Huawei flagship chassis

Chinese manufacturer Huawei is focusing more on premium materials in an effort to break into the high-end smartphone space, and today we have our first look at a new metal-backed Huawei handset. Leaked onto China's Weibo social network by a software engineer, the shot shows the back panel for the phone, alongside what would appear to be an HTC One Max-style rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.

The upcoming handset will allegedly use Huawei's new octa-core Kirin 920, which benchmarks around the same level as Qualcomm's Snapdragon 801 and Samsung's Exynos 5420.

As you might expect, the use of premium materials and a speedy CPU are likely to result in a high price tag, with the source suggesting prospective buyers should "start saving now." Meanwhile on Weibo, Huawei device boss Richard Yu said the company was working on a "stunning" new device to build on its "success" in the past year, suggesting it has high-end plans beyond the frequently-leaked Ascend P7.

Source: G4Games, Weibo, (2)

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vijeze says:

If it´s battery is nice, okay. The P6 kind of sucked in that regard.

zizu101 says:

Huawei logo is YUCK!

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Badcam3 says:

It kinda reminds me of the NBC logo

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jamminman001 says:

Garage no doubt

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sohailgagai says:

Logo is not good it makes the phone cheap pls change

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sher9501 says:

Doesn't look that nice though. At least by looking it from the back as it appears on the image.
At least they're trying to go premium. Meanwhile at Samsung they are coming up with the next faux-whatever for the S6 and Note 4.

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raymaane says:

Well, it doesn't look nice that's for sure.

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