Netflix for Android on LG Revolution

While there has been no official announcement from anyone at Netflix, the Netflix for Android app is being showed off on the LG Revolution in this hands-on video from Unwired View.  Because of connection issues in the convention hall (a few thousand technophiles will do that) we don't get to see it in action, but it's there.  Now that the cat's out of the bag, you can bet we're on the lookout for any further info. 

And yes, the more observant of you are seeing just what you think you're seeing -- Bing!  Can't win them all.  Hit the break for the video. [Unwired View's YouTube channel] Thanks Tascien!


YouTube link for mobile viewing

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Shawheim says:

looks good so far. this presenter was one of the better ones of the day. he sounded pretty confident and had a good attitude.

sandtiger says:

This is awesome, however I have a sneaking suspicion that this will be another one of those NFL apks, "We're Sorry This Service is not allowed on your carrier.'
Fortunately Netflix has a stronger 'Geek' Fanbase vs NFL so the odds are higher that this will be ported.

I for one can't wait.

deadp1xel says:

Why is it that these people know less about their phones then we do? Sheesh.

wormeyman says:

+1 for netflix
+1 for overall device speed
-5 for bing integration
-5 for lg custom android skin

that's my opinion at least, also i didn't see a google maps application is it possible that it doesn't have navigation? or could you just get that from the market.

kdshaw83 says:

I will not buy an android phone with bing. End of story

dharbit says:

Bing we be the death of this revolution

hoosiercub says:

its like the hot chick with herpes.. Fascinate effect all over again.. ugh.. I was really sold on this phone over the Thunderbolt.. i'll be damned.

cj100570 says:

Bing?! I can now scratch this phone off my list as a possible replacement for my Droid X. The Bionic is looking more and more like my next phone.

onixblack says:

That would be awesome if we can see real streaming movies from Netflix. So far there are no Netflix official apps, but Netflix does endorse many Netflix applications made by other developers on Android.

JNsince1985 says:

All these lovely & powerful devices. :) Now, if only the companies would make batteries with enough juice to handle them. :/

droidgurl11 says:

I guess the thunder wins, no bing

russell5 says:

yup it was tied for me until now. Damn you verizon

As I got all excited about seeing these phones for vzw, it was loast in a moment. on the backs of most there was no "with Google" and now it is confirmed. So it looks like the Thunderbolt and the Bionic are the only good phones, because those are the only two without bing.

unless the thunderbolt says Droid thunderbolt it'll have BING!

Comineeyeaha says:

That was never actually confirmed, it was just assumed by the community. Really though, all we had to base that off of was the Fascinate, Continuum, and the Merge. The Thunderbolt, when shown off today, does not have bing. That is known for certain.

The Thunderbolt says "with Google" on the kick stand.

russell5 says:

Yes that was always assumed. But the system dump of the thunderbolt doesnt have bing so we should be good

tompro53 says:

I hope the Netflix app comes to Evo fast and now that Bing is available in the market for all carriers anytime you see Bing on a phone aka Verizon, it can still have Google.

Riiiiigghht, connection issues. More like it probably doesn't work.

john_5_24 says:

Forgive my ignorance, but why does everyone hate bing? Is this a simple microsoft hate issue, or does it affect performance?

PortareAF says:

Most of the hate is the fact that we are buying Google Android phones, and VZW is forcing Bing on those phones, because of some deal they cut with microsoft. Same reason people hate any bloatware being added to the phone. It's my phone, I'll load or not load whatever I want/need. Hence my rooted Droid X :)

grayzweb says:

I just do not like the bing search. I feel like they are trying to force people to use it in hopes it will catch on.
(On some VZW Blackberry phones they pushed an update that took the Google option away from the search and the only option was bing!) - > Microsoft paid VZW big $ to make the change.

I do like Microsoft BTW, just don't want their lousy bing

Android is a Google OS and I want and love my Google search. Maps, Voice, etc :)

No LG Revolution for me.

wdavidson says:

I guess it's fine that some will only buy a phone that doesn't have Bing on it, but I think it's pretty silly. What do you do when you buy your phone that doesn't have Bing on it, and then a few months later the carrier decides to push it onto the phone?

smash the phone?

crxssi says:

Just because it is a Netflix "apps" doesn't mean it streams video. I hope it does though!

htowngator says:

Still don't know why this thing couldn't have a dual-core.

-IRON- says:

they can put what they want if just we were allowed to remove or change it like when you get a windows computer. but thats not the case. also i love how all these search apps and web pages always says powered by google.

Exactly! Thank you.

johnner1999 says:

Maybe someone already addressed this but why would a VZW phone be roaming??? I thought VZW was stronger than Sprint in Sin City?

font1975 says:

You know, there is a "Netflix" app in the market with that exact same icon. Could someone just have loaded that app on the phone just for grins and giggles?

(Hopefully the presenter wouldn't be that devious, but I've lost faith we'll ever see an Android Netflix client that actually streams video. I'll believe it when I see it. And this better not be a "skype" deal, either. I can already see the tagline: "Netflix only on Verizon").

EDIT: Just saw another Hands on Video for this phone and didn't see the netflix app. I'm starting to thing this isn't real.... :-(


accomando says:

I wonder when/if Netflix is officially released on select handsets if it will be in OTA updates and uninstallable. Like Blockbuster on HTC Evo last month.