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Samsung isn't the only one upgrading their tablets to ICS today. Motorola has begun rolling out Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to the DROID XYBOARD 10.1 and 8.2 (also known as the Xoom 2 in Europe), as expected. Motorola has provided a nice little walkthrough video showing all of the latest updates. The new quick access lock screen, and the usual ICS goodies. The Wi-Fi-only models got their upgrade over the summer.

If you're looking to pick one up from Verizon, the 10.1-inch model starts at $549.99 and the 8.2-inch model goes for $429.99, but be sure to check out our pre-ICS review before taking the plunge. What do you guys think - do the new Motorola customizations in ice Cream Sandwich add some freshness to the XYBOARD family, or are they still too samey compared to alternative Android tablets out there?

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Motorola DROID XYBOARD 8.2 and 10.1 get a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich


Yay! Only took them 11 months since ICS was officially released (and subsequently superseded by the release of JB several months ago)

I guess, all in all, Xyboard users should be happy, at least their update didn't get cancelled like Atrix and Photon users.

Well 11 months for the non wifi versions. Though you have to knock a few months off for them to get their hands on 4.0 to begin with...then there's verizon

Glad I have a Xoom Nexus (USA Xoom WiFi), almost first device to be on OEM Jellybean (and was first device on Honeycomb).

It is a bit old now, but I still love it. I wish Google would release a Nexus 10 soon (*WITH SD CARD AND FRONT/REAR CAMERA*); that is the only thing that would tempt me to replace it.

Get a TF300t. Runs pretty much stock 4.1.1. Only thing skinned is the launcher. Quad core Tegra 3, microSD, hdmi out & 8mp camera on back. Super thin & light.

Dammit, Simon. The XYBoard 8.2 wifi was NOT upgraded to ICS. Motorola LIED. They posted and kept up invalid information until I contacted their corporate "customer advocate" rep, who so far has done nothing else to help us.

Motorola lied, and their website does not even list an update date for ICS for the XYBoard 8.2 wifi (MZ607).

Get your facts straight. Motorola lied about the 8.2 wifi release. And they continue to ignore that device.

Poor excuse for a company.