Motorola Xoom Wifi-only Unboxing

This is why you all kick ass. Android Central member n64kps snagged one of those Wifi-only Motorola Xooms a couple days early from Staples and did up a nice little unboxing video. Yes, I've said unboxings are lame, but only when I do them. When you guys do them for me, they're awesome! :p

Anyhoo, nicely done, n64kps! Now if you can get benchmarks, a photo gallery, and a full review by end-of-day Sunday (we'll give you lots of time, it is the weekend, after all), that'd be great! Love, Phil.

Now everybody go check out the video after the break!

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Motorola Xoom Wifi-only version unboxed by Android Central reader


I WILL be getting this. I got robbed by purchasing that damned Huawei ideos S7. So I owe myself some redemption on this one. lol

I bought the S7 too, but I returned it 2 days later. I'd love a 7" Xoom as I have gotten used to the size of my Galaxy Tab. If a successful Honeycomb port comes along that will work on my Sprint version then I'm all set.

Did he prop another tablet computer on his dining room light to make that video?!? (Check the reflection on the Xoom screen.) Brilliant!

simple packaging, good!
Would have been interesting to have a car charger and case, but oh well, more spending... can't wait to get my pre-order in the mail!

Good question! Does anyone know? 'Cause that's what I was planning to do to surf the web most of the time... but having GPS too would be awesome!

Been calling staples places all day. Only one said they were selling them soon, so I'll stop by on my way home from work and see if I can grab one. Luckily my friend is buying my nook color, so I'll get $200 back :3

I hope they sell a non-glare screen protector for this - was testing a Verizon version here at the office and the thing is damn near a mirror most of the time - gets rather annoying.... either way, I am returning my Samsung Galaxy Tab I just got and getting the Xoom WiFi on Sunday.

So where can I find this mystical 20% off Staples coupon?
I was picking a Xoom up this weekend anyway and if that coupon could be applied, it would make the deal so much sweeter.

Coupon can't be used as the dude in the video said the zoom qualifies as a promotional item and the 20% coupon doesn't apply.