Employee numbers dipped to just 3,894 by the end of the year

Google has just reported its Q4 2013 earnings, and as we head into the earnings call we wanted to break down what is likely Motorola's last full quarter under the Google umbrella. In all, there are very few surprises with its financial results. Motorola posted $1.24 billion in revenues for the final quarter of 2013, down from $1.51 billion in Q4 2012.

In the end that led to a $384 million operating loss (-31 percent of revenues) on the quarter, compared to a $152 million loss (- 10 percent of revenues) in the year-ago quarter. This more or less falls in line with the operating losses Motorola has been seeing since Google acquired it, even as it shaved off portions of the company that it didn't need.

Although Motorola brought over 20,000 employees to Google when it was purchased, that headcount was down to just 3,894 in Q4 2013 according to the earnings release.

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Motorola's final quarter under Google: $1.24 billion revenue, $384 million operating loss


Plain and simple MOTOROLA has always been the BIGGEST JOKE on the android platform for close to 5yrs.

Even with GOOGLE trying to help them they sucked monkey balls comically.

At the end of the day NOBODY is in business to lose money every day can't BLAKE GOOGLE for dumping that pitiful company.

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What part do you agree with? The part about monkey balls?

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Me 2

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No, I would have said gorrila balls. :) I was agreeing with the part about everyone is after money.

And Motorola has been sucking ever since the atrix.

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Who is Blake Google? Sounds like someone on a soap opera. Richard do you spend your days watching soap operas ?

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Lol, nice one.

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1. Proofreading. It's a wonderful idea, especially for you.
2. You've been saying "sucks monkey balls" for several years now. Great job at striving to aspire to that "broken record" mentality.
3. "At the end of the day NOBODY is in business to lose money every day" You don't say? What other amazing business insights do you have for us?

You are the biggest joke on the tech blogs. Droid Life, Android central and phandroid. Moto x is the devices of 2013 period. Samsung devices are all garbage.

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My Note 3 is garbage? Shame on me for buying garbage!!

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My bad brother, I should have told you

This post approved by the NSA.... at least I hope so.

Well, i this is google fault really.

How is it possible to loose the same ammount of money (more or les) AFTER sellin part of the company to Arris, adn firing 16,000 workers?

I think that if motorola launched the moto X worldwide 6 months ago, this would have been different.

they still have the whole Motorola Mobility at the end of the quarter... so they are supposed to report them as if they are still part of the company. maybe you are trying to say something different that i don't understand. can you help?

Sure they cut costs with many actions, but they also added quite a bit of cost when making, releasing and marketing the Moto X and Moto G.

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Hopefully I'm not too optimistic in thinking that they will soon be on an upward trajectory if they keep on this course. The Moto X was hugely popular among the android geeks, which does take a certain amount of time to trickle down to the average user. Coupled with the huge fire sales as of late for the X, I feel that traction will take place over the next couple years if Lenovo advertises the fact that the X and 2014 X have features that no other phones have.

Sometimes the numbers make these decisions easier than we think.

But... A billion here.... A billion there... Someday adds up to real money.

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Normally it's around the 200 million mark but almost 400 million, even for Google you can't be taking that much loss. Made the right move google

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The sad part I see in all this is the loss of 16,000 jobs, many of them American. To Google this may have been a "drop in the bucket" as another AC article says, but to 16,000 more families, there's a flood of worry. And another American company goes to the Chinese. Sad.

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it didn't say that the jobs were lost, just that they are no longer under the Motorola umbrella.

I agree with @eric379's last two sentences. Another company that I refuse to buy from. I liked IBM laptops before Lenovo. I wanted Motorola for my next phone. No chance of that now!

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Well we are selling everything to the Chinese. I used to believe in the product they produced up to the built in battery devices. I am a building contractor and when I upgraded to a Droid 4 I had to get 4 warranty replacements. I always took great care of the units they just don't hold up to heavy use. I have stepped away to Samsung Galaxy 4 and aside from the Verizon poor customer service have a trouble free unit for t he first time in 8 smart phones. Lenovo would be my absolute last choice in smart phone products! Might start a windows or Apple product next and dump android all together

Lenovo has done well with the Thinkpad line of laptops since buying from IBM. They'll do well with Motorola as well.

But good on you to lump all Chinese manufactures together. /s

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You opinion is, but how about some facts?

Google also has patent deals with Apple and Microsoft, can they get some blame?

Read the internet. There's lots of speculation going on about this from reputable sources.

If you're feeling ironic, google it.

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I get speculation and conspiracy theories, but can you answer the question? Is it MS and Apple's fault as well or is it just evil Samsung?

I never said Samsung was evil; I still own an S2 which is one darn fine phone.

The speculation is that Samsung never liked Google owning Motorola. So, Samsung a) put money into alternatives and b) heavily skinned Android. Both of which Google doesn't like. So, the speculation is it's all part of some agreement that Google and Samsung came to.
It's not really a conspiracy theory. Nobody seems to know _exctly_ what happened, but it seems all related.

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See now THAT is a thought. Your first comment comes off as it is all Samsungs fault, maybe just because of its brevity.

I can give you a lot of those points. I am sure that HTC, SONY and LG were not happy either about Moto. Who would be?

I disagree with the skins statement in so much that Samsung really cares what Google thinks. What is Google gonna do? Android is open source. Google does not have any sway with the carriers.

I do agree that to some extent it was discussed. I also believe that some of that TW skin is gonna find itself in Android because of the patent agreement.

Your post here does make some sense now, and not just off the wall EBIL! stuff.

Come on now, we all know this is no place for something ridiculous like facts

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Still a billion + for a year

Moto X and all those price cuts hurt the bottom line overall.


I think this once again demonstrates that just because a phone is highly praised on all the tech blogs, that does not necessarily mean it's flying off the shelves on the streets. I honestly doubt it ever sold that well, and certainly not well enough to prop moto up.

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I agree. I think a lot of people were taking my stance. Wait and see before we support them. Oh well that's gone now.

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I am not worried that the moto x that will hopefully be in my hands next Tuesday with a nice wood back will not stop working down the road once moto is settled in with lenovo. I'm gonna like what I get from them now and if they're a worthy company in the future then good for them. If not, oh well. The business side of things doesn't mean the customers who bought a Motorola device is automatically fucked.

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Once your warranty term expires, Motorola has no further obligation.

If you purchased your Moto through a carrier you have the option to carry Top-tier total equipment protection (insurance) with Sprint, for example, or carrier equivalent then service / repair is covered as long as the device is on the carrier's service. Similar situation with Nexus device warranty and continuation of protection.

They have nowhere to go but up now. I think Lenovo can make it happen.
I absolutely love my Lenovo X1 Laptop.

Given that moto has been losing money for a while now, I was surprised to see there is a buyer for it.

Maybe lenovo can make it profitable but I doubt it with such poor sales of moto phones. Even the few phones they are selling right now are likely being sold at a loss or very low profit.

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Google bought Motorola for the patents, which they are keeping. The droid maxx is the best phone I've owned and I hope Lenovo does to Motorola what they did to Thinkpads

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I'm still pissed though, came to Motorola because it was a Google company

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