I have seen the 7" Tablet is still a great device that we use all of the time. I would actually buy the AMOLED 7" Galaxy Tab 2 LTE in a second if it was out so I can give my wife this one. IMHO 7 inches rules over 10 inches (at least in the tablet category)!!!

Yeah, if you haven't used a 7 inch tablet, you don't know how capable and useful it is. It's not a laptop, and it's more carryable than a 10 inch tablet.

I know one thing: a lot of people ask me about mine when they see me with it...a LOT. The interest is there. No denying the ipad is sweet, but there's something about the Tab's size that's very appealing to people.

Nice green shirt...spokes person? Anyway I'm holding off on tablets until I check out the Samsung Infuse..4.5" screen might be enough for me..