The one thing I like better than Android devices is a deal, so I had to pass this one along. It's refurbished, no longer qualifies for the LTE upgrade, and only carries a 90-day warranty -- but a 32GB Xoom for 200 bills is a hell of a deal. Hit the link for ordering details.

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Motorola Xoom (Verizon 3G) for $200 at Daily Steals


I already own a Xoom and flashed Jellybean over a week ago but I cant imagine someone buying one this late in the game. I cringe switching back from my Galaxy Nexus' speed and resolution to the tablets lag and lack of PPI. Jellybean has helped some but this is just a word of warning. Still if you don't mind $200 is cheap, especially for a 3G model.

More importantly, it is not the WiFi Xoom, so it isn't essentially the Xoom Nexus like the USA WiFi version is.

The Xoom WiFi is a great tablet. Fast, extremely well built, great signals, great battery, Nexus-like updates, pretty good stereo speakers, nice cameras, and very reliable.

not sure the verizon one is getting jellybean... but i got mine for $250 from geeks.com last month and i am loving it!!

This is a great deal. I remember paying $400 for my Xoom Wifi and a whole bunch of accessories and I thought I hit the jackpot. The device is very solid, and great for gaming. And if you have the shared data plan (I dont and no way in hell) you can add it on for next to nothing. Highly recommended for first time tablet buyers.

So if I were to throw my Verizon SIM in it, would I be able to get 3G? Or would I have to call Verizon to set that up?

I know my GNex won't connect to 3/4G without the SIM installed. Or is the Xoom totally different?

There's no such thing as a Verizon 3G SIM. CDMA uses MEID.

If you have a Share Plan, you should be able to just add it through the website. If not, I'm sure a short phone call to CS will get you sorted.

I know that Verizon uses the SIM for LTE.

But, I'm still on Unlimited and I don't want to give Verizon a reason to change my plan.

I'm leaning towards the Nexus 7, but this might sway me If I could get any mobile data on this without tethering.

If it were the Xoom Nexus (Xoom WiFi), oh yes.... I would. But I like the big screen experience :)

If it were the WiFi version (and if it were a little cheaper) this would be a good idea. The 3G version is potentially dicey vis a vis OS updates and third-party ROM support.

Unless you really need the SD card and/or increased storage, the Nexus 7 is probably a better idea.

i Was very disappointed with Xoom, the samsung tab 10.1 was much better... $200 would get u nexus 7, if you cant find tab 10.1 same price and really want 10 inch one, i guess this is the opportunity.

I find/found absolutely nothing disappointing with the Xoom WiFi except the lack of write access to the SD card.