Droid X2 benchmark

We got pictures and video of the Motorola Droid X2 being handled already, but one thing we didn't have was benchmarks. Well, that problem has now been rectified as more evidence of the Droid X2 has leaked on to the Interwebs. You can see the Tegra 2-powered X2 easily besting its predecessor's score of just under 1,250 with nearly 2,500 in Quadrant -- that is just about twice the graphical power, people. Suffice to say, the Droid X2 will be quite a powerhouse once Verizon gets around to launching it. [TechnoBuffalo] Thanks to Sean for the tip!


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Motorola Droid X2 gets benchmarked, videoed, still looks like a Droid X


Eh had they gotten rid of the hard buttons, gave the thing a FFC, LTE, and NFC I would probably switch. This thing is just my current X but a bit faster. I say a bit because with the newest liberty and over clocked I'm just over 1900 on my quadrant score.

Not disagreeing with you at all.. You make great points.. but if they did what you said then you will have the Bionic..

Wow dual core can do the same as my Thunderbolt .. oh wait I have a single core.. how does that work? Oh gues it is less strain?

less strain, better battery life, and better processor lifespan. I'm assuming your TB is OCed? This does this stock. Dual core may not be as amazing as some think it is, but power management is better, as well as a decent performance boost. But frankly, I think motorola's making a mistake here. I mean they didnt really create a successor, more of an adjusted model. Why not constantly wow the average consumer with brand new designs? Hahaha perhaps they're so used to their devices being leaked, that they're beginning to make them look identical, in hopes to keep it on the DL.

Im getting consistent 2500 in quadrant on rooted GB with my Droid X, how does your Thunderbolt feel about that lol. So my X is already faster than the X2 and I love my hard camera button I think that was the dumbest thing they did. If I want to use my Droid as a camera then why take away my instant one click access I've never heard one X owner say something bad about it.

+1 on the camera button. I love that button. has never given me any problems. I can't see getting another phone without that button.

Oh and I also love GB on my DX too. Moto did a GREAT job on blur this time around. The system is fast and smooth.

Tempting...as I have already invested in some DX accessories. 4G LTE data would have me sold but I will soon have that on the Xoom. Decisions Decisions...

I totally agree. I hate the people who come around saying, "That's cool, but my _________ gets _______. "

I mean who really cares? If your phone is fast enough for you who cares what "score" it gets.

Let's hope somebody starts making real use out of the duelcores. Right now I'm disappointed in androids gaming community, and Netflix. I love the variety and the freedom that comes with android, but come on the iPhone doesn't even have duel core yet, it's time to capitalize on this before it's too late. I say if android stays with phones that are 3.7 4.0 and 4.3 and are all duel core, most fragmentation can be stopped making it easier for developers. As long as htc ,lg, moto, and samsung play nice with there skins, things could get better. Android needs to stop horing it self around they're are too many phones with different manufacturers. It was cool at first but you realize no one wants to develop for all these different phones . They need to have more super phones that sell millions by itself so developers can narrow it down to those particular phones.

Just my 2 cents

That's not very fast. My droid x (1 of course) scores over 1800 regularly on the rooted GB leak without overclock.


And regardless of your benchmarks. When you are running a multitude of processes the dual core is going to respond much better in actual everyday use.