New device could be part of Moto's 'Ultra' line

We've recently been hearing reports about the upcoming Droid Ultra, Maxx and Mini, and now we have what might be the first image from Motorola's new line of phones for Verizon. Notorious Twitter leaker @evleaks has published the shot above, saying it's the "Droid Maxx" — apparently one of three new phones headed to Big Red from the new Motorola. (We've previously heard it referred to as the "Droid Ultra Maxx.")

The image doesn't give too much away — you've got a big, robotic Droid eye occupying most of the screen. But we can make out the power button and volume keys, as well as the earpiece and front-facing camera. It's unclear as to whether the home, back and task-switching keys are capacitive or on-screen. However we've done some number-crunching based on the size of the on-screen image in the render, and if this device has a 16:9 (widescreen) display then the bottom area with the buttons would seem to be part of the screen. It's also telling that the home key isn't exactly what we've come to expect from vanilla Android, suggesting Moto's putting its own UI on this upcoming Droid. Interesting too is the presence of what seems to be a Kevlar-like texture around the "chin" of the device.

We're still not sure when exactly Motorola's new Droid line-up will become available — but if renders are starting to leak already, we might speculate that the Verizon-bound phones could appear before the usual end-of-year launch window. We'll keep you posted with more details as they emerge, in the meantime share your thoughts down in the comments.

Source: @evleaks


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Motorola 'Droid Maxx' pictured for Verizon


Um, those pretty clearly look to be offscreen (capacitive) buttons to me. You can clearly make out where the display ends, and the buttons are beneath that. This device has a One X style button layout. Shit.

The real reason its terrible is because Google had their chance to bend over Verizon over the galaxy nexus fiasco by sticking it in a major way to their droid line with Motorola. Clearly Google has failed to change notice they had a chance to shake things up seriously on the #1 carrier.

To me this thing almost looks fake. Why would they go back to soft nav buttons?

Guess they could call it the Droid "Redundancy"

Rumor around the web is Motorola holding a small GTG with around 50 reporters. And look at that newspaper ad those 2 folks are Roman numbers which translate to 10 and july 10 is next week. This design looks like last year's. I bet vzw customers won't get the custom built moto phones.

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Quite frankly, the picture can be anything. I think we should just calm down and wait for the official announcement.

Must prepare my wallet. Can't wait to see the battery life on the Maxx, definitely a must buy for me when I go to college.

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This looks just like typical moto crap! I hope Verizon gets the new Google inspired moto phones and not just this droid crap. Ugh

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It'll be alright there are other phones coming out. (BTW when I read your post because of your avatar I pictured an angry baby)

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Why the heck would Moto step backwards to no on screen buttons and their own design language when they moved away from that in the Droid RAZR HD/M Jellybean updates? This makes the device a huge turn-off for me unless the battery is truly spectacular.

On screen buttons are a waste. Your going to have a bezel so put it to use and let's use the whole screen for content.

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Wow, you are so right

The bezel got so much bigger from the galaxy s3 to the s4 and it was all those buttons.

Oh wait, you are wrong again, same size, more screen.

Do you think the note 2, for example, would really have less bezel on the bottom if there were on screen buttons? I think not. Comparing the bezel thickness of my note 2 to my girls galaxy Nexus... not much difference... if any. Just sayin B-)

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What's your point?

You have yet to be right with most of your statements and in the others it is blind fanboi antics.

You becoming Richard Yarnell

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People will complain about anything, lol. It's a LEAK, nothing is confirmed. Besides, half the people bashing the above image are neither customers on Verizon, nor have any intentions to become so.

Looks like a mix of DROID Bionic, DROID RAZR, DROID RAZR HD. I hope they keep the kevlar. It gives Motorola a signature look.

Re: the Home button - maybe that's the new on-screen icon. There was a 4.3 leak for the GS4 right? We wouldn't be able to see it since it has a physical home button.

My biggest reason for liking onscreen buttons is customization. With ROMs like AOKP you can control what buttons go where and what they do. Of course with AOKP you can enable onscreen buttons even on phones with hardware buttons. Also, I hate the physical hardware buttons, like the home button on the s3/s4. With a tpu case it is awkward to use.