If you have thought about how awesome it would be to use your Motorola Xoom as an in car media player, or for navigation, you are not alone. Android Central forums member 3800scpowered took to creating a custom car dock for the Xoom for this very reason. With the use of some aluminum, and the standard desk dock for the device, a rather unique, yet professional looking car dock for the Xoom was created. It's wired for power from the car to keep it charged while on the go. Hit the source link for more pics and all the details. [Android Central Forums]


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Motorola Xoom gets custom car dock [from the forums]


I was surprised that Motorola didn't have something like this out on release. Maybe too heavy. But this would be perfect for navigation.

Also would have preferred that the wireless keyboard was wired/unwired and had some sort of hinged docking system . That you could close the two up like a laptop. And when plugged in would charge the Xoom. Too much to ask for.

It's not too much to ask for... It's called an ASUS Transformer. Also, check out the ASUS Slider; I'm thinking that will be my tablet of choice.

I hope you get pulled over and ticketed when you're seen watching a RayWilliamJohnson video while running a red. :P

This kind of stuff is illegal in most places now, at least where I live, only thing you can use is hands-free cell- while holding a cell, using a media device and tablets such as this are forbidden.

no, its not illegal in most places. I actually don't know of any place where it's illegal. You're allowed to use a navigation system while you're driving. You may not be allowed to use the screen or watch a video, but that doesn't mean the other functionality isn't allowed. Just pull over and set up your nav or have your passenger do it and you're all good.

I can't speak for "Most Places" but for the USA, you are absolutely wrong, and it is fully ILLEGAL in 45 out of 50 states to show anything on the dash other than a navigation.

Even the music or weather displays seen on some built in Ford cars are under attack, and may end up being banned.

In my state, if a trooper sees any thing on your dash display OTHER than navigation, you get a moving violation and points against your license.

In BC, Ontario and Quebec, Canada they're rather strict on what you use while driving. However in Alberta you're free to do whatever you want while driving, you can even drive with your feet and read the newspaper, I guess that's why Californians go there all the time.

Yea this is great. Make it so the politicans have a reason to ban all electronics that aren't pre-installed while driving

Nice attempt at justifying it. police also carry loaded weapons in their car, allowed to hand cuff people, taser people,... I could go on all day about what they can do that a stupid civilian is not permitted to do.

Seems justifying to me...I also carry loaded weapons in my car (no need for the other stuff)...and I ("stupid civilian") am permitted to use it if someone threatens my life...just because they are police doesn't make them super...its almost the opposite...police have such a God complex they shouldn't have anything distracting them in the first if emergency personnel can use a computer, talk on a radio, use the lights, use the sirens, and still drive somewhat safely...I think this guy can too...anyways half the people on the road shouldn't be allowed to drive, even without anything distracting. period.

Last time I went out looking at cars, 90% of them had a nice 5"+ nav/video system installed from factory.

Safety first! Have fun with this awesome mod!

Officers go through some driving training, you wouldn't want to have an untrained policeman in a car chase would you? They're trained to do these types of things.

But they are single-purposed- just nav and some car controls. Built-in Nav screens will not play video or games... they would get into deep trouble.

All the cars that I have been looking at recently, that have had nav, also had video capabilities. Some of them had an ebrake override (ebrake had to be on for any input buttons to work and video to work), but would allow nav to continue during the trip. Others did not have this override. Depends on the manufacture of the device...but most in-dash navs have video capabilities today.

seeing as I have some experience on the subject ELECTRONICS by definition are not banned for use, at least not in this state. But the law does say there can be no video display devices on and in view of the driver while the vehicle is in motion. By on I mean playing video.

^^All comments aside^^.... I was wondering how come other tab manufacturers haven't done this yet?
Besides it's size,I think its a great idea... ESPECIALLY for nav.

I bet its annoying as h©#% that you have to unblug the Xoom & take it with ya (or hide it) every time you leave the car , I know its annoying (from unbluging my iPod everytime I get outta the car)

It would've been better if it had

• some sort of a cover , like the cover for Radio in the 2002-2006 Lincoln Navigator & the 1995-2001 BMW 7-Series
• Retractable method , like the 2007-present Cadillac CTS or like in Pimp my Ride episode (the one that they fixed the Honda CRX) when they made a hidden compartment for a rare Comic Magazine

Great job though , with a really good craftsmanship

As soon as I make one of these, the law is permitted to eat my a**. I didn't vote on that law therefore it doesn't apply to me. How hard is it to turn hit the home button if you see the red and proof. I've always wondered how anyone gets a seat belt ticket in this situation, just buckle it slyly before the officer gets to the car. Easy.

You don't really believe that do you?

Just because you didn't vote on a law that means it doesn't apply to you? Really? Yeah, we'll see how well that holds up in court! LOL. It is your duty to follow whatever laws you have in your country, state, province, prefecture, city, county, etc, etc. If you don't like them, you can GTFO and go somewhere else.

I agree that it would be hard for them to prove, easy to just shut off the video or whatever you have playing before they see it.

Glad I live in Japan, we can have TV playing, music videos, movies, whatever, and it's fine.

I do not believe this to be a legal stance on disagreeable laws, no. I do however have the personal belief that if I do not agree with a law I will not follow it, and the public in general is going to have a hard time making me conform. It is in fact not my duty or responsibility to follow laws of the land. My responsibility lies in preserving my personal freedom in spite of the tyrannical, safety-first crowd that passes these intrusive laws. Example, not wearing a seat belt in the front seat of a car does not injure a single third party, it is one of the worst vehicle related laws. I do not hurt anyone and have never been in an accident as a result of distraction.

Nothing against your mentality, but be ready for that kind of freedom, ready for the consequences if something were to go bad...i think thats the issue with most...they just aren't ready to do whatever they want to do

Nice project. I am planning on doing something similar as soon as I get my car home. I plan hooking up some subs and a radio to push them. Since the car has alot of dash space I can keep the slate close.

The only change that I am making is that I want the dock to be low profile so would be thieves will not bust my window trying to steal what they might interpretation as a giant GPS. I guess some limo tint all the way around will take care off that. Police might be another problem but I am pretty sure a couple of screen presses will have me in Google maps quickly.

will it capture the look on your face as you hit a telephone pole because you were watching the screen instead of the road?