The FCC holds a World of wonders for gadget lovers. The most recent point-of-interest is in a Motorola filing that was discovered today. While it could be speculated that it is the previously leaked Motorola Droid X 2 the fact is there really isn't anything telling in the information above to make us believe it's that device in particular-- or even Android device at all, for that matter.

What we do know however is that Droid X 2 leaked out already and given that the device above has CDMA bands it is somewhat possible this may be what we are seeing at the FCC. But again, nothing about the filing indicates it's that particular device. We'll just have to sit on this one and see if more info turns up in the meantime. [FCC via Electronista]


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Mysterious Motorola device at the FCC


Talk about non-news! We have a screenshot of a some IDs and serial numbers, we have no clue what that is but here you go, take a look. It's awesome !

If the X2's specs are what was shown recently and nothing more im not interested. Ill wait for the Bionic if that's the case. I like my DX alot to.

Hmmm, looks like a Sprint Serial Number, but nah couldn't be, Sprint is dumping Motorola soon as a vender as we nix

Well , two things for sure :
1- its Andriod
2- Its gonna be for Verzion (most likely) or Sprint (you can expect anything after the Atrix went for AT&T) since its CDMA

Moto made all the Droids (Droid 1 , Droid X , Droid 2 , Droid 2 Global & Droid Pro) execpt the Droid Eris & the Droid Incredible were made by HTC
You never know , indeed
It will be HUGE surprise to all the people waiting for the EVO 2

Imagine their reaction to :
"The Evo Incredible ... by Motorola"
Actually thats something i would like to see

Yes Sprint does operate in 800/1900mhz. So does Verizon, AT&T, Metro PCS, Alltel, Tmobile, &.... All phones in the US operate in the 800/1900mhz except Nextel.