Motorola Charm T-Mobile Basil

Looks like the Motorola Charm -- that square-faced QWERTY fellow -- indeed is going to T-Mobile, and it's likely getting a name change to the Basil. Not sure if that's going to make its small stature and penchant for Motoblur any more palatable, but at least the stars are starting to align. [TmoNews]


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Motorola Charm may be T-Mobile Basil


Basil is the code name for the phone, I should know I have been testing this phone for the last month and a half. Basil is not the production name of the phone.

And yet anothe kiddie phone from T-mobile, still dont regret leaving them for the Evo, even with the Samsung S coming out, nope just not up to par with the Evo. Magenta, if you are reading this.... STEP IT UP! You were the first carrier to adopt Android, and now you are in LAST place! for the Past year and a half...nothing! The Mytouch slide? now this? uuugghhh good luck to all you T-Mobile fans out there.