Android Central Podcast

A quick heads up for those of you who like to catch the Android Central Podcast live -- and for those who haven't been able to because it cuts into your hot-yoga class. We're going to try a new day and time starting this week. It's not going to do anything about our crazy travel schedule, which tends to be the biggest disruptor in our recording schedule, but we're hoping the change will make for a better show.

So, here's the deal: We're going to shoot for 4 p.m. Eastern on Fridays. That's 1 p.m. on the west coast, and 9 p.m. in London. We'll be a little more awake, a little less harried, and hopefully you will be, too.

Look for the usual event invite to go out on Google+ soon enough, and get ready for more of the Greatest Android Podcast in the World.


Reader comments

New day, time for the Android Central Podcast!


Looking forward to it! My Nexus 4 is being delivered at nearly the same time on Friday.
It'll be a good Android day all around. :-)
Somebody help me--I am very badly addicted to technology!

Is that the new AndroidCentral App?????????????????????????????
When will we get it?

if it isnt, what app is that?

My thoughts, as well. Sure looks like a spiffy new beta version of the Android Central App. Holo compliant, as well. Looks nice.

Maybe so...But ppl can skip "hot yoga classes" to watch the podcast. I don't think my boss would much like me calling in sick to watch a podcast. I'd say most ppl in the Eastern US, if they aren't already at work they are either getting ready or leaving for work around that time.

Oh well...I enjoyed the podcast while I was able to see it live. Will prob still sometimes catch reruns on youtube.

This is definitely going to cut down on people being able to listen, and participate live in the chatroom.

Seems like an inconvenient time to choose because most people are either driving home, at work, or getting ready for any Friday evening plans.

Sunday - Thursday evenings just seem like the best options from my perspective.


I like the personality and perspective that Ashley brings when she makes an appearance. She also gives me a reason to watch the podcast in 720 res instead of 360. (No offense Phil.)

I'll never be able to catch the Podcast live again because I'll be at work. Oh well guess I'll just have to watch the recorded version. But I'll miss the live chatroom.

Wait Yoga time? what about conflicts with work. I'm in Arizona and would love to be able to show up but 1pm is during my work schedule.

Friday is a good day to to podcast. When you do it earlier in the week, you can possibly miss announcements that happen later in the week. I would suggest moving it to Friday at 6 PM or 7 PM Eastern. I rarely listened live, so it'll be all good for me either way.

I do agree that 4 PM Easternit will cut down on the live audience. Maybe that was the plan all along..... :-)

Obviously a serious oversight by Phil and the rest of AC. I'm honestly surprised you didn't reach out to each individual site member for their input on what time would work best for them.

All jokes aside, I do vote (if there ever is one) for a later time.

Yeah, can't watch the podcast any longer. That sucks. Any contests after the podcast is out for me. Not going to risk getting fired from work for watching a podcast.

Totally bummed about the new recording time. I can only listen to the show during my morning/evening commutes. Since I assume the recorded version won't be released until sometime on Saturday, the earliest I can get to it is Monday morning.

A few days might not seem like a big deal, but we all know that can be an eternity when it comes to Android news.