Nexus 7 on Google Play

New Nexus 7 2013 models now available for order in Google Play for those who want to risk another Nexus launch

For those who want to order the new 2013 Nexus 7 direct from Google, things are live in Google Play to order one. Both the 16GB and 32GB Wifi-only models are available, and Google says they'll have them shipped out on or before July 30 -- with free ground shipping for a limited time.

With the devices being available in Walmart stores and online from Amazon at launch, hopefully the order and delivery process will go a little smoother this time. Grab yours from the Google Play link above if you've been waiting.

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New Nexus 7 now available from Google Play, ships by July 30


i feel your pain, so gutted they pushed the UK back so far ... september is just a joke. by that time may as well just wait for the nexus 10

Haha , ill give you my Xperia Z for free ;-) .... side note ( unrelated ) i noticed your on the leader board for riptide gp2, iv been addicted to that game, but where in the hell is the race thats counted on google play games? lol

Neither can I! Technology will be so amazing 90 years from now! I most likely won't be alive then to experience it though.

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Learned my lesson last time. Although I ordered ChromeCast from them, I turned to Amazon for the Nexus 7!

Ordered one from a UK supplier. Projected delivery date Sept 1, but I must say ota update to 4.3 has dramatically improved existing N7. Much less laggy and way more responsive. Have to say, 4.2(.2) was simply a dog.

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Got Mine at Walmart a few hours ago.. Took some pics to compare it to my iPad Mini.. BIG DIFFERENCE.. I will upload some shots to the forums in a bit.. Unit is still charging.. Damn.. I forgot it has 4.3.. can't wait to pour a drink and fire it up.. :-)

Staples has permission to sell them as well, once they get inventory.
Guess who scooped one up already?

Day 1 update from 4.3 to 4.3. Should have expected that.

Does anyone know yet about: USB-OTG or performance hits at < 4gb of free space?

My purchase depends on these two pieces of information.

That's awesome. I just checked and my local best buy had several in stock. I think walmart had them too.

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