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Motorola has announced that it'll be live streaming its "Motorola. On Display." event in New York City tomorrow, September 5th on YouTube. We're not so sure what we'll be seeing at the event -- phones, tablets, both? -- but we'll all be able to watch and find out starting at 2 pm EST tomorrow.

So go ahead and hit the source link below to bookmark that live stream page to watch. Of course you'll want to watch our live coverage of the event and hands-on with any devices that are available too, which you can find right here as well.

Source: YouTube


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Motorola live streaming September 5th event


Curious to see if the rumors about the "bezel-less" phone are true. Whatever it is, I hope it is pretty revolutionary..innovation good mmkay. Though it is Moto-we-release-a-gazillion-variants-of-phones-a-year-rola..I am not expecting much.

I can't agree with you more. Especially as a Droid Bionic owner... I wish Mototrolla (see what i did there?) would support their older devices and update accordingly.

I would love to see a Nexus device from Motorola!! If they made one that had the battery life like the MoPho, it would be an amazing phone!

I know they are going to make me regret getting my Samsung S3 a few weeks ago. I loved my OG Droid and probably would have picked up another Motorola if they had something comparable, especially if it had clean Android on it.

My luck is that they are going to announce a Motorola Nexus phone and it is going to kick ass.