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Motorola just announced a pair of accessories for the upcoming AT&T Atrix 4G that are designed to make the phone the only device you will need when on the go. First up is a desktop dock like what we have seen with the Droid 1 and the Droid X. What is unique this time is that the dock has HDMI out and a number of USB ports designed to be used for a keyboard and mouse. Moto has put a ton of work into creating and entirely new UI for the phone when docked that allows you to do everything you can on your phone and more.

They somehow got the full desktop version of Firefox, Flash and all, running on the phone with all the tabs and new windows you could want. They also showed off playing games like Angry Birds on an external monitor using the mouse and keyboard. In addition, expect to be able to make calls, access contacts, play music and videos, and do everything else you can on your phone while docked.

Lastly, they showed off what they are calling a 'webtop' for the phone. It is a netbook-sized device with nothing by a keyboard, trackpad,  large screen, battery, and dock for the Atrix 4G. You slide your phone in and get all the functionality you did in the desktop setup. Motorola promised 9-10 hours of battery life for the device.

The company did not announce release dates or prices, but promised more info would come soon and that prices would be "competitive." Check out a picture of the webtop dock after the break. Much more to come as soon as we get our hands on these bad boys after the press conference is over. [Android Central live blog

Atrix 4G webtop


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Motorola blows minds with desktop, 'webtop' docks for Atrix 4G


This is a really neat feature, I'm sure there are plenty of uses for something like this. However, I don't feel like it'll really take off. At least this gives AT&T a truly amazing phone finally.

Is WebTop an Android application that will only run on the Atrix right now? Will Motorola allow the WebTop application to run on other Motorola phones at a later date?

I would love to have that netbook dock and the Droid Bionic.

I don't know what to do now. I was all set to buy and Android tablet; but I'm really liking the phone and netbook dock configuration.

What are the chances that ALL 20 odd Android phones coming out this year will have side-loading stripped?
I think AC should infiltrate all AT&T stores and get all their staff to install the side-load wonder machine on every new customers Android phone and then load Lloyd as the default wallpaper :)

Based on my understanding, the 'web-top' that Motorola is referring to is the desktop like UI that you get when plugged in to one of their docks. During their press conference, they kept referring to the UI as the web-top, not the netbook like dock.

Last time I "eadr" competitive was when Samsung was talking about the prices for their movie rentals in media hub. and that tuned out to be "expensive" rather than "competitive."

I could be wrong but while trying to look at tiny pictures this really seems to be similar to one of the instant on Linux systems that you can find on some laptops. I thought they called it a WebTop and the button on my Vaio says WEB. You basically get a Linux distro running instantly. They could have embedded this in the phone to drive the netbook attachment.