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Back in May Netflix, finally launched its long-waited Android app, initially only for a few devices. That list grew over time and eventually supported a large number of phones. The .apk was quickly discovered, however, and owners of devices, both phone and tablet, who hadn't received official support yet could install the app just fine. That's no longer necessary (and it's about time), at least for most phones, as Netflix has updated the app to support all devices running 2.2 (Froyo) and 2.3 (Gingerbread). 

Tablet owners still looking for official support will have to wait a bit longer, but this is great for everyone with a smaller device.

So for all you phone owners out there who have Froyo or Gingerbread, hit the link after the break for the official Netflix app.


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Netflix now available for all devices running Android 2.2 and 2.3


I think the selection is FANTASTIC. I guess it really comes down to personal preference. I also have Hulu+, and netflix and hulu+ combined is better than having dish or cable, and it is a helluva lot cheaper! I love both services...between the two, EVERY TV show/movie I would even consider watching can be streamed from one of the services. Together they are amazing. I LOVE Netflix and Hulu+!!

Awesome, but about time! Now bring on the offical tablet support. Now I wonder with a new app, do we need another hacked app to use it on tabs?

Just discovered that the official netflix app in the market, no side loading, works on the galaxy tab 10.1 also. I was in the market looking to update my apps and noticed netflix was available. I installed it and it actually works. I have video and picture proof in case anyone wants to see.

Actually...some tablet owners may not have to wait at all: the update was shown as available in the Market for my Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Does this have the rotation feature the hacked version does? As soon as the real version lets you rotate the screen in any direction, I will use it again. Until then, I am loving the hacked copy.

No love for the G2x?!!... That's disappointing. Why does it seem like LG phones are left out in the cold?

This app is awful, the only thing that it is good for is streaming. I got this app on my Evo when it came out. Recently I have deleted it because the site is way better. Make this app worth my time netflix and maybe ill think about keeping it...

Why would they care? Because its a business. If you put out a terrible product people won't use it. So yea, they do care.

I'm on the Inspire and I had it running for a month prior to the everything is loading slower...

oh damn here we go with this dude again...#fhl!

If you want to be mad at someone for Netflix's poor selection and price hike, be mad at the content providers. Movie studios initially latched on to Netflix as a quick way to make extra revenue. Netflix gained in popularity, and they quickly realized that Netflix was taking money from their DVD sales. Unwilling to face the future, movie studios raised their asking prices to outrageous levels and in some cases refused to do business with Netflix. Physical media is going bye-bye. Netflix, seeing the writing on the wall, had no choice but to raise prices to improve their streaming selection.

The movie industry is a disgusting place, really. They steal scripts, write fake reviews, and rape movie theatres.

Netflix is fighting the good fight.

While I agree with a lot of what you are saying, I think for some of those same reasons you point out is why physical media isn't going bye bye as soon as people would like to believe. I would put the over under at 5 years, and bet the over.

The headline is somewhat misleading as it should really read:

"Netflix now available for all devices running Android 2.2 and 2.3 as long as you are in the USA"

Umm no it isn't. It is available on every device. Country has nothing to do with it. you don't like it? Take is up with the content providers because they are the ones keeping netflix from streaming to you.

LG Optimus S a bust. Installs but when you boot the app it goes white screen :( for a minute there I was estatic to hear netflix was available for all 2.2, lies

What rom? Netflix has worked flawless on my optimus since it came out both cm7 and froyo roms. You must be using stock?

I love it on my Samsung Fascinate! I watch movies whenever I'm in the car or waiting for an appointment.

Me, too, lol. I was waiting for another TF owner to update before I took the plunge. The sideloaded version works great. I don't want to risk an update that breaks my app.

If there was one app that I checked the Marketplace almost everyday for, it was this one. I'm so glad it finally works on the Galaxy Tab 7". The videos are much better looking than on the Android HBO2GO app. Good stuff.

Still runs "upside-down" on the Photon 4G.
Only landscape on left side instead of right (only way with the charger plugged in).