Moto 360

Tune in Wednesday, March 19 to watch Jim Wicks talk about the design of the new wearable

Motorola just dropped the bombshell of Moto 360 on us moments ago, and now we'll have a better idea of how it was designed tomorrow with a Hangout on Air hosted by lead designer Jim Wicks. The Hangout will kick off at 11am PT / 2pm ET tomorrow, March 19th, and will focus primarily on the design of Moto 360 — the craftsmanship, style and features that Moto says make it "unlike any watch on the market today."

You can bet we're adding this one to our calendars, and will be seeing what Jim has to say about this new Android Wear device from Motorola.

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Great now there wont be monopoly for samsung finally some competition out there and choices!

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Not to mention, something that looks great.

Orion78 says:

Exactly! This moto watch is something I'll actually wear.

TenshiNo says:

Amen to that.

Allen Brown2 says:

Looks good.

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rpras says:

Now, that is a design I am willing to strap on my wrist.

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robk84 says:

If moto is putting this kind of effort into the new moto x I do not see how any other company can compete for my heart.

nexus15 says:

Yep. Agreed.

Jacques says:

I'll be watching this one. :)

TLB69 says:

I'm on my way too Jared Motorola,I'm gonna marry you :-D

"I'll stop buying smartphones when they make one smarter than me."Where's the stylus pen for the new One?

On2Vegas says:

Oh Wow!! Now that's pretty sweet!

bllackkman says:

Take my money

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VictorWho says:

Like I said on another site,.... This Moto watch makes the Samsung Galaxy Gear look like it was made from Legos.

yankeesusa says:

Very true

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rd_nest says:

Yea, by the time it launches, Samsung would be in 3rd gen of Gear products and would have sold millions maybe.

I remember Glass a lot, announced with so much enthusiasm and still a vapourware. End of day most of these companies will be fighting for scraps and Apple and Samsung would be the only ones making real money.

ddot196 says:

This has me way now excited about smart watches then Samsung could have ever done. Attention to detail pays off! People want something to wear that is elegant and not goofy looking. Looking at you Samsung!

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TenshiNo says:

You know, I've been intrigued by smart watches in the past, but this is the first time I've been genuinely excited about a smart watch. If this thing works well and doesn't cost a small fortune, I think Moto has absolutely *NAILED* it.

jstew182 says:

I am hoping for $200 but I have a feeling its going to be $300...either way I will be setting aside money for this one.

TenshiNo says:

Agreed. *This* watch I think is probably actually worth $300, though ;)

That said, they're going to have to try and keep the price down to get real, "mainstream" success with it, I think, even with it being as beautiful as it is.

Aikuchi says:

I think you need to revise your weekly poll

jayjay234 says:

Motorola - A Lenovo Company

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themuffinman says:

If this is represents what will be released, I will be buying one for sure. When it comes to smartwatches form is just as important as function and this right here definitely works for me.

I want one of these. Really hope it brings the extension of functionality we have all been looking for!

simkeyur says:

When will they launch it to public?

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mrbboi78 says:

If this is the watch it looks awesome!!!

Jnorton2724 says:

I'm buying it. This looks awesome!

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havesomejoe says:

Hopefully it isn't too bulky..

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bjsstranger says:


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That's actually what it looks like? This shows promise.

poppany75 says:

I am definitely tuning in. Watch is crazy. That is how you design watches. Great job Moto

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Phill360 says:

This watch looks fantastic. I think I may have just changed my opinion on smart watches. Hopefully it has good battery life

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BB_Bmore says:

Pretty sure the chick in the video Motorola posted is wearing one and its not bulky at all! Looks like a watch just like it should.


TurboFool says:

Assuming no obvious fails, like terrible battery, or difficulty being able to see the screen quickly when needed, or being $500, this is my next smartwatch. I've loved my Pebble since the moment I got it, but it was clearly a stopgap to a full solution. This is that solution.

rd_nest says:

Host what??

Joe84fl says:

These watches are going to make hanging onto phones longer a lot easier. The 2 year contract that everyone seems to be getting away from isn't so bad when you can get a new phone one year and a new smart watch the next.

rap1 says:

I love the classic look of this for a guy

NoNexus says:

So let's see, Samsung leads the way, again, and because a new shiney thing comes out they get railed on? Is that what it is? I HATE the GG, think it is as worthless as the Nexus 4, but let's give kudos where they are due. The first, and usually the second generation of anything is gonna kinda suck. The guy who takes no chance at all, sits back and improves on an idea is always going to come out on top.

All that being said, it is gonna be tough later this year to choose a wearable.

AgentScribe says:

Assuming the functionality is top-shelf, this Moto 360 brings the style I desire to begin wearing watches again.