Motorola Bravo

Of the set of new phones Motorola announced for AT&T, the Motorola Bravo is probably the best. The Bravo's specs are basically the new de-facto standard for mid-range Android phones: Android 2.1 device running the MotoBlur interface tied to an 800MHz processor with 512MB of RAM with a 3.7" screen and Motorola's favorite 'don't-call-it-non-standard-cause-it's-on-the-droid' resolution of 480x854. The camera is sadly only 3 megapixels, however.

At $129.99 after contract (and 'before the holidays'), that's the kind of phone we pretty much expect. It's a solid phone with some nice curves, but truth be told we'd probably still rather have a Samsung Captivate - at least it has a dedicated search button on the bottom, a supremely curious omission on the Bravo given that it has no physical keyboard on which to place said search button - as on its Flipside and Flipout siblings.

Maybe the ovoid shape has you smitten, however. If so, be sure to see the photos and demo video spotlighting some MotoBlur features after the break!


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Motorola Bravo Hands On [Video]


Wow...the guy demoing the phone sounds like your typical ignorant rep you would find at a cell phone store or big box retailer. The guy doesn't seem to realize that all the features he's talking about are either standard Android or features that were introduced on the DX.

...not does he realize that pretty much every other Android phone on the market has 4 buttons (including the search button).

In saying all that's not a bad looking device although I prefer if it was a little more square (like the Aria). As for the interface, who cares because it can easily be changed to the superior Launcher Pro Plus :D