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Here's the latest version of the Android Market. Looks mostly like the Android Market you have now, but it's not. It's better. It's newer. And therefore better. And a fun fact about the Android Market: Once one person gets it, it can be pulled from the phone and shared. And that's what we've got here.

Android Market update So what's better and newer in Build 3.3.11, you ask? So far as we can tell, it's mainly in the settings. You now have the option to tell all of your apps to automatically update, instead of checking a box on each on individually. (Bugdroid be praised for that one.) You can also tell the Market app to only update applications when you're connected to Wifi. Again, a good one.

And you can have it automatically add shortcuts to your homescreen, if you're into that. There are a few UI tweaks, too. Nothing major.

There's also some legalese regarding open-source licenses, which makes Jerry happy.

You can download it now, or just hang out and it'll push to you (assuming this isn't just a test build) when the time is right. Do note that apparently it's not playing nicely with Honeycomb tablets, and we're not exactly seeing our inbox clogged with people saying they've gotten this build (which is what usually happens). So if you sit this one out, we won't blame you one bit.

Source: Android Police


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New Android Market pushing out with a few new settings


Me too ... just been patiently waiting thinking it would someday just magically show up. Guess it won't will most likely have to install manually :-(

I scanned the qr code that pops up when you mouse over the link and installed. Easy breezy, works well.

I went to the Android Police (the source) site and downloaded the file from one of the mirror sources located in their story. It worked fine and I have the new market.

I am really surprised that Google has not been more forceful with the makers to make them more forceful with the carriers in pushing the new market out to the masses. This market is clearly selling and pushing Google Movies ($$$) and Google books ($$$) so you would have thought that after Day 1 every phone would have gotten the OTA.

I manually installed this version and I like it! It's nice to have the ratings visible like on the web market! Much nicer IMO.

I got it pushed to me earlier this evening. So far no problems, and I like how the settings are better organized. I was getting lot of market force-closes this afternoon, maybe getting the servers ready to push this out was why.

Installed it via download on my EVO 4G. The new graphics are a nice addition. All of my app updates went through without the usual stalls and fails. Maybe they fixed that too?

I got fed up after months waiting for the new market to update on my EVO 3D. I finally downloaded the .APK and it works fine.

The EVO3D has only been out since late June or something. The new market has only been out a couple of months or so, and that was to the nexus guys

But does it fix the bug that switches the default account on the Market? Every day I receive a notification that I have updates pending, but it's because the Market has switched to one of my other accounts on the phone that I have only for Gmail access. Google told me they were aware of the problem, but didn't say when a fix would be posted.

This is ALL I care about too, so sick of it switch accounts! Every time I download something, I have to make sure it's going to the same account. You'd think they would have thought of that when they designed...and redesigned...and redesigned Market. Guess not.

The new market came out in July. I waited until a couple of weeks ago to manually install it. So, yes, I've been waiting months for it to update on its own. It never did.

Got it on the EVO 4G and so far so good. It looks pretty amazing actually. I like the UI changes, but at the same time I kinda like the old version but with 3.1.1 (I believe it was) it kept changing the account for the market that I wanted. So before every transaction I had to make sure that I was using my primary account. So hopefully it fixed that

What the Market needs is a way to tell your phone to ONLY sync with the acounts you want asociated with the market. This may be an Android setting more then a market setting thou kinda like how you can select what Googal acounts synk with your phone (Calender, G-Mail, ect ...)

I had no problems with the manual update on my Infuse; it now recognizes all my Android Market apps.

Got it. So far, so good. I like it, especially since I've gotten used to the new UI. Seems to load faster, too (maybe it's just me).

If Google STILL hasn't fixed the Market to where it doesn't constantly tell you (daily) that your apps need updated, when there is in fact no new update for them, or, in some cases, it is exactly the same update you updated to the previous night - that's messed up. It's been a billion months since it began happening. I know it's a long process, but not this long.

Will it show me more than one page of search results now? Will it not force close when I update apps? I've been using Chomp because the last update was unusable.

I hope they fixed all the stuff that was broken from the last update. Google has been putting out some real garbage as of lately, I'm tired of being a beta tester.

What happened to the option to go into the app and click a link to see all the apps from the developer? is it hidden and I just can't find it?