Nest Thermostat

You can now buy a Nest Thermostat through Google Play. Price is the same as other retail outlets — $249 — and it'll ship in 1 to 2 business days, Google says. And for every thermostat sold today, Google will plant a tree. Because Earth Day. It's also available in the UK for £179.

The Nest Thermostat is a "learning" device that connects to the Internet (and other Nest products). It's got a 1.75-inch display, controlled by a metal ring on the outside of the thermostat. Nest learns your temperature preferences, when you're home or away, and is aware of the outside weather, and adjusts itself accordingly. It's not a cheap device, for sure, but promises to pay for itself in savings.

Not available still is Nest Protect, which was pulled from market because of software issues with the combination smoke/carbon monoxide detector.


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Nest Thermostats now available through Google Play


Off topic rant: Maybe a minor complaint here, but I have been a avid AC reader for the last few years, but the one thing that BUGS me is, you guys never link out to separate tabs. Like If I see a link to something I like in the article and click it, it goes to the web address within the same tab. Almost every other site automatically loads the link in a new tab when pressed. Maybe Im in the minority here but its been bugging me so long I figured I would post lol. Love your work and keep doing what you guys do!

Also.. Ctrl+Left Click, and middle button on the mouse (press down on the scroll wheel if available)

Actually, sometimes we do that. But not often. And, no, not "every other site" does it. For a lot of folks opening in new tabs breaks things badly. We prefer to leave you, the reader, in control of that.

Yep. That's what I do....Pretty much all browsers these days support it. Clicking your mouse wheel instead of a left clicking opens in a new tab.

In fact, I HATE when sites auto open in new tabs, because it takes away my ability to choose when it opens in a new tab vs in the same window.

Thats why I said 'almost every other site' :)
Well, just wanted to voice my opinion and see if it was something you guys considered. Thanks!

You can use Ctrl+click to open in a new tab (or Shift+click to open in a new window).

It's nice to have the choice; GPSPassion drove me a bit crazy with having nearly every link open a new window/tab. If only I'd learned Greasemonkey earlier...

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I want a nest, but the horror stories about them losing power really turns me off. I know there will always be some negative reviews, but why risk your warmth in the winter!

I have a Nest, and I love it. The issue with the losing power is related to not having a "C" or common wire to supply power to the Nest. Some systems don't like it "piggybacking" to the heat/cool wire. I ordered an add a wire kit to make my 4 wires into 5 and I now have a "C" wire.

I have never had an issue about losing power since then.

Errr, it's 38$ for shipping (at least in Canada)? I'll get it free shipping from Amazon for the same price, thank you. Nice to see it in the Play Store though.

I could be mistaken, I am no Android expert by any means, but I thought KitKat had a "white themed" status bar. Any useful info would be appreciated!

You're not mistaken, it should be a whitish/greyish theme, the one on there page is a ICS bluish theme, but could fall in line with whatever color theme they seem to have in the works lately that's been noticed with the leaked dialer we've seen.

That's what I meant originally. I think Google did it again, and revealed something they didn't mean to, and that N5 is running 4.4.3. Anyway, thanks for replying. Cheers.

They will sell it to energy companies to make a profit. I've got a nest and I'm not bothered if they sell the gathered data on, it will help us all in the long run.

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Definitely, there are benefits and the usual trade-offs (privacy) that go along with technology like Nest. There is a layer of metadata, though, that can make people a little uncomfortable with sharing so openly. Such as behaviour patterns that will "tell" when you're on vacation or when you typically come home from work.

In the world post heartbleed, it's not so much who you knowingly grant access to your data, it's who ends up (or could end up) gaining access to that information.

All that said, the technology that Nest is pushing forward with their thermostat and smoke detectors is really exciting. It offers more customization and control for the consumer (I also think the smoke detectors would also send alerts to your smart phone in an emergency - great for people with summer homes and cottages).

I think it definitely has a brighter future than internet connected fridges were able to achieve (too high of a cost for something people replace once a decade).

Yes. Have you seen the app? The design elements are carried over from iOS. It does not look native to Android at all. Imagine how it would look if Google made it, or any of the awesome independent developers making great apps who understand design. Phil, I think you, of all people, would know that.

But is it really? Do we have principal here? I think most people base a huge portion of their decision on a vehicle purchase on the design of the car. Same with kitchen cabinets. Why not software? Being someone who cares about design, I feel like a minority here in the Android world, which is unfortunate. I have 7 Android devices, 1 iPhone, and 1 Windows Phone. On all three platforms, using apps designed native to their platform are a joy to use. Anything else is like fingers on a chalkboard.

iOS design looks absolutely wonderful on iOS. It doesn't belong on Android. Proper navigation drawer and proper gradients and iconography isn't hard to do, and would make the Nest Android app worth looking at.

You sound like the idiots I knew in grad school who wouldn't use a non-mac laptop because they weren't sexy enough, even though they blew the Macs away in performance and price.

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I don't like macs, but that's beside the point. So you don't think hiring Matias Duarte improved Android at all? You think the lack of design in GingerBread is just fine?

How hard is it to set Nest up? I've been wanting to get one for a while.

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Setup is simple. Just look where your wires are hooked up on the old thermostat. Their website will have you enter which wires to hook up to where, and shows a picture. No screw terminals, just push it in.

Be up and running in about 5 minutes. I love my Nest.

They need to sell the UK version as well to Canada/US for people who use baseboard heaters that run on line voltage. I don't feel like spending 250+shipping and having to create a custom relay and a/c voltage converter to emulate the low voltage system...

They sell a UK version, but when you click on compatibility you get a list of options that I've never seen in the UK then when you don't select the magic combination it tells you it's incompatible.
All timers I've seen have live, neutral and switching tabs either labeled 1-4 or A-D (there may only be 3 eg. On combi boilers). That's pretty simple (power, heating and hot water), but nest apparently isn't compatible with that.

I suspect unless they support the standard wiring they're not going to sell that many...

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Like the Nest concept, but would like them to include better blower control programming.
There is also my problem of having a multiple story house with one Tstat in the center hall way on the first floor. Most of my day is spent on the 3rd floor in my office, so it will think no one is home and I will freeze or burn up with higher temps. So for now can't do it, but like the idea.

I believe you can link multiple NEST devices together so you can place a NEST of each floor. Each unit will inform the "main" unit what the temperature is on that floor and notify the main unit when someone is still home. I remember reading this somewhere when I was first looking into the NEST unit. This is something I would be interested in, but because I would need two units, $500 for Thermostats at this time is not on my short term purchase list.

Unfortunately, the Nest does not work with the system in our home. Our system has two components, one at the thermostat/Controller and one at the AC/Heater. The two system communicate via a serial protocol across the 2 wires that run between the units. Using the protocol the commanding unit tells the AC/Heater unit how hard to run the AC or heater units and blower speed based on the sensor values, time of day, etc.

Anyone have one and can offer first hand experience on any energy savings noticed? Just curious.

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This thing ain't going to call home to Mountain View about my home and how warm and cold I like it?